"It seems that I have to hide from Jesus * Noah next day … this city can’t stay and I have to find another city to stay."

"There are just a few places in the School of Life to do academic exchanges in other cities recently … If I am the Dark King, if I am to arrange this plan, it will ruin the whole city of Noah. It is impossible to blow up Noah’s star because the waves are too wide and too few."
"Which of those academic exchange cities is farther from Noah … Eden!"
Lin’s alarmist idea can be said correctly or incorrectly.
The Dark Lord does have a huge plan to kill most players … but the Dark Lord plan is not big enough to blow up the whole city of Noah.
For this kind of plan control, if Lin is allowed to ensure that the scope of destruction will be expanded as much as possible in case of natural disasters, the dark king has much more experience than Lin, and he is also more experienced in this kind of plan control. The dark king can limit the wave range to a very small range, so there is no need to blow up the whole city of Noah.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven The return of genius!
"I can see these things. Those old guys have lived one by one. Thousands of people all know the dark king … can’t they see it? Why do you still go to the center of the storm one by one? "
Lin Rushi thought.
The players who participated in this special training, except for a few young people, all survived from the 9th century and experienced the first Star Wars. They all knew what the dark king was like, a terrorist figure, Jesus Noah, a special np. How could they not see some clues?
Jesus * Noah hit the biggest problem in his martial arts practice, but he still didn’t understand it. He continued to practice hard.
The Dark King teaches Lin Guang * Noah, and now he and Jesus * Noah are very good friends, and they are also troubled by Jesus * Noah.
Jesus * Noah came to be more special because of his face, and even more special because of the horror of his martial arts talent … Now Jesus * Noah has met a huge threshold, others’ emotional intelligence is not high, and the whole person is immersed in Tai Ji Chuan, and he has no feeling of external changes.
But Lin Guang * Noah has feelings.
He and Jesus Noah are good. Because Jesus Noah behaves well, he will also be photographed by high-level Christians, and his godfather, the dark king, will also be photographed by high-level Christians
Now there is something wrong with Jesus * Noah … Of course not, but as Jesus * Noah has been trapped in that set of Tai Ji Chuan, Lin Guang * Noah can obviously feel that his pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and the things he held in his hand are disappearing a little bit, so is the dark king, but will the dark king care about these things? Of course not. Lin Guang * Noah is an np and a child … He cares about these things very much, after all, people live in a group of people.
But Lin Guang * Noah didn’t know that if he could help Jesus * Noah solve this problem, he could ask the Dark King for help.
Lin Guang * Noah pushed the door with a frustrated look and looked at sitting in the room, staring at the Bible and mumbling, the dark king shouted "Godfather!"
The Dark King clearly knew what he wanted to say from the sound of Lin Guang * Noah, shook his head and said directly, "I’m not in a good mood! Is it because the teachers and classmates in the school have changed their attitudes towards you and Jesus Noah? "
Jesus * Noah showed that Christian high-level officials paid attention to Lin Guang * Noah and Jesus * Noah in school, and they would naturally be treated differently by teachers and classmates.
For example, it’s an honor to read the Bible in school. Since Jesus * Noah behaved well, it has fallen to Lin Guang * Noah, such as being a monitor, president of the student union, and being warmly treated by a large number of female students on behalf of various activities … This is unprecedented for Lin Guang * Noah. He has been in a state of floating for half a year.
But now Jesus * Noah’s performance is not good. Lin Guang * Noah’s position in the school was not revoked so soon, but temporary honorary things like reading the Bible and being a student representative left him one by one.
From enjoying the envy of others in Taiwan to being able to sit on the stage and look up at others … Not to mention being a child, even an adult with mature thoughts can’t be calm.
Lin Guang * Noah nodded and said, "Hmm!"
"What do you want me to help solve his problem?" It is impossible for the dark king to say that he Lin Guang * Noah doesn’t know who it is
Lin Guang * Noah knows very well that he can enjoy the treatment, eyes and photos that he has never enjoyed before because Jesus * Noah wants to solve the difficulties of Jesus * Noah and let Jesus * Noah continue his genius journey. Lin Guang * Noah can naturally continue to enjoy the good life in the past.
"After a while, it’s not time yet."
"Do you know what a true friend is?" The dark king suddenly looked away from the Bible and stared at Lin Guang * Noah and asked this sentence.
In the dark king eyes staring at Lin Guang * Noah eyes trembling nodded his head.
Although he is still a ten-year-old boy, he is not an ordinary boy, but he knows much more than the average ten-year-old boy.
"What should I do?"
"It depends on yourself. Do you think he is your friend or he is your friend!" It was the Dark King who made Lin Guang * Noah a friend of Jesus * Noah. At that time, the Dark King meant to make Lin Guang * Noah a friend of Jesus * Noah. Now the Dark King means to make Lin Guang * Noah a friend of Jesus * Noah.
A true friend is not a pawn!
Lin Guang * Noah’s gene was born extraordinary and very clever, knowing that "being a friend" is a temporary method for a long time and "being a friend" is a generation.
Lin Guang * Noah reflected for a long time before saying, "I know what I should do, but I still want to ask the godfather for your help!" "
"hmm!" The Dark King was satisfied with Lin Guang * Noah’s reaction and said, "To be a friend, first of all, you should have faith in your friend. You should believe that he can solve his own problems! At the same time, it is very contradictory that you should find ways to help him solve his problems while believing in Thaksin! "
Since we have to believe that friends can solve problems, we have to find ways to help each other solve problems … This is a very contradictory point.
"Godfather, can’t you solve his problem?" Lin Guang * Noah has known the godfather of the dark king since he knew this world. It can be said that this world is the dark king who brought him to know him. He has never seen the dark king solve things … Generally, Lin Guang * Noah wants to do something wrong or encounter any difficulties. After he admits his mistakes and reflects, the dark king will help him solve them.
But this time no Lin Guang * Noah will have this question.
The Dark King said with a smile, "It’s not difficult to solve his problem, but it’s not yet time. You should know that training will make people grow. What he needs now is training … of course, it’s also a time to test your friendship with him. In this case, if you can stand by him unswervingly and encourage him to believe, he will treat you the same … and don’t you think there are a lot fewer flies around you two during this period?"
When Jesus * Noah behaved well, there were many people, and naturally they were close, so there were many people, not only children but also many adults.
During this period, when all these people left, only a few people remained the same attitude towards them.
A true friend is one who can persist in making waves and scouring sand.
"I know, godfather!" Lin Guang * Noah means the king of white darkness, but he still asked, "How long will it take?"
The Dark King said, "It won’t be long!"
Although the dark king didn’t give an accurate answer, he said it wouldn’t be long, and it certainly wouldn’t be long. Lin Guang * Noah wouldn’t continue to pester him and do what he should do.
It’s not too long, that is, two months later!
Lin Guang * Noah got up early in the morning to play Tai Chi in the monastery of Shengguang … Jesus * Noah got up early every day to practice dancing.
But it’s always that Jesus Noah was much earlier than Lin Guang Noah, but today it’s the other way around.