"Miss, you see that male looks good …"

The pretty girl said casually while eating peanuts, "Not bad … Section 4: Who was that man just now?"
"Miss, you see that male looks good …"
The pretty girl said casually while eating peanuts, "Not bad …"
"Miss light snow has never seen such a good-looking man. It’s even better than the report …"
"It’s okay, don’t play that romantic goods in front of the young lady …"
"Miss, miss, look, look, that man seems to be looking at us …" [
The pretty girl was slightly one leng, and then her eyes turned and looked at the white man.
The moment four eyes relative to the dark eyes like night … There is a kind of unspeakable familiarity.
Male lip angle gently a hook eyes light tactfully smiled at her.
She was stunned for a moment, but the man was gone.
"Miss, miss …"
It was not until there was a light snow in my ear that Jiang Xue Bud, with some doubts and worries, came to her senses from her just absence.
I don’t know why, but she always thinks that the eyes of the man in white just now …
So strange.
There is an inexplicable familiarity.
My mind couldn’t help thinking of that pair of rubies.
Although the eyes are different colors, they are absolutely similar.
"Miss, what’s the matter with you?"
Just now … She called in her ear for several times. Miss didn’t respond at all.
"Oh, nothing. Who was that man just now? Have you seen him before?"
That man … is really beautiful.
It’s better than the phoenix glass and the flow mark of the silent moon.
A man who looks so good should be famous, too.
Look at those crazy women just now, and you will know how charming he is.
"Xiaoxue doesn’t know, so how come Jungong hasn’t seen it before?" [
"Miss, did you see those women like him very much just now? They can be so popular in Phoenix, and they can’t find a second person except the sovereign."
There is a custom in Fengli City.
But any unmarried woman who sees a good-looking man in the street can throw her belongings to the man to show her love. Section 43: My family is invited by the public.
But any unmarried woman who sees a good-looking man in the street can throw her belongings to the man to show her affection.
Only those women just threw their jewelry and jade articles at the man.
"I didn’t expect … that there is a man who is more handsome than the report. Miss, you just noticed that his eyes are not so beautiful. It seems to hook people’s souls."
Looking at light snow with a face of excitement, Jiang Xue Bud couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and knock on her head.
"Look at you now. You’re a total anthomaniac. Aren’t you just a little better-looking and excited?" In fact … That person should be said to be a lot of good-looking [
She has met a lot of handsome men, but she will still be a little absent-minded when she sees that man just now
"But he’s really good-looking. Xiaoxue has never seen such a good-looking man. Miss said that you just lost your mind. The handmaiden called you several times and you didn’t hear it."
Jiang Xue Bud glared at her and said grumpily, "Dead girl, don’t you dare to tease Miss I don’t want to live?"
Knock, knock, knock !
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
"There are two girls in my family. Please invite two girls to sit in the next room. I wonder if you would like to see them?"
Jiang Xue Bud and Light Snow looked at each other with a surprised expression on their faces.
"Who is your grandfather?"
Two people, look at me. I see you were silent for a long time, or Jiang Xue Bud opened his mouth.
"Girl, don’t worry that my husband is not frivolous. He just happened to see the girl sitting by the window and felt that the girl was like an old friend of his …"
"Miss it won’t be …"
Light snow gasped, eyes immediately overflow with excitement and excitement.
Is it … Is it the white man?
She saw him enter Fengming Building just now.
And before that, the white man did see the lady.
"I’ve never met your family before. I don’t think we need to meet. Section 44: Amazing beauty!
And before that, the white man did see the lady.
"I don’t think it’s necessary for us to meet."
Even if it’s true, what about the beautiful white man?
She doesn’t know him. What’s there to meet?
Looking at the light snow gradually disappointed expression Jiang Xue Bud couldn’t help shaking his head. "Light snow, you have to find out about your lady, but I am married now. If you accidentally let others see me staying in a room with a man later, it is unreasonable." [
"Yeah, handmaiden didn’t even want to go here."
It is hard to hide some disappointment in the sound of light snow.
For … You can still see that beautiful male.
But what miss said is quite reasonable.
There has been silence outside and there is no sound.
It is estimated that the man has left.
Just as Jiang Xue Bud was about to tell Xiao Er Zhang to leave, she heard a creak and the door was opened.
The white figure stood in front of the door and the beautiful young man looked at her with a positive expression.
"What is not necessary to meet?"
The man came in from the outside with a cold expression and cold eyes, even his voice was cold.
I just sat by the window and looked at him. It wasn’t very real.
Now he is coming towards himself step by step.
That beautiful face … See more clearly.
Jiang Xue bud eyes couldn’t help revealing a stunning color.
This young man is … amazingly beautiful.