"Brother Qin, we are so destined." The little girl laughed happily.

"Yes, yes," Chu Yun responded with a stiff expression.
"Brother Qin, will you give up?" The little girl laughed
"No" Chu Yun shook his head. How can he give up when he can win the championship?
"Brother Woo Woo, I am your little fan." The girl felt very wronged and shed tears.
"You didn’t cry," Chu Yun said seriously. This time, I won’t admit defeat.
“! # $% … "Chu Yun frown as if he had done something widespread indignation and discontent.
When the game started, Chu Yun attacked directly and tried to kill the little girl with one blow. Although he couldn’t bear it, there was nothing he could do.
The little girl’s defense is not strong. Chu Yun’s blow is enough to seconds her several times.
However, after killing the girl, she immediately came back to life, and she also summoned a huge bunny.
This is a giant red bunny. Chu Yun knows that this bunny is a flaming tornado.
"Big red attacks Qin Di, the villain!" Cried the little girl
"Tied Dragon Sound" Chu Yun directly released a skill and bound the red rabbit in the past.
"Ah!" How can a girl grind her teeth like this?
When Chu Yun attacks the little girl, it is the moment when she is killed.
"ahhh!" The girl went crazy. "I give up!" "
Hearing the girl throw in the towel, Chu Yun revealed a kind smile and said, "Little sister, this is a good girl."
Chu Yun knows that there are only three days left in the game, and her biggest opponent is the fairy again.
"Go upgrade!" Chu Yun decided to go to level 60 first, and then he had to go to level 60 to make the level 1 Tianxuanqin, so that he would be more sure when fighting against fairies.
By the way, when I think of upgrading Chu Yun, I think of the King Tower.
Aren’t you afraid of anomalies if you have water beads? What else does the butterfly have?
I want to laugh at the thought of this Chu Yun, because the mysterious monster will soon be killed by myself on the tenth day of the King Tower.
ChuYunZhang flash immediately came to the king’s tower and chose to enter without hesitation.
Colorful psychedelic butterfly level 1 life level 1 Tianxuan introduced that there is no physical attack, but the magic ability is outstanding and it also has various enemy control abilities.
Colorful beams have colorful element force skills, although they are not strong, but when they are cooled,
Sleep powder makes the opponent in front sleep for five seconds
Paralysis powder paralyzes the opponent in front for five seconds.
Chaos powder confuses the front opponent for five seconds.
Yan powder makes the front confrontation enter a burning state for five seconds.
The ice powder makes the front go into a frozen state.
Colorful forces can plague various abnormal states.
Dazzling shock wave causes powerful magic damage to the enemy in front and makes the enemy lose state for three seconds.
Colorful roar from the sky, a huge elemental ball attacks the enemy, causing terrible magic damage and plunging the enemy into burning, sleeping, freezing, chaos and paralysis. A state lasts for ten seconds, and then it will become weak, which will take three days to recover.
When I came to the tenth floor and saw this monster again, Chu Yun seemed to be watching delicious food
Chu Yun promptly blessed the goddess of the deep sea, and then attacked, split, killed, slashed, thundered, angered, burned, and hacked, one by one, with terrible skills.
-24212 (crit) (smash)-2411 (crit) (smash)-24121 (crit) (smash)-221214 (crit) (smash)-249654 (crit) (smash)-24214 (crit)
Chu Yun’s attack power is very strong, but this butterfly’s health is really high. I’m afraid it will take a long time to really kill it.
At this time, the colorful psychedelic butterfly moved, and when it stirred its wings, it released a pink powder. I don’t know what effect it was.
The sound of dust!
Destroy the sound!
Phantom ayane!
-664151 (crit) (smash)-26242 (crit) (smash)-34415 (crit)-645 (crit) (smash)-267452 (crit)-265254 (crit) (smash)
Chu Yun doesn’t care what powder the other party is. He knows how to attack and try to kill this colorful psychedelic butterfly. I believe that after killing the colorful psychedelic butterfly, he can turn the wheel of fate again.
Haha, Chu Yun can’t help laughing at the thought of the wheel of fate. Maybe he can transfer to a set of mysterious equipment. Although this is unlikely to happen, his wish is beautiful.
Colorful psychedelic butterflies released purple powder after releasing pink powder. When purple powder floated to Chu Yun, they smelled a delicious smell. It was definitely a very lucky thing to smell sweet fragrance when fighting against strong enemies.
When the powder is cold, the opponent is still good. The colorful psychedelic butterfly seems to be angry, and the wings are incited faster and faster. This is a kind of ice powder blue.
Chapter 361 Terrible colorful roar!
When the ice blue powder floats, Chu Yun feels ice is cool and cool!
It’s only a matter of time before the frank attack works harder, and one skill after another bombards the enemy and critically breaks and hits 100 million lives.
This colorful psychedelic butterfly seems to release powder again and again … I can’t be more grateful to this Chu Yun because it can be more convenient to attack.
When the colorful psychedelic butterfly’s life drops by a quarter, it finally releases other skills.
This is a colorful light beam, which is emitted from the eyes of colorful psychedelic butterflies, giving people a psychedelic feeling.
This is a single attack. Chu Yun dodged it easily in a flash.
At this time, Chu Yun laughed, "So this skill is rubbish."
Because in Chu Yun’s eyes, if you can’t hit the enemy, your skills are rubbish.
But soon a terrible beam of light came out of the colorful psychedelic eyes, and the speed was so fast that people could talk.
This launch speed is not too fast, isn’t it? Chu Yun’s head is numb and he can’t summon the holy horse. If he wants to take the holy horse, he will immediately increase the speed by 5, so it will be convenient to hide. It shouldn’t be said that it is more convenient for the holy horse to hide.
At the moment when Tian Shengguang Tianma appeared, Chu Yun was beaten with a life value of about 20%
When sitting on the mountain, the holy light Tianma took off quickly, Chu Yunli attacked and tried to kill this butterfly as soon as possible.
The speed of the holy light Tianma is very sensitive. Although the colorful light speed is as fast as a machine gun, it can still be missed.
Chu Yun constantly released his skills and attacked Chu Yun, and he became more and more excited when he saw the other side gradually dying.
This is level 1 Tianxuan, which player can kill independently except himself!
And at this time, the wings of colorful psychedelic butterflies glowed. Seeing this strange, Chu Yun guessed that the other party was likely to release big moves.
Chu Yun doesn’t care if he continues to attack because he still has five lives, and none of them are dead.
Colorful psychedelic butterflies flapped their wings, and their fluorescent flashes gave people a sense of psychedelic, and their beautiful posture was just like a fairy in a painting.
Chu Yun guessed that the butterfly must be a woman, otherwise how could it be so beautiful?