After the transaction was completed, Chu Yun’s attributes soared after wearing a bracelet. The girl was as excited as eating honey

Quit deputy Chu Yun and take everyone to play ordinary and simple games. After the game, everyone is still immersed in happiness and has no reaction.
After the fight, everyone surrounded Chu Yun. Today, the equipment obtained in this pair is worth several months’ salary for ordinary people.
The original Chu Yun intends to take you to upgrade the blame, but there are many people in the Wolf Howl Valley who will not cause an uproar if they kill themselves.
I’m sorry for what I said.
Everyone understands that after the break, Chu Yun came to the novice village to find out if he could pick it up.
The old beggar is sleeping in the grass. This is the famous dark emperor.
Dark emperor, dark emperor, he should cultivate dark magic, right
If he practices dark magic, isn’t his daughter also dark magic?
The most taboo in Yuncang mainland is dark magic, whether you are a human or a beast. If you practice dark magic, you will be hunted by mainlanders, with the exception.
Chu Yun learned in his previous life that practicing dark magic was called inferno. Thousands of years ago, the war between gods and demons was finally deported to another fast continent, which was later called the magic continent because it was sealed by the goddess of light.
After thousands of years, the seal gradually decays, and some powerful demons have broken through the seal and come to Yuncang mainland, and the players mainly help the mainland people to eliminate demons.
Yu Shengguang, the goddess, is the god of the whole "King" world. Players are not even qualified to see her.
"Dark rain, dark rain, what should I do if you are a demon?" Chu Yun wants to cry. If he walks on the mainland with a demon, the consequences can be imagined.
"Since you are lucky," Chu Yun sighed in the sky and couldn’t help but resent the old beggar. If he has borne the strength one day, he must teach him a good lesson.
There was nothing to do in the novice village. Chu Yun went to a small tea shop and ordered a cup of tea.
A copper coin for a cup of tea is very cheap, and the tea is fragrant and refreshing. How much better is it than in real life?
When the tea was delivered, Chu Yun took a sip of it gently. Although he couldn’t make tea, he still got the word "good tea" from this cup of tea.
Unfortunately, this is a novice village. If you eat, drink and live in the main city, it is absolutely no worse than in real life. The only drawback is that there is no internet.
Besides these, even in ancient times, there were brothels, which was a rare place for male players!
Because the spirit enters you, you won’t worry about sexually transmitted diseases. At most, you will go to wet dream several times at night.
In the past life, it was because of the appearance of brothel in the game. In real life, it is easier for the police to find iao elder sister men every day.
Chapter 4 bank robbery!
Get up early. Chu Yun stretched himself out of the novice village. I wonder if I can find a hidden job?
Hiding a career in The King means that everyone is struggling to find it, but it represents strength, identity and glory.
Shake your head and you can’t find it, but if so, can a hidden career be better than two of your own?
"If you can have two hidden occupations …" Chu Yun thought, but he knew it was an extravagant hope. Even if you had one hidden occupation, you would be grateful, let alone two.
Chu Yun found a very serious thing when he came to school.
I didn’t have as much Chen Mengyao as Lin Weiwei when I was a child!
"If it develops again, there will be consequences …" Chu Yun didn’t dare to go but didn’t know what to do?
Looking for Mengyao is to find Mengyao and confess everything to her, saying that Lin Weiwei is always tired of himself.
But it’s not good to think about it yourself. What if it affects the feelings of the two sisters?
"What should I do? What should I do? " Chu Yun is bored to death.
Just after the first lesson, Lin Weiwei arrived at the door of the classroom. There was no way. Who made her faster than Meng Yao?
It’s a blessing for men to be accompanied by two stunning beauties, but it’s also a disaster, right?
Going home from school in the evening, Lin Weiwei followed Chu Yun and planned to sleep at his house very late.
Lin Weiwei is thick-skinned, even if he sleeps in Chuyun’s house every day, he won’t blush and can please people, especially Chubi Wan.
I don’t know if I’m under the illusion that Chu Yun faintly feels like a harem … If you let Meng Yao and Lin Weiwei fight each other, even ten Meng Yao can’t fight one Lin Weiwei.
Lin Weiwei likes to eat street snacks and often asks Chu Yun to pay. Chu Yun just runs out of cash and can’t go to the bank to get it.
When they came to the bank, Chu Yungang took out 300 and heard a bang. The whole bank was in chaos.
"Robbery is for the old man!"
See five burly men with black masks breaking in from the outside …
Everyone in the bank was frightened, even Chu Yunlin Weiwei. After all, they had guns in their hands.
Chu Yun is about to cry. Why is his luck so bad? It’s hard to get into the bank once. How could this happen? !
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The first man shot three times in a row. "Shut up! Who’s saying a word and shoot him!"
Suddenly the bank was quiet and a personal department squatted on the ground shaking.
Lin Weiwei scared the whole people to embrace Chu Yun. If the other party is unhappy with his life, it will be …
Chu Yun squatted on the ground like a big guy and hung his head without saying anything.
"You guys go and get money quickly!" The first one shouted to four hands
Just then, a cell phone rang and immediately attracted the attention of men.
"Nima!" Chu Yun is going to cry because the bell is not from others, but from Lin Weiwei.
"Little girl to the old!" Male rob and pointed to Lin Weiwei threatened.
Lin Weiwei scared three souls and six souls are almost lost, but if the other party has a gun in his hand, if he is unhappy … Lin Weiwei has to slowly get up and tremble at the same time.
"It’s quite pure to be old or I’ll shoot you!" The man licked his mouth. I didn’t expect to meet such a hot student girl here.
Lin Weiwei didn’t leave or stay away, nor could he help crying.
"Cry and cry until you count to three or I’ll shoot you!" Male severely threatened.