"No, I just went to see a battle …" Sophie Su shook his head gently with a wry smile.

"What’s that? !” At this time, Hongye also stepped out of the Taoist temple gate and looked at the huge mushroom cloud that was still churning in the distance.
"Is just those materials for results … let’s go and see how things are going." Sophie Su opened the step with a wry smile. If the acceleration ability of the cloud boots is completed by his own method, wouldn’t he be trapped here or give up this dark Taoist profession like Song Xueyi and turn to other advanced professions?
But the problem is that I put all my experience into the dark Taoist profession in my previous panic, and now where can I accumulate tens of millions of experiences to upgrade other professions?
When they came to Nasi Nancheng, the original tall and towering wall had already collapsed, and the city was in ruins. A city could not find a good house.
"This is just the four-handed statue?" Red leaves are full of consternation.
"Yes …" Although Sophie Su was psychologically prepared, he was particularly shocked when he saw it with his own eyes.
"Who is that guy who destroyed the whole city alone?" Hongye is obviously still unbelievable about this. After all, they had a drink at Gaosheng Restaurant in this city not long ago.
Sophie Su hesitated for a moment before saying, "Have you ever heard of Jiuyou Land?"
"Of course, I have heard of it. It is said that there is the underworld in China …" Red leaves frowned slightly.
"The statue seems to come from the Nine Deep Places, but if you want him to make moves, you have to sacrifice a lot of things." Sophie Su didn’t elaborate, let alone say that there was a dead nine deep and remote messenger in his ring.
But because it is Sophie Su, there is no guilt about this massacre.
But in the face of the ruins in front of him, he was puzzled. Although he witnessed the battle with his own eyes, the speed of the Nine Ambassadors was so fast that he didn’t notice the position of the daytime gate until the end of the battle.
"The daytime gate occupies a large area in the northeast corner." Red leaves immediately pointed to the road.
"Oh, how do you know …" Sophie Su asked with some surprise.
"When I was in Grade 2, I was practicing in the ruins of the White Gate. I stayed there for half a year before I got to Grade 3. I remember what every stone in the ruins looked like. Can you say that I am not familiar with it?"
"Oh … how was Nancheng destroyed in real history?" Sophie Su suddenly some curious asked.
"It is said that the dark Taoist priest defeated the daytime gate with the army of undead from all over the mountains and then broke into the city and slaughtered all the people in the city. Although many righteous sects came behind to defeat the dark Taoist priest, no one dared to stay in this city full of bones, and it gradually became a ruined city where people lived. Because of the strong dark atmosphere in the city, a large number of low-level undead appeared, which later became the most famous training place in Jiangzhou."
Sophie Su smell speech can’t help but sigh slightly. It is estimated that in the original setting, he assisted the young Taoist priest to degenerate into a dark Taoist priest and complete revenge. However, after the red leaves entered, this changed, and he changed from an auxiliary to a protagonist.
However, the ending of this story doesn’t seem to have changed. The whole daytime gate and even the whole Southwest City were destroyed.
When they arrived at the location of the Daylight Gate, the most striking thing was that a huge crater almost occupied most of the Daylight Gate.
It seems that this "free fall" power is also not small, but unless the body reaches the hardness comparable to the artifact, it is a method to make this move.
"It’s impossible to have a living person here …" After Sophie Su turned around, the chill in his heart became deeper and deeper. The daytime door seemed to be the most damaged area, and few of those bodies were complete.
Unexpectedly, Hongye seems to have remembered something and hurriedly pulled Sophie Su to run.
"Where are we going?" Sophie Su asked with some surprise.
"Dayimen underground treasure house. It has just been destroyed. That underground treasure house should not have been looted. Let’s go and see if there are still living people here. I guess we can hide in that underground treasure house."
Hongye really knew the ruins of the daytime gate like the back of his hand, turned left and right, and soon found a hole with Sophie Su.
"This ….. things generally can’t be taken out." Sophie Su couldn’t help but think of his own time in the ghost of the beautiful girl. At that time, most of the battles were collected by the law.
"Those equipment can’t be taken out, but many skills can be made on the spot." Red leaves said that she was very skilled and entered the treasure house. Obviously, she is a thief who is very competent
Sophie Su immediately got excited when he heard it. He accidentally changed his job and became a monk, and he also got a relic.
The treasure house of the daytime gate is very large. As soon as they entered, they were dazzled by gold coins and treasures all over the ground. Unfortunately, these things do show the collection of physical objects and props.
And here, as Hongye expected, there were people who beat them to it as early as they did, but to their surprise, those people were all dead.
I don’t know if these people came here to steal treasures or want to take refuge again, but the power of the black ball is amazing. Even if they hide in this treasure house, none of these people can survive.
"Look at that girl who seems to have been robbed …" Red leaves suddenly lived with a full face of surprise, pointing to one of the bodies.
Sophie Su hurriedly looked around, and it turned out to be a young female corpse with a very beautiful body and traces of abuse. Perhaps she was conveniently brought here to take refuge in the chaos, but at the moment she was also killed by the great power of the dark ball.
Sophie Su was suddenly like falling into an ice cave. It seems that this is doomed to failure. That damn nine-secret messenger helped himself to slaughter what city. Nothing can help.
"It seems hopeless …" Red leaves carefully looked at the female body and finally shook his head in disappointment.
"We can’t get out after this!"
"This … will there be any resurrection methods here?" Hongye is a little unwilling to look for anything similar to Huanshendan to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Spirit methods
Sophie Su smell speech is also calm to his advanced still didn’t show failure should be there is a chance to complete.
Maybe there is a treasure hunt branch line like this one.
However, how can this game of villain be turned into saving lives by yourself …
"Are there many ways to resurrect in this game?" Sophie Su asked.
"It is rarely said that Taoist [Dahuangting] can be brought back to life by practicing at the highest level, but it will take 12 levels. So far, we have not seen any full-level players in the real resurrection method, such as the priceless resurrection pill and the western vampire career."
"Vampire career? Is there such a thing? " Sophie Su slightly zheng, although early guess since ninja career, it is very likely that there will also be a vampire career, perhaps those real world vampire stories come from this game world.
"Of course there is, and the vampire has been flowing for a long time, but the vampire profession needs blood to cast magic energy and has a great impact on the body. Even in reality, the body will become blood to maintain its vitality, and its own personality will become dark and ferocious. It has been strictly controlled, and its number is much less than that of our dark profession." Red leaves looked at Sophie Su with complicated eyes
Sophie Su knew that the daughter who was born in the Sun and Moon Sect didn’t have a good impression on the dark profession, but she only smiled and said, "My dark profession is just a part-time job. In fact, I am a knight errant!"
"Are you the knight errant?" Red leaves are not from one leng.
"If it’s a fake, it’s a second-order swordsman!"
Red leaves hesitated a way: "Then you’d better practice this knight errant profession well. The dark profession has no good ending in the end … We must find a few rejuvenation pills here carefully …"
"How did you know there would be a resurrection pill?" Sophie Su asked with some surprise.