Ten minutes later, Wang Tianping and Yunfei all finally returned to the battlefield. When Wang Tianping evacuated, he looked far away. At this time, sitting in the mecha cockpit, he was finally able to observe the battlefield carefully through the mecha camera.

This is an industrial park in the suburbs, and the surrounding land has been bought by the apocalypse company. The surface is the office and living area of the apocalypse company, and some of their surface industrial factories, while the real key place of the apocalypse company is the ground. At this time, many places of this land have been directly torn from the surface to reveal the truth inside.
Infantry and armored forces are infiltrating through many gaps with the support of the army and artillery. Their main goal is to fight against the security personnel of Apocalypse, and if necessary, to destroy or arrest the core members of Apocalypse. Of course, finding information is also a very important part.
There is another part of the Phoenix base mecha in the battlefield. At this time, they are fighting against the apocalypse company mecha, and at the same time, they have to cover other troops of their own to move forward. They also undertake to destroy enemy fortifications and buildings that may become enemy bunkers. In addition, if necessary, they will attack the ground and expose the ground area.
On the whole, the military has occupied a lot of advantages, not to mention the strength of the mecha units, not to mention the great advantages in the infantry and armored forces, but also in the back garden of the military. Soon, several planes will appear, either throwing a few bombs at the ground or pouring fire helicopters with machine guns and howitzers, and they will always follow the infantry and armored forces for fire and intelligence support.
Judging from the battle outside the mecha units alone, even if Wang Tianping does not participate in the war, the battle will sooner or later be the final victory of the military, but if the situation of the mecha units is added, the situation will be a little different.
Other units of Apocalypse Company may have a general fighting capacity, but the mecha units are very strong in artificial intelligence. The pilots of Apocalypse Company are now half-human, half-mechanical, and all of them can exert the strength of elite pilots under the unified command of artificial intelligence, and their cooperation is much more tacit than that of military pilots.
It is a little difficult for Phoenix pilots to fight against such enemies. Although they are still in a state of propulsion with a solid foundation and more numbers as a whole, the casualties are much more serious. Although there are not many pilots killed because of the protection of the mecha, there are many pilots injured because of the destruction of the mecha or the damage to the cockpit.
In this way, once the number of military mecha troops drops to a certain extent, the war situation will be reversed. Fortunately, Yunfei, who fought first, has now completed the rest and can be replaced again, and can continue to suppress the whole battlefield by virtue of the number advantage. When the time comes, we will find the artificial intelligence, and the battle will end with it.
Wang Tianping and Yunfei all saw such a picture. At this time, the headquarters ordered Yunfei, and they needed to change the pilots who were fighting to the rear to rest. Wang Tianping was free, and there was no special need for him for the time being. He could play all his strength as a guerrilla unit on the battlefield.
Chapter 21 broken
As Yunfei led this part of the mecha units to participate in the war, the situation quickly developed in the direction of benefiting the military, but the part of the mecha units that were still fighting just now quickly withdrew from the battlefield, and the situation on both sides did not change much compared with before.
This is also a very favorable aspect of the military. Because of the large number of people, it can be divided into two parts. Although the enemy has already transformed the pilots, their physical strength and energy are much higher than ordinary people, after all, there is still a limit. When this limit comes, even if the artificial intelligence agent does not find the enemy mecha, it will lose its combat effectiveness.
Of course, at the beginning, the military command level also had a plan to crush the enemy directly with all the troops, but for one thing, the size of the battlefield was too large, so it was not easy to move, and for another, it could really end the battle in the shortest time, but the casualties would be even greater, and it was finally rejected
Yunfei led the mecha units are confronting the apocalypse company’s mecha units, while other units around him followed the mecha units to move forward. Wang Tianping did not directly rush to the battlefield at this time, but detoured to the side of the battlefield. Although he had not found any breakthrough yet, he already had ideas.
In the future, Wang Tianping, a pilot, has participated in many battles, and at the same time, there are many examples of mecha fighting to learn. In this era, Wang Tianping is absolutely powerful in mecha fighting. In these battles and examples, he has an absolute advantage in crushing and losing, and more is a stalemate.
The best way to break this situation is to rely on the power of the third party. In confrontation, it is generally difficult for both sides to gain a great advantage, while the small advantage is easily reversed by the other side. In this situation, once a third party besides the opposing sides joins the delicate balance, it will be broken immediately, and the third party will help the other side to win quickly.
This kind of play is actually very common in the future. Even the special forces’ emergency take-off troops can be regarded as the third-party force even if a certain party comes to provide supplies or a little news from the rear. For the mecha units, it is the most common form to hide without the enemy’s knowledge.
Now Wang Tianping is such a person. Although the enemy must know that he has been rescued, it is not clear whether he will participate in the war or not. Even if he is ready to deal with it before, apocalypse company and artificial intelligence will be able to confront Wang Tianping in such a situation.
Yunfei and a group of Phoenix base pilots are confronting the apocalypse company mecha on the front battlefield, and the surrounding infantry and armored forces are also progressing smoothly. They are gradually removing the remnants of the apocalypse company hidden in the ground, while Wang Tianping is staring at the apocalypse company with heavy weapons to defend the battlefield fortifications.
In this way, the battlefield fortifications were directly handed over to artillery rockets or directly to military air bombs. However, there are some problems now. The construction of this battlefield fortifications is relatively hidden, and there has never been a fire phoenix base before, and the infantry and armored forces were not attacked until they approached. Therefore, the current situation is that the distance between the enemy and the enemy is somewhat close.
However, the artillery and the army have the risk of hitting the friendly forces in such a wide range of attacks, and the friendly forces can’t retreat when they are moved by the enemy’s fire suppression method, and they are trapped in the enemy’s fire range and can barely support themselves by relying on a little bunker.
At this time, it is the opportunity for Wang Tianping to play this trump card. While avoiding the enemy’s attack, he kept moving in various bunkers. Soon, Wang Tianping’s patrolman came to the side of this battlefield fortification.
When the patrolman approached, the enemy’s battlefield fortifications and trapped Phoenix troops had already seen him. Of course, some of the enemy’s firepower immediately came over, while those Phoenix soldiers were nervous. It was almost impossible for a mecha to break through a battlefield fortifications alone. This is not a game, and there is a value of the durability of the outer armor. All attacks here will be reflected in the mecha.
However, before the team leader came to report to the headquarters, the situation here was stunned by the sight, because everyone had never seen such a flexible mecha, and this mecha was not the most mobile stalker. It was an energy-efficient patrol.
See for the oncoming fire patrol, it’s a simple Z-maneuver, and then it’s completely evasive. Even the regular Z-maneuver they know is not the most basic Z-maneuver. Is this patrol unable to make regular Z-maneuver? Or did he judge at a glance that he could dodge without advanced skills and foundation?
After dodging the first wave of attacks, the enemy’s firepower intensity increased significantly, and the scope of attack also increased. The first wave seemed to be a key attack, and then the second wave became a fire cover. The enemy’s response speed was very fast, and one attack became white. The strategy was ineffective and immediately became a more effective attack
But this second wave of attacks also didn’t work, because the patrolman escaped most of the gunfire and then the shield blocked several attacks and hid behind a building.
At this time, the Phoenix troops, which had just been besieged, didn’t miss this opportunity, because most of the firepower went to take care of the patrol mecha, and their head attacks were much less. Taking advantage of this gap, they launched a wave of fire suppression towards the battlefield fortifications. Although it didn’t have much effect, it was no problem to cover the patrol.
Wang Tianping also noticed that the action of this Phoenix team couldn’t help but feel sorry for the captain of this team. Suddenly, he was not a member of the Phoenix base and didn’t communicate before, but they still made the most appropriate action.
Because this team covered the enemy’s battlefield fortifications, the firepower stopped instantly, while Wang Tianping took advantage of this gap and pushed forward a lot. This distance, the mecha laser gun has been able to play a big role, and the hit rate can also reach a good state, so Wang Tianping countered.
Seeing him, with a wave of his right hand, the patrolman flew several laser beams to the battlefield fortifications, and several heavy machine guns were exposed in the battlefield fortifications. Immediately, many destroyed enemy firepower fell down.
Later, Wang Tianping and Phoenix Team continued to cooperate with each other. Due to the failure of some firepower, the enemy’s battlefield fortifications were somewhat stretched. Before, they were able to barely suppress both sides. Now they can guard against one side and the other side can take advantage of this gap to advance or cover.
As Wang Tianping approached the laser gun, the hit rate was getting higher and higher, and the enemy’s battlefield fortifications were quickly suppressed. When the patrol alloy combat knives were able to send out, the battlefield fortifications had lost all their functions, while the nearby Phoenix troops took the opportunity to continue to advance.
Although this is a small scene, Wang Tianping quickly made a scene strategy after getting it done here. It may not be a big deal that a battlefield fortification or a bunker building is breached, but if there are successive battlefield fortifications and bunkers being breached, it will have a great impact on the battlefield.
To the confrontation between the two sides, the mecha units should also take into account the cooperation with other units. However, due to Wang Tianping’s active performance, a large part of the infantry and armored units in Phoenix have made great progress. Yunfei, they don’t need to focus on this aspect any more, while the apocalypse company, on the contrary, has to separate several mecha to deal with Wang Tianping. The balance between the two sides has tilted.
Chapter 22 Guild Wars
At this time, the battlefield is divided into two parts, the central part is the mecha units of both sides, and the peripheral part is the infantry and armored units. The two parts of the battle influence each other and complement each other, and no matter which side changes, it will be directly reflected in the whole battlefield.
Before Wang Tianping went to war, the two sides were in a state of confrontation. The military had more mecha units, better infantry and armored units, better artillery, and Apocalypse Company had more excellent mecha units with many battlefield fortifications and bunkers. This situation is not easy for both sides to break.
So Wang Tianping showed that he was very clever and didn’t directly participate in the battle of the mecha. Although doing so could gain certain advantages in a short time, it would be difficult to keep the advantages if the law cooperated with Phoenix. When the enemy reacted, it would be easy to complete the reversal.
His choice is to assist the surrounding battles. In the battle between infantry and armored forces, the military has already had a big advantage. Now, adding Wang Tianping, who is unbalanced, is tilting towards the military side, and because he has a mecha infantry and armored forces here, there are far fewer factors to consider, even if he has not been trained, he can adapt quickly.
The fighting between the peripheral infantry and armored forces soon interfered with the central mecha’s battle, and the peripheral military mecha’s forces could concentrate on the battle ahead, while the apocalypse company had to devote more energy to containing the military infantry and armored forces. After a while, they saw that there was no improvement, and they even transferred several mecha to prepare for dealing with Wang Tianping’s patrol.
"Come on!"
Wang Tianping didn’t have the slightest fear and panic in the face of the coming mecha. Although Wang Tianping doesn’t guarantee that he will win if he wants to have a one-to-many battle with these mecha, now is not the time to pay attention to rules. He is not alone here, so many military troops are also his comrades, and Yunfei on the other side will certainly not miss this opportunity.
Apocalypse Company specializes in dealing with Wang Tianping’s mecha, with a total of three, which is also the maximum number they can bring out. Adding one more central mecha to the battle will instantly collapse, and maintaining both sides of the battle to three is the final decision of artificial intelligence.
The three mechs are composed of two patrolmen and an arbitrator. Apocalypse Company is on the defensive in the battle of mechs. One mech has been reduced to the stalker, and one mech has been killed in the previous battle. The arbitrator can form enough deterrent to the enemy in the battle of mechs. It is very common to have patrolmen in such a large-scale battle of mechs.
Two patrolmen walked in the front, while the arbitrator hid behind the patrolmen. Three mecha approached Wang Tianping in a glyph. The patrolmen had set up shields, and the arbitrator had suppressed the fire. At that time, it also made Wang Tianping a little hurry to dodge and block to make more moves.
However, this situation didn’t last long. Although Wang Tianping attacked temporarily, he was able to send infrared indicators to other troops to send the target position. These three mechs just left a few steps and powerful firepower fell from the sky. It was an AC23 attack aircraft cruising on the battlefield. Two 15mm caliber howitzers were replaced by armor-piercing bullets, and even the mechs could not completely see.
The three mecha of Apocalypse Company stopped to dodge as far as possible, and at the same time changed the key defense direction of the shield to Fang. Although the attack plane didn’t pour much firepower, it was driven away by the ground anti-fire fire fire, but even this moment also made Wang Tianping find a breakthrough opportunity.
Seeing him, the patrolman rushed out of the bunker at the moment of gunfire arrival, and then raised his right arm and attacked one of the enemy patrolmen in the chest. This may not make much sense in the game, but in reality, attacking the chest armor will affect the cockpit, which is quite fatal for the mecha.
And the Apocalypse company, this patrolman, has the intention to put a shield, but then it will be attacked by skyfire to the cockpit. Perhaps there is no problem, but the propeller will be directly destroyed to block the shield, so there will be evasion. But when this patrolman evaded, he found that Wang Tianping’s shooting accuracy was beyond imagination and he could follow his footsteps to shoot.
Very not easy to wait until the day fire disappeared and finally it was a shield block, but the base of the patrol’s chest armor had been completely shattered. At this time, it was not until these three mechs counterattacked the second wave of bombing that they arrived at the rear. The artillery took advantage of just now to adjust the direction and elevation, and more than 20 rockets instantly flooded the area where the three mechs were located.
Before the mecha in the war, the mecha of Apocalypse Company were scattered and all of them were in the bunker, or they were close to the military mecha, and there was not much distance between the enemy and the enemy in the battle between the surrounding infantry and armored forces. The artillery had not received many support applications except for the initial fire coverage, which could suppress them. At this time, it is very active to have work.
Although relatively speaking, the impact effect is better, the damage of rockets to the mecha is very general, but this wave of fire coverage is very effective for containing the enemy. Three mechs are struggling desperately in the sea of fire, and the injured patrol is trembling and wants to get out of this sea of fire quickly.
But while this once again appeared a little gap, Wang Tianping had already rushed to the front of the three mecha. The patrolman who was injured in the chest armor just rushed out of the fire and a handle katar had already come to the front of the mecha. Before the patrolman responded, almost the whole of katar had already disappeared into the mecha cockpit without the protection of the outer armor.
When Wang Tianping patrolman pulled out his left hand katar, this patrolman had no movement. Even if he didn’t directly kill the patrolman pilot just now, he must have destroyed the cockpit and lost the cockpit control mecha. It’s just a pile of scrap metal.
The other two mecha have arrived in front of Wang Tianping at this time. They waved weapons and rushed to one-on-one hit at the same time. Perhaps it is not Wang Tianping’s opponent, but even Wang Tianping is in danger of failure.
At this time, Wang Tianping was in no hurry. His shield blocked the patrol attack, and then his right hand and the arbitrator could not find a gap to attack the patrol root. He could circle behind Wang Tianping’s shield, but although the arbitrator had absolute advantage, Wang Tianping’s tricks were inseparable from the key play, which made this arbitrator unable to put his hands and feet.
Alloy combating Dao, right hand katar and laser gun Wang Tianping have one target, that is, to attack the arbitrator’s chest as quickly as possible. The tragic situation of the patrol just now is still vivid, and there is no way to move the patrol wreckage. The arbitrator will of course pay special attention to cockpit defense.
At this time, although the two mechs of Apocalypse Company have caused any damage to Wang Tianping, Wang Tianping has also not made much progress. Three mechs are in a stalemate, so it is likely that Wang Tianping will be exhausted first, but the battlefield is more than this. If these two mechs can’t get rid of Wang Tianping as soon as possible and then return to the mecha, the overall situation on the battlefield will be greatly tilted towards the military.
So before Wang Tianping moved anything, the two apocalypse mecha took action. They were close to each other and obviously wanted to exchange places. Wang Tianping chose to focus on the arbitrator and take charge of the patrol because the patrol’s defense could handle the patrol’s attack, but the arbitrator had no defense means.