I didn’t have much choice in the Audi store, but I asked for an Audi Q742FSIquaro luxury model as the second time and asked them to help me buy another bank card. After paying the bill at the counter, I drove Liu Lingfei into the expressway in my new car and headed for running all the way, J.

Liu Lingfei was very nervous all night, and now she is safe, and she is driving on the expressway. Her nerves are relaxed. She fell asleep in the car without talking to me. It seems that she is really tired this evening.
Because I have no chat partner, I am also interested. While the car is running, I wonder if my parents’ living standards are higher after they get my brush card and go home for 10 thousand
Did you live in the original house or changed to a better mansion? Well, it may still be the original house, but now the mansion is valuable, and the square is about 10 thousand. I’m afraid the parents will not be willing to spend more than 10 thousand to buy a mansion
Did you buy a mid-range car? A super-high-end car like me can’t afford to buy a mid-range car, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, the mid-range car is only about 340 thousand. Well, even if it’s no good, it’s not impossible. The performance of 2.25 million cars is also very good
Oh, no
It suddenly occurred to me that I told my parents that I won 150,000 in the lottery and that 10,000 had been sent home, so I really should have 50,000 around me, but my car now costs about 120,000. What should I tell my parents if the car goes back?
Honestly, I made billions playing games, and now I’m a billionaire? This can’t be done. If I tell my parents so, I won’t say anything, but I will definitely be asked to stop playing games by stealth. I should study hard and get ahead in the future with this fund.
Let me give up the game. I’m afraid it won’t work. To say that I am one of the best players in the world now, it shouldn’t be a problem to make another ten million dollars in my current situation. I dare not say in the real world, but I have definitely reached the point where I am at home.
It’s just a big deal. When I get to J, I park my car somewhere else and call Liu Lingfei home to keep more than 120 thousand cars from being exposed, so what am I worried about?
Now I finally arrived in J city at 3: 02 in the morning. It is estimated that the total time of racing is 3 hours and minutes, and I can arrive in J city so soon. Besides my superb driving skills (vomiting! ) Of course, there is also the reason why there are almost no cars on the way back.
I parked my car on the side of the road and woke up Liu Lingfei, who was sleeping soundly. After that, I went to a hotel not far from Shunchang with her instead of going home. That’s because it’s still early (if you don’t say it at 3: 02 in the morning, I’m in a hurry with you). I guess my parents should still be sleeping now, so I don’t plan to go home to wake them now.
Anyway, they have already arrived in J city, and it’s not so bad for a while.
After I asked for a guest room, I entered the room with Liu Lingfei. Don’t get me wrong. I want a guest room. That’s right. I can protect Liu Lingfei nearby instead of sleeping with her. Besides, it’s already about 3: 30, and I have to fight to say that I have no time to sleep. Because Liu Lingfei hasn’t woken up yet, she didn’t go online with me, but added sleep.
Just now, I appeared in the desert and looked at the big desert, which made me puzzled.
After all, the two camels were placed with me during the second line, so the two camels were refreshed when I went online. If I walk around now and wait for Liu Lingfei’s line, she will have no water and die of thirst in this big desert. She will be restricted in disguise that I can stay near here and not be too far away.
Anyway, I came to the desert to collect the black crystal ore. Where is it? It’s all the same around here, right around here.
When my pet legion was summoned, the dark wing stayed where it was so that I could know the location of the crystal Crysal line, and I fought with other pet dark wing centers.
It seems lucky to have been slaughtered in the desert for nearly 5 hours. Yesterday, it took about 15 hours to produce two pieces of black crystal ore. Today, two pieces of black crystal ore have been produced, which is brilliant compared with yesterday. However, at this time, the light flashed and Crysal, the crystal next to the dark wing, landed in the game.
"It’s already half past ten in the crystal. We’ll play in the desert for another three hours and then go back to the real world for lunch. After lunch, we’ll play for another 45 hours. Then we’ll go home at night and have dinner directly." Because my parents don’t know that I may hit a wall when I come back at noon, after all, they can’t leave their work unattended.
I think my parents will be surprised to see you when I take you home later. I said with a hey hey smile, an international superstar is willing to go home with me. Although my parents don’t know why, I think they will like you very much. Maybe they will treat you as their daughter-in-law. You have the cheek to say that I wouldn’t be too lazy to go to your home unless you said you wanted to come home and see me. Crystal Crysal smiled brightly and said, If you want to show off your great achievements to your parents with me, I think you’d better leave it out. Mind, don’t forget that I haven’t promised to be your girlfriend, and I’m not afraid of 10 thousand, but I’m afraid that in case I can’t let your parents know where I am, I’ll dress up and keep it before I go to your house. Your parents won’t recognize me as that international superstar. "
"As you like, just don’t make me look ugly." I waved my grass pheasant sword and said to Crystal Crysal, "Let’s go to work. I’m still waiting to see General Ghostbusters reward ruler Joan Gouyu. That’s an artifact. I don’t know what the attribute is."
"Artifact? Have you ever seen that you can get an artifact by brushing a piece of black crystal ore in the desert? Even I can barely fight a dozen monsters in this desert, not to mention other players. "Crystal Crysal told me with a very pedestrian expression," I think the artifact is a ghost general who is entertaining us. "
I shook my head while killing the scorpion, saying, "It’s not necessarily that I can get the artifact by brushing a piece of black crystal ore. I really haven’t seen or heard that any player has received it, but the general ghoul gave me the information, but it’s true that the reward is one foot of Joan Gouyu, the three great artifacts of Uchibo clan. I think this information should not go wrong."
Crystal Crysal still doesn’t believe it, but he’s too lazy to quarrel with me. After all, the quarrel is not finished now. Why don’t you just look at this so-called artifact? It’s obvious whether it’s a mule or a horse.
I have been fighting in the desert for another three hours, and all my luck seems to have been wiped out by noon. Therefore, a piece of black crystal ore has not appeared in the desert for these three hours. However, two sets of silver-class Salamit suits have been brushed out and put in the auction house for auction, which should be another expensive one.
The so-called Saramite suit is actually a level 2 attack suit, and the attack on each piece of equipment can be said to be extremely high compared with that in the same level and class. You know, the Saramite suit is level 2 plus the silver class, and it is extremely rare to be able to rank with it. The Saramite suit is more cattle, so you can imagine the equipment market.
It is also because of the Salamit suit that players who died in the desert treasure hunt adventure abound.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Go home
"What does Xiaolong have for lunch today?" Liu Lingfei, who just picked up the game helmet, immediately asked about it. It seems that she is hungry. Think about it. I didn’t eat well last night because of Ding You’s influence. I arrived in J city early this morning. Because Xiao Ni was dozing off, I didn’t eat any breakfast. It’s already 11: 30 now, so I think I should be hungry.
I thought about it a little and seemed to think of something. I immediately asked, "Do you eat spicy food? If so, I’ll take you to eat Mapo tofu and duck blood vermicelli soup. These were my favorite dishes when I was in J city, and the taste makes my mouth water now. "
"Spicy? I don’t eat spicy food very often, but I don’t reject it. "Liu Lingfei has lived in the United States for a long time. Americans don’t eat spicy food. She naturally developed this problem. Therefore, even if there are spicy dishes in China, she won’t touch it. But she can’t bear to say that she doesn’t eat spicy food when she looks at my poor aftertaste. That’s why she has the words" I don’t eat spicy food very often, but I don’t reject it ".
I didn’t understand the situation. I left the room with Liu Lingfei. Of course, now Liu Lingfei has been dressed up again to prevent being recognized when going out for dinner later. Her original elegant long hair has been tied up by her, and her face has been wiped with some light clothes, adding a bit of enchanting feeling. If you don’t observe it carefully, it will be difficult to find her true identity.
After leaving the hotel, Liu Lingfei and I went to a small restaurant and ordered a big bowl of chicken soup with good Mapo tofu and duck blood vermicelli soup just now.
When these two dishes came, Liu Lingfei was so hot that his voice was hoarse as if he wanted to spray fire, but he was afraid of being seen by me, so he drank half a glass of white water skillfully, which was a slight relief. Oh, by the way, Liu Lingfei usually drinks soda, but he doesn’t often drink carbonated drinks. In her opinion, there is no white water to be nutritious.
Please don’t misunderstand that Liu Lingfei drinks white water because he wants to save money.
Although I eat with relish, Liu Lingfei almost eats white rice and sometimes drinks a few mouthfuls of chicken soup. If I can’t see it again, I will become blind. When I slowly put my hands on the chopsticks, I shook my head and smiled bitterly. "Lingfei, since you don’t like spicy food, just tell me."
After the waiter left, I solemnly said, "If you don’t like to eat after Lingfei, just tell me the big deal. I don’t want to starve you, so I will feel distressed. I would rather be hungry myself than you, okay?"
"thank you"
Soon two dishes were delivered, and we continued to eat. We were full of wine (is there any wine? ) After paying the bill, Liu Lingfei and I left the small restaurant and returned to the hotel again. Because we didn’t check out, we quickly returned to the room, put on our game helmets and entered the world of Shuo again.