It’s a good thing that there are no god-level guys after taking a look. Galo and Kakafu are the two guys with the strongest strength. The only thing left is the epic strength of Diluo, which is still a long way from the holy level!

Galo and others rushed out to see so many dragons, and they were frightened. When they saw me, it seemed that a group of guys were all stunned, but we are not going to talk about friendship with you!
"kill!" As soon as I raised my staff, I opened up the field, and then I summoned three avatars and a death kiss and threw it at Galo, the most powerful guy.
When I ordered Cabbridge and others to enter the state instantly, except Symond and Muhammad, who were riding dragons, they rushed to the inferno in an instant, and a group of important people rushed to the inferno, and the dragon’s breath took the lead to meet the inferno in stupidity.
The two guys, Muhammad and Symond, are rapidly rising. Symond’s hands are constantly shooting at the inferno people like arrows, while Muhammad is rising to the second half to prepare magic!
The inferno people’s reaction is not too slow. When Cambridge and others rushed towards them on a dragon, they all reacted and prepared to start work. Galois estimated that he was going to greet all the hands to fight, but he was greeted by my death kiss and screamed. After that, he did not consider many instantaneous flashes to the side, because the dragon’s breath had already jumped!
Looking at all the people moved, I instantly summoned the ape emperor and half a wing to set the experience as a pet’s exclusive, and then raised my hand to release a few evasive inferno generals with a spear stab and a minefield skill. Suddenly, it was a tragedy to be attacked by a spear stab Lei Long and almost get rid of half-life in an instant, while waiting for them to be attacked by some guys such as Cambridge and the dragon!
In less than ten seconds, six inferno epic guys died in this round of attack! I have to say that several dragon warriors such as Cabbridge and Dragon Knight are really fierce! When the great power of the dragon assists a collision to attack an epic senior guy again, it will be directly killed!
Galo, Kakafu and several epic guys suddenly looked wonderful when they saw such a situation after the flash! A few guys who are less than the holy level are scared and thankful, while Galo and Kakafu are angry and ferocious!
Of course I’m smiling at this, but I said that we are definitely enemies on the battlefield! Galois saw that my expression and face were even more ferocious and roared, but he rushed towards me as soon as he got close to me. Unfortunately, three kisses of death fell on his head before he got close to me. He was hit three times in a row and immediately smashed this guy, leaving less than 30% of his blood.
This guy is smart enough that he is no longer stubborn when he is hit hard. After coming to my trouble again, he quickly rushed to Cambridge and others with several other demons! Shit ~ Want to pick a soft persimmon? Although out of Cambridge, none of them are up to the holy level, it’s not so easy for you to pinch the dragon! Besides, will we watch?
"Robert Seth Hans, you four stay together and the others attack!" I waved the curse of life at Galo, and then I drank it at everyone.
Galo just rushed to fight with Cambridge, and suddenly he collapsed. How can you have a chance to survive by offering 3 values to curse your life?
Cabbridge and other four people soon rode their horses and the dragon rose to the ground, leaving four guys like Robert and the ape emperor, while the inferno also left Kakafu, a holy guy, and four of them were not up to the holy level and directly faced Robert, and they could not take advantage of it. They could constantly move around the four people with flexibility and sneak attack.
It’s much easier for Cabbridge and others to rise and dive to deal with a few guys. It’s terrible for the dragon to hit with a dive belt ~ There are four more Robert riding earthworm to stop even Kakafu, the holy class, from surviving!
Seeing that the overall situation has been decided, I’m too lazy to wave at Kakafu. This guy is a judge of Lei Guang skills. In the past, this guy couldn’t dodge or defend himself, and he was immediately stunned. On the spot, Robert seized the opportunity to ride his own earthworm and rushed to’ poof ~ poof ~ poof ~ poof ~ poof’. Four guys’ weapons rang at the same time and pierced Kakafu’s body. This guy even screamed.
After the four-person attack, Robert and Hans Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly opened their mouths, and each Tyrannosaurus Rex contained Kakafu’s half of his body. This guy was immediately torn to pieces and could not die again!
And the other four inferno epic generals in Cambridge Harris and other attacks will soon return to hell to report for death!
In less than three minutes, these two guys, half a wing and Saddam Hussein, were not idle. Saddam Hussein was outside the commander’s office, picking up seemingly good strength and swooping down to catch the sky. half a wing, however, this guy is not as strong as Saddam Hussein, but he seems to be far better than Saddam Hussein. He directly blocked the door of the commander’s office while releasing dark magic. From time to time, he took a sip of dark poison and held on to the door of the commander’s office, just blocking those inferno troops who rushed over.
Get rid of the strongest guy, half a wing. This little guy has also gained a lot of experience, and he has instantly risen to level 7 at my level, which is faster than that of the little guy, but the little guy has gained the experience of a holy guy, while half a wing has got two.
"Yessist, you guard the gate of the commander’s office!"
"Brent Mike, you two are in charge of the headquarters!"
"Cabbridge Harris Mohammed Symond, the four of you sweep around from the commander’s office and kill all the demons and adventurers from other worlds!"
Saddam half a wing!’
"What’s the matter?" "Master!" Saddam and half a wing quickly replied, Hey, half a wing, this guy can talk now, but it sounds cold enough ~ cold boy!
"You and Robert Hans will go to the East Gate and let us in! Let everyone leave behind the city wall! "
"It’s the Lord!" Robert and Hans respectfully took orders.
"Well, go!"
I’m going to run over to deliver the broken chariot myself, but I think there are two guys, Robert and Hans, and there are no powerful people in the fortress now. Why don’t they just go to the gate? Also save the broken city chariot to take out exposed! Anyway, they are np, and no one will know that they are our people if they don’t tell!
People have led four people, including Cabbridge, to fly out of the Commander’s Mansion on dragons and slaughter them. No matter whether it’s inferno troops or players’ roots, they can’t do too much harm to them. Even shooters and wizards have control skills, and the effect is very poor when they face them ~ Saddam and half a wing fly out of the Commander’s Mansion. Before Robert and Hans can fly directly to the East Gate, poor Robert and Hans can ride a four-level Tyrannosaurus Rex and fight their way out in the street! Fortunately, Tyrannosaurus Rex was domineering and fierce enough, and the strength of the two guys was also strong. The speed of rushing all the way was not greatly affected
At this time, Qingyue and Ruyan also talked in the mercenary group channel. The south gate side fought the inferno and hit the gate. The inferno troops were mixed with a lot of inferno camp players, and many players were constantly emerging in the human camp together with the 10,000 np troops.
"Clear month smoke you there don’t easily join the fray keep formation don’t mess! I’ve asked Saddam to take np to Qiangdong City Gate. I’ll hit the city gate from the inside soon. Wait for the city gate before you enter! Everything else remains the same! "
"white!" Clear month and smoke replied.
"Can play the gate from the inside? Damn it ~ But there are several inferno troops inside. Can they rush to the city gate and hit the city gate? " Forced to ask
"Don’t worry, there should be no problem. Just wait. I estimate that the East Gate will hit the gate in two minutes at most. Then everyone will quickly enter the fortress wall and leave some people guarding the gate. Put the mechanical giant crossbow and the magic crystal gun in the hole of the gate. Don’t let the inferno troops go out again or let others enter the fortress again!"
"If the inferno troops don’t let us go out, can we kill them all?" Xiaoyu doubts sound.
"Don’t worry, let’s take all the walls and then put the np troops and players in the human camp to kill all the demons inside. Absolutely no problem! Drop the gate to prevent other inferno camp guys from running over to make trouble before controlling the fortress. "
"Well, then we’ll wait for the gate!"
Chapter 456 Fortress War
After metasomatism is strong and others put things away, I directly took Lena and the ape emperor into the commander’s office. We have to find the control center of the array and then modify the delivery limit.
The commander-in-chief mansion looks small, but there are quite a lot of big rooms in it ~ it took a long time to find a place. Surprisingly, there are two epic strength guys outside the room where the control center is located, guarding the outside and playing so hard that they didn’t go out!
Lena and I joined forces with the ape emperor to solve the problem. When I entered the room and saw the so-called array sending control center, I secretly wiped the control center from my heart ~ how did I return the’ brain’ in reality?
A display screen is full of coordinates of array sending. The coordinates are on and dark. There is a crystal ball the size of a fist next to it. Putting your hand on the crystal ball surface will automatically input force, and then you can control this’ magic brain’. Close all the coordinates of inferno fortress and then open all the coordinates of the main city of human fortress, the king city and the imperial city. After thinking for a long time, I finally sent our territory, Sloan City, and opened it!
Fix with Lena and the ape emperor in the commander-in-chief mansion around a circle and didn’t find anything good. It’s a pity that after a while, the ape emperor will be put away and returned to the commander-in-chief mansion with Lena again.