"This ….. this is exactly what happened? ! !” The Atlanteans were horrified.

Nine times in the Winter Palace, I saw the fear of the sea people in Atlantis rushing to the platform of Baimu City to find the control option and turn on the big horn mode. I shouted to all the sea people in Atlantis, "Ahem, the sea people in Atlantis don’t panic, it’s nothing serious. I am taking away Poseidon’s sins and keeping everything away from you completely! So as to help you completely forget the dark past of Atlantis! "
"Whoops is so touched! !” The Atlantean sea people were moved to a mess when they heard Jiuzhong’s speech of "putting on airs" and "spreading lies to confuse people". The Ministry shouted, "You are our savior! Long live the seafood! ! !”
"Ahem is belonging to the family is not so polite that I walked first! You have a good life here and sometimes I will come back to see you! " Jiuchong bid farewell to the Atlantis sea clan.
"Ready and send seafood-! !” All the tribes of Atlantis bowed down and knelt down to send nine heavy gifts.
"Hum, you are quite inspiring!" See Atlantis ten thousand people kneeling spectacular phoenix dance pie pie way
"This is a layman!" Jiuzhong smiled smugly. "How can you be the boss if you have nothing to say about this?"
"Cut the fart and you … ouch!" Feng Dance suddenly exclaimed, "The horses in Baimu City are about to leave the water field, as if they are going to be completely immersed in the sea!" "
"Let’s hurry to see if there is any option to maintain the water field!" Jiuzhong looked up and felt that it was close at hand. "This is a deep sea. We have to be crushed if we rush into the water directly!"
It’s not the first time that I’ve learned about the nine-fold degree of era simulation. He’s sure that the setting of deep-sea water pressure is definitely different from reality.
"Ah, ah, I found it. There is an option to turn on the water mask!"
"Then don’t confirm it quickly!"
"oh oh!" Phoenix Dance is also a little flustered at this moment. I don’t know what to do. After listening to Jiuzhong, I quickly clicked on the water vapor mask.
As soon as the water mask was opened, Baimu City was completely separated from the water area of Atlantis and entered the deep sea.
"Call it done ~!" The phoenix dance takes a breath.
"My big miss aunt er you this which is done? !” Jiuchong said, "Didn’t you see that Baimu City is floating in a straight line? Change course quickly! This Baimu City is our secret weapon, and I don’t want to let it surface and expose it to the world! "
"I know!" Feng Dance curled her lips and quickly found the option to control the movement of Baimu City in the actual operation option menu of urban movement. "There are two choices: magical intelligent operation and manual operation. Which one should I choose?" !”
"Of course, it is’ magic can fuck’!" Jiuzhong said, "If you let your aunt fuck me by hand, it is estimated that you will have to reimburse me if you can’t go ten miles!"
"Hum, look down on people. If you don’t let my players do exercises, miss will insist on them!" Feng Dance resolutely chose "manual exercise" without listening to Jiuzhong’s opinions.
"You …!" Nine-fold anger made the root itch.
"What do you have a problem with? Just say it, but the young lady won’t listen. You’d better stop talking!"
"… Yueer!" Jiuzhong wronged Shen Yue for help. He knew that Shen Yue was a big sister among all the women and tried to make Shen Yue stand up for himself.
"All right, give me a hug!" Of course, Shen Yue won’t stand up for Jiuchong to deal with her sisters on the same front. She took Jiuchong’s head in her arms and comforted two sentences: "Don’t cry!"
"I …!" Let’s listen to Shen Yue’s words and almost jump up, but the cheeks feel the temptation of Shen Yue’s elasticity, and the mood suddenly feels better. A face of intoxication makes Kunoichi laugh.
"Bastard, where are we going? !” Confirm that the manual operation platform of Baimu City pops up a virtual steering wheel, and a pair of very professional hands hold the steering wheel and ask Jiuchong Road
"Go home, of course!"
"All right, sit tight!" Phoenix Dance holds the steering wheel with both hands and directly drives Baimu City Expressway and rushes out.
"I depend on gu, are you sure this is the direction to go home? !”
"I don’t know ~!"
Chapter five hundred and sixty Fraud
The discussion hall of the headquarters of the American regional freedom alliance
A large number of key players in the Hall Freedom League came together. Most of these players were a president. Later, the king of soldiers swept across the United States with an iron fist. These presidents joined the King of Soldiers Freedom League to form a key player in the alliance. In fact, the freedom league is not an alliance name, but the name of the guild formed by the king of soldiers.
A group of backbone players are sitting in the left and right seats, doing a burly, red-haired middle-aged man who looks very heavy all over, wrapped in a heavy metal suit and armed to the teeth like a tank chariot.
This man is the leader of the Freedom Alliance-Bing Wang.
"pa!" The blue soldier king’s palm is as big as a cattail leaf fan, and suddenly he slaps it on the table next to him. The fruit bowl on the table is more than two feet high. "This sacred party is so rampant and unappreciative that he dares to speak to me in such a rude manner. I think he really doesn’t know how to write the word’ death’! !”
"The leader is crazy and mentally abnormal, or who dares to openly challenge our American region!" Mianyouwan player Dao
"Whether he is crazy or not, since he dares to sin against us in the United States, he should be taught a lesson to let him know who is the boss in the world!" There is also a player’s way.
"It’s too cheap to teach him a lesson …!" One after another, players said, "He dares to challenge the majesty of our American region so boldly. If we teach him a lesson, wouldn’t it be that everyone dares to run wild with us after being despised by other war zones?" !”
"It is said that this kind of unscrupulous and unappreciative thing should completely smash him and let him have no foothold in the game. Only in this way can he make an example!"
"Yes, the leader directly sent troops to destroy Huaxia District!"
"Send troops to the leader!"
"The leader sends troops!"
"Well …!" Hearing the angry face, the soldier king suddenly got up and his eyes were full of murder. "Well, then we’ll …!"
However, before the words were finished, suddenly a player came in and reported that "the dark baron, the leader of the alliance in the United Kingdom, has come!"
"… bring him in!" Soldiers sit back in their chairs.
"Brother Bing Wang!" As soon as Baron Diablo entered the discussion hall, he greeted the soldier king far away.
The soldier king nodded slightly and waited for the dark baron to come near to see the seat before asking, "Brother Baron, what is the result of your trip to Atlantis this time?" Did you successfully teach that arrogant party a sacred lesson? !”
"Cough … this …!" The Dark Baron faltered.
"How …!" The soldier king saw that the dark baron’s face was different and asked, "Didn’t you successfully ambush him?" !”
"This … of course!" The Dark Baron said, "I fell into my trap and was successfully surrounded by me as soon as I entered Atlantis on the tight encirclement side of Atlantis!"
"Oh, so you killed the sacred party and brought his head back? !” The soldier king was looking forward to saying, "I’m afraid you should have heard the arrogant attitude of the world channel when he talked to me. It’s really my fault that you killed him this time!"
"Ahem … this … encirclement surrounded Fang Sheng but failed to kill him!" In fact, Baron Diablo really wanted to hide this matter and lied about his military intelligence, saying that he had killed Jiuzhong, but he knew that the soldier was well-informed and it must be a paper bag.
"Um … you let him run away? !”
"Ahem … it’s not that I was surrounded by him and then surrounded by him!"
"What did you say? !”
"Ah … I’ll tell you the truth. This ambush failed. I didn’t ambush Fang Sheng, but he designed me to kill me!"