Distorted at the same time, it forms a complete world, the dragon finch, the future science and technology wild fairy world, and this complete world is the weeping of heaven. At the same time, the same place reminds Ye Zhang of that prophecy.

"Let’s go back to the future world of science and technology. One day should be enough!"
Zhang Ye nodded and they turned around and headed for the forbidden area in Enzan Ijuin to prepare to return to the future world of science and technology through the fourth road. Just as they were preparing to leave the canopy of death, they saw many people coming towards them.
The first person is the day will rush.
"Ye Zhang is leaving so soon. Won’t you stay for a cup of tea?"
Although it is easy to say that the sky will rush, others around him are not as easy as it is, and there is a hostility that makes the surrounding atmosphere coagulate.
Ye Zhang believes that there is no hatred between him and the God, but on the contrary, the two of them are not bad because of the name war. But at this time, Ye Zhang saw a trace of Nai from the face of God, which also alerted him.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy Helper
It should be said that Ye Zhang has never ignored the forces behind these guilds. Although they have suffered several defeats, their strength is still very terrible. If they don’t have to destroy their patron saint in glitz, Ye Zhang will also be able to compete in another place.
The sky will run fiercely. He is not willing to be a green leaf just like the old ghost, and they also know that residual blood and Feng Zhi will willingly foil a big whirlwind. Therefore, in the middle of crying, although the sky will run fiercely, he lost to Ghost Yin, but his realm and attributes can still enter the top 1.
To be honest, he is absolutely unwilling to look at which aspect of Zhang Ye’s theory is that a whirlwind is different from suicide, but it is obvious that he wants to ensure his current status and strength without the support of those people behind him.
You know, there are very few big guilds with real background and wealth, and most of them are spontaneously formed by a few friends who are playing, but these guilds are not very competitive, and it is obvious that Tian Benlie is one of these unions.
Ye Zhang remembered the blood wolf and his group of robots suddenly revealed a smile at this time.
"Benlie, it seems that you have to keep me today?"
The day will rush fierce didn’t laugh, he looked at the easy whirlwind mouth at this time.
"Someone in Ye Zhang wants to see you, so we won’t do it?"
Under the dual influence of strength and potential, he made a doubt that he was the most correct choice, so don’t rush the enemy, but obviously Zhang Ye was very tight, and he didn’t have time to meet those so-called big shots, and he could guess what the other side was going to say.
"Sorry I’m in a hurry!"
Zhang Ye is leaving with anger and anger, but only to find that many people are surrounded behind them. Although he says that he has no antipathy to the fierce rush of heaven, this time it also makes him unhappy.
Ye Zhang didn’t start work, but turned over his friend column to find a person’s name and sent him a message. Then he relaxed there. Since he didn’t want to fight, he couldn’t leave for the time being. He waited until someone who could solve the trouble came.
After about 2 minutes, when the players were surrounded by the city gate, it suddenly seemed that they were consciously dispersed. The day after tomorrow, Ben Lie was still wondering whether the other party would obey other people’s orders, but his heart suddenly sank when he saw the figure of the bearer.
"Is someone bothering you?"
When soul-eating went to Ye Zhang’s side, he didn’t go to see that the sky was going to rush, and his voice clearly entered everyone’s ears. At this time, Zhang Ye laughed and then replied.
"Well, it looks like someone doesn’t want me out of their sight."
The soul-eater just returned to the city when he received the news from Ye Zhang. Although he was a little surprised, he came here immediately, just like Zhang Ye thought. Now he and Ye Zhang are holding an alternative brother. After so long tempering and growing up, he gradually understands the world better than Ye Zhang.
"It’s going to be fierce, no matter who sent you, I think you can go."
There is no command component in the soul-eating remarks, but no player dares to violate this sentence head-on. When some players come, they don’t want to leave the big whirlwind enemy players one by one, and then there will be a few people who will run fiercely one day.
At this moment, a picture suddenly rose in Ye Zhang’s mind. When soul-eating was about to start work, Ye Zhang took hold of each other and then said,
"The soul-eating dike has a heart!"
Soul-eating one leng looked at a few eyes after Ye Zhang, and suddenly the in the mind was also very discerning. At this time, he also found that the sky was going to rush, and he didn’t start work or threaten verbally. It seemed that the execution of orders for those who wanted to give trouble to the cyclone behind him was not thorough, and this scene had appeared many times in Ye Zhang’s memory.
It can be said that the other side doesn’t seem to be arrogant enough to stop the whirlwind just by relying on the sky and two or three people.
And the other party’s real purpose is to see the whirlwind out of control and kill people again.
When Ye Zhang figured this out, he suddenly became bright and his eyes suddenly became cold. At this time, the other party could not give up playing tricks. Even if all players were alert to the threat of the cyclone, they would continue to play a trick.
This practice is suspected to create an atmosphere that is disgusting to Ye Zhang and also disgusting to players. From the side, it makes players feel that there is a whirlwind, and this kind of nausea will not disappear in one day.
These people are very rich, and it is not difficult to find a group of people to discredit the whirlwind. At this moment, Ye Zhang suddenly raised an idea of killing players, not killing players, but for the first time, he had the idea of completely removing this group of people behind each other from flashy.
Although this is more difficult to achieve than against players, Ye Zhang has already had an idea.
The shadow that followed Ye Zhang has never disappeared. All the events that happened in front of him were filmed by him in the video. Ye Zhang thought about the cause and effect, and then he said.
"It’s going to be fierce. Didn’t you say someone wanted to see me? Let him come and I’ll wait for him here!"
Ye Zhang’s words make the sky rush fiercely. Obviously, the day will rush fiercely. I have seen the strength and wrist of the man behind him, and I have already raised the identity of the other party to a very high level. Even the whirlwind is not as good as the other party’s one thousand, and that person is a truly successful person. This sentence makes the sky rush fiercely. It raises a ridiculous feeling and makes that person condescend to come to see the whirlwind. This kind of primary and secondary is reversed.
Day will rush fierce eyebrows a wrinkly while Ye Zhang abrupt sneer at a.
"Why do you want me to invite him personally? You name him in the glitz to see if he is qualified for me to invite him personally!"
Ye Zhang’s face is very overbearing at this time, and other players don’t despise it except for the fierce day. Because the whirlwind is really qualified, even Feng Zhi has been out of the whirlwind, Gu Honggao, and led the people out to meet the event.
At this time, the man hiding in the dark corner suddenly closed the video being recorded. He looked at Ye Zhang and others and suddenly felt extremely dangerous. This feeling seemed as if he had been exposed. He felt that Ye Zhang’s remarks were addressed to him and the man behind him.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-nine Hit you
This incident, Ye Zhang’s tough attitude and soul-eating assistance came to a hasty end, but it gave Ye Zhang great vigilance. Sure enough, those behind him saw the glitz and chaos and successfully turned to covert action, while the other party suspected that they wanted to find his flaws or some evidence that he had destroyed the balance through covert tracking.
Ye Zhang was amused at this. Don’t say that this kind of evidence is hard to find. Even if there is, what can you say? Players can accept his continuous release of the spell. Then it seems that there is nothing to say if you don’t go against the sky and appear in your body. Moreover, with such a soul-eating, Zhang Ye has another life-saving charm.
From the death curtain to the front of Zhang Ye, some actions changed at the moment when he saw the soul-eating. He found that if he continued to focus on finding the main line, he would probably be far behind by the best among the weeping days.
Isn’t it time to upgrade yourself?
Ye Zhang hesitated and suddenly saw a face of calm anger, but he saw a feeling of chatting from his calmness. Ye Zhang suddenly suddenly realized it.
"Let’s go to Haiye Tiancheng first. It seems that I need a lot of xuanshi."
When Ye Zhang introduced three rules to check and balance the advantages and disadvantages, playing two different rules and skills can better benefit the conflict of rules and play a stronger injury suspect. At this time, the charm attribute of ice toad purple jade ranks in Ye Zhang’s heart, which is much larger than the promotion of other attributes.
Although Zhang Ye’s flashy rule is suppressed by the rule of weeping, when the ice toad purple jade is unsealed to a certain extent, the sacred blessing can gradually return to its former style, which is what Ye Zhang values most
When I heard Ye Zhang’s words, Ang Yan immediately cheered up. Speaking of it, I was really excited to go through all kinds of colorful plots and all kinds of super BOSS battles with Ye Zhang, but in the end, almost all of these BOSS battles were not Ang Yan to participate in.
What temporarily according to Ye Zhang led three people on the way to the sea night city, he wanted to think and sent a message to the ghost Yin Fa agreed to meet at the fork in the road.
By the time Ye Zhang got to the fork in the road, Ghost Yin had reached this stage. Ghost Yin and Ming Zhan and others were together. They backed the advantage of grade 9 Cologne and gradually recovered a little disadvantage, but it was far from enough. After all, the deputy and the abode of fairies and immortals were fixed patterns, and everyone got the same amount of Xuanshi, and the difference between Dan Yao and Dan Yao was not great because of the probability.