"The sky shines brightly" has not been opened yet.

The skill of Shengguang Tianma is not powerful, but I don’t know how the four skills are awesome.
"Try to fill the ice breath blue dragon skills as soon as possible …" Chu Yun muttered.
Just after breakfast, she was dragged into a room by Fang Xinrong. Chu Yunyuan did something bad to herself. Unexpectedly …
A hundred million. If she is allowed to protect her mother again, she needs another hundred million. If possible, Chu Yun can’t wait to cry.
Fortunately, I have money, not to mention two casters and a coffin gold coin in the secret land. If the Ministry is replaced by Huaxia coins, there are still 200 million.
Two hundred million feet let a family have food and clothing all their lives, but now it’s gone, so Chu Yun added all his resentment to Qin Tianshen. If it weren’t for him, how could he have wasted the money?
Fang Xinrong also simply ChuYun promised to give money and she just eyebrow eye laughed.
In this month, the most gratifying thing is that the master of Chu Yun alchemy has reached the metaphysical level, but it is a pity that there is no metaphysical prescription, and even the beauty alchemist has no sale there.
However, it’s a terror to reach the efficiency of alchemy after the underground Xuan. If you come to refine the black iron Dan medicine, there will be a furnace every three minutes and there are more than a dozen in each furnace … But Chu Yun knows that he can reach the underground Xuan alchemist so quickly. If you go against the fate, if you fail to refine one furnace and three furnaces, wouldn’t it collapse to death and the value of the materials you wave can definitely be summarized in astronomical figures?
That night, as soon as Chu Yun entered the game, he refined the golden elixir. At this stage, except for Chu Yun, there were other sellers who sold the golden elixir, and the violence he obtained was imaginable.
"Wei Wei?" Chu Yun saw that Lin Weiwei was coming towards him. I don’t know what’s the matter.
"An alchemist?" Lin Weiwei looked at Chu Yun with a faint smile.
"Didn’t you see it yourself?"
Lin Weiwei doesn’t have a veil or mask to cover his face. When Chu Yun sees the other person’s faint smile, it’s always a little unnatural.
"I have something to tell you. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing?" Lin Weiwei eyes narrowed way
"What?" Chu Yun asked curiously.
"Is it Sister Yu Yaoyao?" Lin Weiwei said with a smile
"What is it?" Chu Yun supercilious look said.
"You should have heard of the Black Dragon Union, right?" Lin Weiwei blinked and said.
"Well, what’s the matter? Is Mengyao bullied by the Black Dragon Alliance?" Chu Yun’s tone was cold when he said this sentence.
"This is not …" Lin Weiwei shook his head and his mouth was still smiling.
"What the hell is that?" If it weren’t for the difference between men and women, Chu Yun would have slapped her ass
"It’s the Black Dragon Union’s little leader. He is pursuing Yaoyao’s elder sister, but also …" Lin Weiwei smiled more and more. "It’s so romantic that the little leader over there in the square today proposed to Yaoyao’s elder sister in a wedding dress inlaid with precious stones."
"Really?" After listening to Chu Yun, who made his girlfriend so attractive?
Lin Weiwei saw Chu Yun’s faint expression and smile, and he was curious. "Aren’t you angry?"
"Why should I be angry?" Chu Yun said calmly.
"You are Yaoyao’s elder sister’s boyfriend. Shouldn’t someone be angry when he proposes to your girlfriend?" Lin Weiwei stare big original can see Chu Yun angry, who expected him to be so calm.
Chapter 115 Black Dragon too!
"Then I ask you if Meng Yao promised?" Chu Yun’s eyes turned to Lin Weiwei for a while.
"Of course not." Lin Weiwei thinks that even if Sister Yaoyao didn’t promise, her boyfriend should be angry. Can you not be angry when others are after his girlfriend?
"Since there is no me, what should I be angry about?" To tell the truth, Chu Yun is still very angry, not with Mengyao, but with the young leader. If his girlfriend is proposed by the other party, is it still worthy of being Mengyao’s boyfriend if he is not angry?
"…" Lin Weiwei didn’t know what to say.
"By the way, Meng Yao shouldn’t have shown her face in front of other players. Why is it that the few champions look at her?" ChuYun asked.
"Of course, it’s temperament. Even if Yaoyao wears a veil, but she is born with a good figure and a good voice, will anyone regard her as an ugly girl?" Lin Weiwei small nose become warped way
"This is …" Chu Yunfa retorted that even he himself recognized that wearing a veil and dreaming of Yao was more attractive than not wearing it.
"Besides, Sister Yaoyao is the president of the Bauhinia King Group. I think the young leader wants to propose to Sister Yaoyao, but not to mention that the proposal scene is really shocking." Lin Weiwei said with a smile.
Chu Yun nodded and agreed with Lin Weiwei. Mengyao is, after all, a president with thousands of members. Can others not be jealous of this power?
"What’s the expression of the little leader after he was definitely rejected?" Chu Yun asked curiously.
"Just like the original face with a faint smile, but at the bottom of my heart, I must be so angry." Lin Weiwei laughed and was rejected when so many people were watching. If the lover is not angry, maybe.
"…" Chu Yun thought as a pseudo-gentleman like Qin Tian.