"I want to ask if it will be difficult to get 150,000 merits?"

"It is not difficult for me to tell you, isn’t it? There are several dukes and dozens of marquis in the empire. They are all typed by themselves. Why can’t you do it? " Old man Troth replied without thinking, I said, OK, how many dukes and dozens of marquis? How many people is this M? I won 50 thousand meritorious service and I have to wait slowly again!
"all right! You have the final say! "
"Well good will be neither arrogant nor impetuous! I’m telling you, every once in a while, there will be animal tides and magic tides attacking several ruins. Usually, you are exploring everywhere anyway, and you can accumulate meritorious deeds. If you pick up the military department, you can get an extra meritorious reward of 50,000, which is actually very fast! "
Old man Tross said that he seemed to be comforting us, but what do you think? How do you think this old man is ashamed!
"White but now I haven’t found where to get? There is no reward for killing monsters. When can I have it? "
"Not to say that these days? Anyway, if there is a beast tide or a magic tide, the empire will issue a decree! All right, stinky, let’s go. I have to continue the experiment. When you’ve had enough, your exploits are estimated to be almost the same ~ "
It’s almost the same when I’ve made enough contributions. What do you mean? Feelings wonn’t let us change jobs. Are you still experimenting with this old man? What exactly is this old man experimenting with?
"Teacher, hey hey, what are you testing? Advanced with me? "
"Ask so many? How? Still afraid of the old man I hurt you? Didn’t you just say that? I have other benefits for you when you finish, and you will know then! Get out of here and don’t interfere with my experiment! "
"Ok ~ I’ll go first!" Forget it, but if it’s good, we have nothing to say. You’d better finish the experiment quickly.
There’s no hope in the advanced stage, so hurry to find Lulu! I sent a message to Lulu first, and rushed to the delivery line. When I sent it to Bogot City, I was scared for a while. What are these guys doing?
Why are they all piled up next to the array? Looking around, the whole delivery square is packed, and players are shouting’ I ~ I ~ Add me quickly ~” I want to join the local wizard at level 22 ~ Add me ~’
It took a long time to get out of the lineup, and finally it’s white. md is a crazy rider, and it collects people every day ~ I didn’t see that there are so many players who want to join the seemingly first-class guild, and the number of players who want to join it can reach 20 thousand. It is estimated that all guilds are full, right? It seems that even if eleven more guilds are built, most players can still be scattered in a short time.
It’s hard to squeeze outside the square, but several people are thinking about which bastard is in charge of recruiting members in the square. Why does it have to be in the square? I am depressed to think that
After a long squeeze, I found it really difficult to squeeze out, unless that bastard recruited all the players and dispersed themselves.
Since there is no way, let’s find a way to md you won’t let me see what you can squeeze into! When I grind my teeth, I pull out the property bar directly, and a little mount seal card is instantly summoned. The huge body will directly crowd everyone around me to retreat. Hey, hey, there’s no way. This pet must take up space when it comes out. This is something that players can’t change!
The appearance of the dragon instantly attracted the attention of the players, and being squeezed into the next person directly caused a chain reaction …
Did all the players see the situation being squeezed? Of course, they will scold when they are angry ~ and they will not be outdone when they are scolded.
But when everyone saw the monster standing in the middle, everyone stopped cursing! Several players are tacitly closed their mouths and stared at the dragon-and it doesn’t look too eye-catching next to the dragon!
Ignore these crazy guys. I flew to ride the dragon and gave it to the dragon directly. In the middle of the flight, I ordered the dragon to flap its wings and slowly get off the ground. Players were blinded by the wind brought by the dragon’s wings.
When the dragon has risen to more than ten meters high, the players will wake up and fly! The first person, the soul mage flies!
At that time, I screamed and shouted for a while. I finally realized that those big stars are always bigger than their faces when they go out. Sunglasses, scarves and hats cover themselves up. I think it’s estimated that people are eager to tear their clothes and write a few words as slogans and banners ~ ~ Of course, some people show that they can’t eat grapes and say that they are sour and novel to people around them,’ This guy is too dragged to the city, and it’s too overbearing to get a mount out to squeeze people ~’ Unfortunately, such people are still very few. If you have one, I guess you won’t be willing to come all day! Besides, how crowded is this? I can’t even walk until I fly! But people can fly. If you get the Green Dragon, you really dare not fly in the city. It’s strange that you won’t be bombarded by the city guards! " I’m too lazy to care about these people who are disdainful and sour. I’m just about to order the dragon to fly to the business, but there comes a very clear voice, "Brother Feiyang, can you have the honor to talk with me?"
I looked down. In the square, a few people stood out because other places were crowded, but there was a small place, and in the middle, a tall guy stood up with his hands up and looked at me.
It’s not crazy riding. Who’s that stupid B? Talk? What are you talking about? The honor? I want to give you a face! Brother? Do I know you? Do you know him well? Taking up all the places, I have to summon the dragon to show off. It makes me feel bad to see your virtue.
"President of the day? I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you. There are people waiting for me. I’m afraid I don’t have time to talk to you! President Tian has too much influence here, and the roads are blocked. I have already delayed a lot. If I don’t leave, I may break my promise! Besides, isn’t President Tian busy now? I think we should wait and see! "
"oh? Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t think it would cause such a situation, which caused trouble to brother Feiyang. Brother Feiyang, forgive me! Since the Feiyang brothers have a prior engagement, it’s not easy for me to force others to do so. Let’s wait! But there’s something I still want to say now. "
"I can still wait when President Tian has something to say."
"Ha, ha, ha, thank you for flying brothers to give this opportunity! On behalf of the Tianhua Association, I sincerely invite Feiyang Brothers to join the Tianhua Association. If Feiyang Brothers are willing to join, it will be the vice president of our Tianhua Association! "
"Ha, ha, ha ~ Thank you for your wrong love, but I’m used to being free and idle. I’m really not suitable for staying in the guild. I appreciate your kindness, and I won’t bother you if you continue to be busy."
After that, I don’t care what the expression of riding the sky is, is there anything else to say, driving the dragon directly and thinking about the direction of the business.
Just turned around, and I suddenly turned around and rode on Tiandao with an irate look on my face. "Tianchang’s first-class guild can recruit twenty thousand people, so you will make it so grand?" The whole square is blocked. Don’t you think it might be a little inappropriate? Tens of millions of players and friends who want to be active in Gotham City have been affected by your recruitment of members. I’d like to give a suggestion to President Tian on behalf of everyone. I wonder if President Tian would like to listen? "
Riding crazy for days, I was upset because I turned him down twice in public. When I heard my words again, my face was gloomy and I almost dripped water. However, due to the fact that many players around me added me to buckle my hat, I had to talk. "Let me know if the first person has any advice." Ride wildly and listen! "
"Ha ha, in fact, it’s nothing. I think everyone will be very happy if you can let everyone line up and make way a little! It’ s also uncomfortable to squeeze and squeeze! "
After that, I drove the dragon directly to the firm and flew to the ground. I rode wildly for a day with a gloomy face and a tight fist. It is estimated that if there were not so many players, this guy would be mad directly!
Crazy riding day around an estimate is this guy cronies guy low scold a way "md really when he is the emperor old tube really m wide! Also represents the player! I bah "
"all right! Now let him be arrogant first. Our main thing is that the guild will develop in front of the guild, and then the player will be a fierce ant. How can you clean up when you want! "
I don’t know what I would do or think if I rode on a dragon’s back. Of course, I don’t care what he did. I just didn’t like this guy and deliberately disgusted him. Forget it. I don’t know this guy well and have no hatred. Of course, I don’t want to think about it.
Chapter 23 Liquor Flame
Riding a dragon, I came to the business street in a few blink of an eye. Players were amazed when they saw the green dragon above their heads, and they were stupid enough to shout boss to attack the city ~ ~ crazy sweat!
Qi flurry wings flew directly, and when they were still in the middle, they directly collected the dragon and fell to the ground. Before the players reacted, they directly drilled their legs into the firm and quickly climbed the fifth floor. Lulu was already waiting in the lounge living room.
I wiped my face and sweated and sat down on the sofa. I just grabbed the coffee table cup and took a big sip. I didn’t notice Lulu next to me. When I grabbed the cup, I tried to stop drinking it and found that it didn’t seem to be water.
Shit, a stream of heat slipped down my throat and I suddenly felt a burning sensation in my throat. Shit, wine? I quickly put the cup on my throat. It seems that this will make my throat less uncomfortable.
Lulu suddenly burst out laughing with her mouth wide open. I was depressed. Did this girl laugh and almost burst into tears?
I don’t know if I can wake me up with a cup, okay? Dizzy ~ ~ It took me a long time to recover my strength and my throat didn’t feel so bad, but my stomach turned upside down and I felt so hot all over.
"Lulu, why don’t you wake me up? Where can I get wine here? It feels worse than the wine in reality! "
"It’s not that I didn’t wake you up, but that you didn’t give me a chance ~ I grabbed it and drank it at once. I didn’t even come to stop you. It’s a good thing it’s wine!"
"ah? Is it? It’s all because I was scared by those crazy players outside ~ Where did this come from? "
"How do you feel after drinking it?"
"How about it?" When I think about it, it seems that everything is not bad except that I drink too much and my throat is a little uncomfortable. When I drink it, there is a heat flow in my stomach. Now it seems that I am not so uncomfortable after saying a few words. So is warming my stomach.
"It feels good, but it’s too hard to drink and my throat is too uncomfortable. Now I feel warm in my stomach and warm in my body."