"The smell of death is a kind of feeling … the taste is also a kind of feeling." Mu Kuangsheng pondered. "It’s like two people with blood are thousands of miles apart, and suddenly one of them has an accident. If the other is just doing nothing or sleeping, he can suddenly get an ominous feeling."

Lin listened and meditated.
Mu Kuangsheng said to Lin, "Will you take another piece out?"
Lin leng said, "I’ll get it without my horse."
Lin immediately turned around and the floating car flew towards the mountain. It didn’t take long to fly back. This time, Lin got several pieces back, which made him crazy.
Finally, it is determined that the core of these virus cores has a’ death smell’
Research instruments have all tested that the material craving can be smelled out by one’s own nose … but this kind of thing with’ death smell’ should be a kind of substance that can affect nerves. People will send it out when they die, even if it is thousands of miles away, but it can be detected by extremely close people or people with strong blood.
"Mu old gentleman, can you go to a place with me to help me find …" Lin’s idea is to take Mu crazy to Bayrou virus research institute to find the pathogen or to find the special stone brought out from the wormhole.
The virus core is likely to have a mysterious connection with that special stone.
But before Lin Du finished, Mu Kuangsheng turned and walked into a small hole in the cave. After a while, he took out a thin book and threw it directly to Lin, saying, "Take it for yourself and leave me alone!"
Lin bowed his head and looked at the door cover slightly stunned. He came to learn something from the desire for madness. I didn’t expect this time to give him a secret book so directly … Suddenly Lin felt a huge force hitting his abdomen and flew out of the cave and landed on the snow without shouting pain.
The iron gate of the cave slammed.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen The stars move!
Sudden happiness!
Lin also longed for the horrible sense of smell, which should be born naturally. It is absolutely impossible to practice this ability … Throughout the ages, Lin has never heard of anyone whose sense of smell can be practiced more horribly than dogs, and even the smell of death can be smelled out.
But longed for crazy life to throw this to Lin and let him learn by himself doesn’t mean that such a thing can be practiced?
"The stars move!"
Looking at the cover of four Chinese characters in Song typeface, I was fascinated by this surname Lin, and I directly associated it with that face. I couldn’t help but smoke a cigarette at the corner of my mouth … Master Jin Yong actually got in.
The floating car let the floating car automatically fly to Beru Virus Research Institute, and Lin Cai turned over this thin book.
"well! Brain print … "
You can see this at a glance, but after Lin’s eyes have swept the first page, you will know that this actually has nothing to do with Jin Yong’s master … This is actually that Mu Jiamu’s crazy grandfather got this name because he likes reading Jin Yong’s novels very much and their family name is Mu.
The stars move!
Do the same to him!
This may be the reason for this name. This is not a secret of martial arts … but it is actually the same kind of auxiliary tool as How the Palace of Memory was Tempered.
Imagine "How the Palace of Memory was Tempered", which is rare and good in the future, and it is still very much wanted by almost everyone.
And "The Battle of the Stars" is a 31 ST century book, and it may be earlier
This ancient but sufficient and, in the 9th century "How the Palace of Memory was Tempered" in the future … This is five or six thousand years apart.
This shows how precious this is in this era.
It is definitely a product of the times. Money is a measure of knowledge products.
Lin’s memory of the whole word is not many, so there are 500,000 or 600,000 words. For Lin, who has the ability to never forget, it takes only a few minutes to print these words in his brain.
However, Lin read it several times to make sure that he didn’t remember a word wrong before he closed the book and closed his eyes … If you want to learn what’s in it, you still need to practice, just like How the Palace of Memory was tempered.
"the stars move"!
It’s written by grandpa mu kuangsheng, and it says …
Let’s start with the strange things in our daily life. In fact, there are many strange things in our daily life.
It’s like when the old butcher sells meat in the vegetable market, he can cut it accurately by looking at the meat across the board and asking for a few ounces. The deviation is very small. Take a piece of meat in his hand and weigh it, and you will know how much it is.
There may be one thing for the old butcher in this vegetable market, and another thing for the old butcher in another vegetable market. You can know when the meat is pork or beef when you put your finger gently on a piece of meat noodles and where it is cut.
There are also chefs who are common in daily life … They can know what the soup is and how long it has lasted, and even those materials can be drunk if they are fresh or not.
There are also bank employees who can count money faster than the money counter, and they can also find counterfeit money in the process of counting money quickly.
And those musicians … they can hear a piece of music and what instruments are playing in it, and they can tell whether the player is male or female.
There is also the old Chinese medicine practitioner … I don’t need to say anything more. What is amazing to foreigners is actually experienced.
These examples are actually the truth that practice makes perfect.
Every miracle takes years or even decades to reach the magic level.
The study of Grandpa Mu Crazy is … If the process of practice makes perfect is shortened to an hour or a minute a day, it will be better than others’ practice for decades.
Grandpa Mu Kuangsheng is a genius, otherwise it would not be possible to do this.
The research direction is the same group of people … naturally, it will not be killing pigs. Since the 21st century, killing pigs and slaughtering sheep has been industrialized. No one can kill pigs for decades.
The earliest research direction was typists!
The same typist, the same typist who has been typing for several years every day, and the same typist who has been working for hours every day … But some people can type a chapter without looking at the keyboard or the screen very quickly, while others have to look at the keyboard and the screen from time to time.
There are differences between people, big or small.
A little summary and a little analysis and research …
Then the second research direction is basketball players.
All players have played basketball since childhood, and their height, weight and intelligence are almost the same. They all like playing basketball very much, but their dribbling skills and shooting accuracy are also very different.
It is also a summary, inductive analysis and research.
The research materials are almost collected, and then the training is done …
The training materials are almost the same, and then they are summarized and analyzed again
Finally, the research results came out.
He did it!
However, the failure to complete the function is said to be a partial success … Because this "How the Stars Move" is the same as "How the Palace of Memory was tempered", not everyone can get the harvest after reading and practicing.
And because of different times, the research time is not long.
"How the Palace of Memory was Tempered" has been read by a hundred people, and then they will try their best to learn and practice. There will be a dozen or twenty palaces that can build their own memories and have the ability to never forget.
"The Stars Move" is not the case. Even if 10,000 people watch it and spend a lot of money to learn and practice, at most one or two people can practice it.
Er, after all this talk, I didn’t say what the teaching of "Flies and Stars" is … It teaches’ body memory’!
Physical memory!
After practice, the effect is … this time, holding something weighing one kilogram in your hand makes your body remember it once, so you can feel whether the object in your hand is more than one kilogram or less than one kilogram.
This is about the old butcher.
Or this time, you can taste the potatoes and then bring a plate of boiled potato clear soup to taste the potatoes in the soup.