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94 Changshan Zhao Long [Chapter words 4765 latest update 21412 1:51:3]
"Wang Popo? Who’s that? "
Hear Yu Fan to Wang Popo little guy blinked his eyes and asked curiously.
"well! That’s an unscrupulous profiteer, an old man, but he’s kind to me anyway! Come back or stop by and have a look! "
Although Yu Fan’s mouth is very unhappy with Wang Popo, he is still very grateful to Wang Popo for learning krypton dog-eye skills from her. Moreover, if she hadn’t left the novice village so early, she wouldn’t have got the artifact skeleton armor if Gu Lun, the skeleton general, was here.
Yu Fan is such a person. Although his mouth stinks, he often doesn’t respect the old and love the young, but he is kind to him and has a benefactor. He will always remember that when he has the ability, he will return it several times and dozens of times. He deeply agrees with the ancestor’s sentence-dripping water pays off as a spring! And always do!
At the beginning, when Grandpa died, Yu Fan was easily beaten because he was almost crowded out by everyone because of his ugliness. At that time, he didn’t know how to fight, and he was bullied wherever he went. Grandpa taught him: Be good at things, Zheng Mo! This word made the thin feather fan almost starve to death at that time
When everyone crowded out and bullied Yu Fan, two dog, an orphan, extended a helping hand to Yu Fan. A steamed bread was broken in half, and the big half was given to Yu Fan, and she told Yu Fan that she could not be bullied until she became strong. It was two dog’s theory, which was contrary to grandpa’s teaching, that made Yu Fan know how to resist fate and oppression.
Feather for three years from everyone bully to dump a bully, it is precisely because of the kindness of two dog’s half steamed bread that two dog, who is thinner than him, has never been bullied. There are also three things that are right for two dog to keep the knife. Now, the friendship between Feather and two dog brothers can be said to be higher than the sky and deeper than the sea.
"grandma! Grandma! I came back to see you! "
Back to No.3 novice village, Yu Fan opened her mouth and shouted that Wang Popo’s face, which was sunbathing in the courtyard, unconsciously showed a happy smile, but that smile was hidden before Yu Fan saw it.
"God! Who is this? I cann’t believe I called NPC grandma Is it crazy to recognize relatives in the game? "
"Crazy what crazy! Look at the joy in his tone. Maybe he got something from recognizing NPC as a relative! "
"wow! Look! That man actually has a pet. He is a level 20 player! I’m in my twenties, and I’ve come back to see this granny Wang, and maybe I’ve really benefited from it! Why don’t we try to recognize a grandmother? "
"wow! Wow! Wow! Listen quickly! Listen quickly! Did you hear that? That little green one-horned snake can talk. What’s the rank of talking pet? Maybe this pet is a fairy beast that swallows the sky, and this person is a handsome guy. I owe it? "
"hey! How can you guess so much just because a pet can talk? You are so awesome! But where did you get this information? Is this player famous? "
"… want to know this information is very simple to see the leaderboard! I’m not so good anymore! Add the wrong number before, let me practice it, then delete it and play it again! This man is quite famous! He occupied three when he was the first in the leaderboard, and he also broke Yao Shi, the world’s most awesome game, twice! "
"Add a little wrong? How do you add some? I’m a doctor. Should I increase my strength? I added strength to my attributes! "
"well! I pour! What strength do you add as a doctor! Actually, it is even whiter than I was at the beginning! "
"ah? ! I added it wrong? What does it add without strength? How to carry patients without strength? How can you lift a stretcher? These can’t do how to cure diseases and save people! "
"well! Dude, I’m drunk with your theory, too! But do you think there is a stretcher in this game? "
"well! I didn’t find it! Did I add it wrong, too? I also want to delete the number and play again? Forget it! Let’s talk about this thing first! "
Yu Fan’s calling grandma from a long distance has attracted the attention of many novices, among which there are many who add the wrong attribute points before or are dissatisfied with their profession or can’t stand the 5% pain to delete the number and replay the players, and these people infer Yu Fan’s identity from the fact that Ximen Qing, the beast who swallowed the sky, can speak since childhood.
Just when Yu Fan returned to Qinglong City after visiting Wang Popo, several posts were quickly topped in the Yaoshi online forum, and in just three minutes, the number of hits of each post exceeded 10 million. The title of these posts-"I am a handsome guy, I owe it a mystery to equip my pet-I am proud to have NPC as my grandmother! "Yaoshi Celebrity: I am a handsome guy and I can’t turn back", "Yaoshi Jingtian Secret has a high explosion rate when NPC is a relative" and "Do you want a sacred object? Do you want a fairy beast as a pet? Grandma NPC helps you become a god.
The title of the post is rich and colorful, but all of them are Yu Fan calling grandma Wang and chatting with grandma Wang, and Ximen Qing also came out and said a sentence. During the whole video, Yu Fan was wearing a cloak and failed to record the appearance of Yu Fan, which failed to make those who wanted to know what the first handsome guy in Yaoshi was like achieve their wishes.
However, at that time, there was a wave of recognizing NPC as relatives in Yaoshi. Of course, success depends on personal nature, skin thickness and shameless attainments!
Of course, Yu Fan didn’t know all this. At this time, he was still immersed in the happiness and excitement of getting the artifact skeleton armor. I just went to see Wang Popo. I didn’t expect her to see at a glance that Yu Fan had skeleton armor. This baby boasted that Yu Fan had a good life and knew that he had hatched the devouring beast. Yu Fan found that he had no secret in Wang Popo’s eyes. The feeling of being seen through at a glance was still so uncomfortable.
Wang Popo asked Yu Fan to summon the little guy and let her see Yu Fan did it. As a result, the little guy was frightened by the feeling of seeing through the purple pupil of Wang Popo HarmonyOS while covering his eyes and shouting don’t look at me. After staring at Ximen Qing for a long time, Wang Popo withdrew her eyes and said nothing, but her heart was shocked!
It is said that Buron, who swallowed the beast of heaven, was even more advanced. When the Emperor of Heaven fought for a position, his blood power was completely sealed, and he was reduced to the point of fairy beast. However, Wang Popo found that this little guy had a stronger blood breath than a hundred kinds of genius treasures, and he could break through the seal of the Emperor of Heaven and become the emperor of beasts again. This little guy actually had five or six kinds of strange smells, and it was true that one hundred kinds of genius treasures wanted to come.
Wang Popo told Yu Fan the raw materials and conditions needed to remove the seal of skeletons, but a long list of names and conditions that were difficult to achieve had never been heard by Yu Fan. I heard that Yu Fan’s head was big and I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to remove the seal of skeletons.
Looking at Yu Fan’s listening to the weather, Wang Popo has no discretion. She told Yu Fan that she had a way to unseal this armor step by step and let Yu Fan come to her with nine things when she rose to level 60. She helped Yu Fan lift the seal of this skeleton armor to the holy level so that Yu Fan could continue to wear this armor without listening to her head.
"I didn’t expect an old woman in a novice village to be so ill that even the skull emperor seal can be solved, but it’s not good to take nine things! Many old people have never heard of it and don’t know where to find it! "
Back to Qinglong City Road, Yu Fan thinks more and more that Wang Popo is not simple and has a headache at the same time. Where can I find nine things that I need to lift the seal of this skeleton armor?
"ding! Your friend, I’m a nigger. I owe you a call! Whether to accept it! "
Feather is trying to tell the UN General Assembly that he gave him a super weapon! As a result, Big Black took the initiative to find Yu Fan first, and Yu Fan did not hesitate to choose to accept the decision and give Big Black a surprise.
"hey! Brother Yu? "
"Lie trough! Your ya how and two dog a problem! It’s not like that. Didn’t you choose the old name when you connected? Who else but the old? "
"Lie trough! Brother Yu, did you eat explosives? I just fed it and confirmed it! "
"Come on! Don’t talk about it! What do you want with me? "