Although the blood shadow thief is expensive, J and jīng Yingguai, but wearing leather armor, even if there is a step defense bonus defense, it is not much higher than the blood shadow warrior.
After the attack of blood shadow thief’s wrist pain was interrupted, he jumped and hid from Ye Feng’s combo. He just landed, jumped high and raised his dagger and plunged it into Ye Feng’s head.
"Ye Feng be careful! It was a thief who stunned! " As soon as Tang Weiwei saw the blood, the thief guessed its skills and quickly woke up Ye Feng.
Stunning belongs to the thief’s skill of controlling the signboard, which can make him fall into dizziness for three seconds.
Ye Feng turned down and hid from the stun. He got up and made a heavy chop to the blood shadow thief 2.
Well, I have to say that the warrior dagger still has some advantages. With less dagger skills, the attack distance is much farther than that of thieves. Although the attack power is somewhat discounted, it is nothing compared with the two.
At this time, Xia Yumo and Tang Weiwei attacked the holy light ice gun and fell on the blood shadow thief. The blood volume of the blood shadow thief immediately plummeted by nearly 3 points.
Ye Feng took advantage of the blood shadow thief to freeze for a second and hit it with a violent blow. Then he rushed forward to quench the poison dagger and plunged it into the blood shadow thief’s cheek. The poison dagger lit up with a green mans and flashed along the blade into the meat.
It shows that your attack poisoned the blood shadow thief for 20 seconds, and the defense decreased by 3%.
"Poisoned, attack quickly!"
Ye Feng’s voice did not fall, but he woke up, and the blood shadow thief’s feet jumped after a meal, and suddenly a blur disappeared into the water.
"It’s a thief sneaking!"
"What stealth? It’ s a trick! " Xia Yu foam dissatisfied way
"Not stealth! Stealth is the way to make thieves disappear in combat, but disappearing seems to be a level 3 skill to learn. DOG said that there is nothing wrong with playing tricks, "Tang Weiwei explained."
After playing games for more than three years, she is familiar with all kinds of professional skills. Although Eternity has made some changes compared with myths, it has not changed much about some basic professional skills.
"You two be careful not to be ambushed by blood thieves. Look at your small cloth armor as soft as cotton. If you get a set of skills, you will kneel down." Ye Feng clenched his dagger and looked around his mouth, but seized the opportunity to get some cheap money quickly
"If we kneel, you don’t live. Even a woman can’t protect herself." Tang Weiwei looked at Ye Feng cheerfully.
Ye Feng smell speech feel shoulder heavy responsibility, the somebody else Tang girl said it’s too reliable to protect a woman is a man’s duty and righteousness, so she kept silent, narrowed her eyes and carefully observed the movement around.
"Ye Shaoshao, how did you find the blood shadow thief?" Summer rain foam asked
J: ng, the ghost thief sneaks and hides better than ordinary thieves and strange players, so that Ye Feng can find out how high his perception is?
"feeling! Accurately, it is the sixth sense! " Ye Feng just a thoughtfully wanted to think, not bashful, killer intuition.
"I’m going to talk about it."
"Don’t listen to his nonsense about level 22 J and jīng. I think its stealth level is no more than level 2 blood shadow. The soil on the plain is soft and light, and it will leave shallow footprints. If you look closely, you can still find that thieves have reached the level of stepping on the snow. Except for the priest’s photography and hunter’s flash bomb, it is impossible to detect it by observation alone."
Ye Feng listened to it, otherwise Tang Weiwei said it was very reasonable. Now what he has to do by himself is to observe the traces left by the blood shadow thieves on the brown and red Se ground, but the blood shadow thieves he just discovered rely on intuition, an intuition of a top killer who knows how to assassinate.
As time goes by, the three of them are quietly observing the subtle movements around them.
"Sister Weiwei, it’s freezing and raining in the range of twenty-five yards at two o’clock!" Ye Feng eyes flashed a cold mountain and rushed away.
Just ran out of the more than ten yards ahead, the air suddenly stagnated, and one after another, the ice hockey fell.
Bang, the first hockey puck hits the head of the blood shadow thief, and the blood shadow thief shows his figure. He just stands up and the second hockey puck falls again.
Ye Feng looked at the blood shadow thief who took up 15 points of damage but couldn’t help but frown.
He remembered that it was 5 seconds when the extremely icy rain skill was sung, but Tang Weiwei released the extremely icy rain only for 35 seconds now, and he didn’t hear Tang Weiwei sing at all. At that time, Tang Weiwei turned his back on himself, and it was even more impossible for the Oracle to find the trace of the blood shadow thief. She must have cast the extremely icy rain after waking her up.
Skills are compressed by 3% when singing! This is terrible!
Ye Feng’s mind suddenly flashed that Fei Ge once said a word, "Garuda’s legal profession silently creates people!"
"It seems that I still underestimate my good sister."
Ye Feng inwardly wry smile a step will be left less than half of the blood shadow thieves stopped.
The blood shadow thief is still in a state of freezing and slowing down for 1 second, and the moving speed can’t keep up with Ye Feng’s move. Ye Feng stabbed his head with a knife in the east and a knife in the west, and even the white light and blue light flashed for 1 second, and the tragedy was stunned by Ye Feng. Tang Weiwei followed by an ice gun. The blood shadow thief’s remaining 2 points were hit and screamed to the ground.
Congratulations on killing the 22-level J Ο ng Yingguai Blood Shadow Thief and gaining 453 experience points.
The experience monster is two orders worse than the ordinary BOSS, and the experience value is much less.
"This J: ng English monster is too weak." Ye Feng thought of killing the lizard with J: ng English flame the day before yesterday, and it was a little proud to compare it with Sun’s scene.
Step forward and kick the thin body of the blood shadow thief over a shiny silver armor wristband and a formula.
"Leather armor humanoid explosive armor equipment?" Ye Feng is very happy.
"This is a thief who can’t make sense!" Tang Weiwei is very calm. How to explode is not the unification of the great gods. Don’t the dwarf lords also explode the mage equipment? You can’t deny the human BOSS identity just because he is a dwarf, can you?
"Well, that makes sense!"
Ye Feng said, stepping forward and crouching down, first gathering up the scattered coins and counting them. There are 1 gold and 3 silver coins. It seems that humanoid monsters are all monsters. Don’t be so explosive, but they are rich.
Put the coins in the backpack, pick up the formula and have a look. I suddenly froze.
[Primary Instant Magic Potion Formula] To learn the formula of primary magic potions, you need pharmacists’ professional grades, primary materials, star grass *3 dissolving potions *1.
"We are rich!"
Tang Weiwei’s surprise way is, after all, an old bird of the game. She knows better than Ye Feng and Xia Yumo that the value of this formula is that pharmacies sell low-level instant magic potions and add 1 point of magic value. For occupations with grades over 10, it is a drop in the bucket to want higher-level potions to be purchased from pharmacists who have studied the system of primary instant magic potions, regardless of which level of instant magic potions has the lowest explosion rate among all formulas. It is estimated that it is very good for one hundred pharmacists to have a learning experience, not to mention intermediate and advanced ones.
The low explosion rate of the formula directly leads to the high profits of the potion. In Myth, a bottle of instant magic potion costs only 5 silver coins, and the price of the primary instant magic potion is close to the price of 1 gold coin.
"A recipe is just so happy?" Xia Yu foam puzzled asked.
"Ha ha, I don’t understand. The value of this formula can be compared with an extremely dark gold equipment at this stage."
"Is it so exaggerated?"
"Let me tell you this: a hundred primary life instant potion recipes are not worth this instant magic potion recipe!"
Ye Feng heard his eyes flashing and stuffed the formula into his backpack.
"This is a lot of money. It seems that my luck is really a little fate. I am getting closer and closer to you." Ye Feng’s face could not help but smile and picked up the silver Se armguard.
【 Blood shadow eats blood hand guard 】 Armor silver suit belongs to xing? ? ? (Not identified)
Chapter sixty-five Natural stay cute sister
"It’s a silver suit!"
"Are we lucky a little too much?"
"people! Do you understand people? " Ye Feng was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to get the equipment identified by the secret of Lu Hailan now.
In Eternity, the explosion rate of suit equipment is much lower than that of spare parts. Just a few days after the game, let alone a silver suit now, even a bronze suit may not be owned by many people.
Because the suit equipment will be less than the general spare parts equipment, a suit belongs to Xing, and a set of extremely bronze suits belongs to Xing, which is not much lower than that of a silver spare parts superposition, and the value of a blood-sucking suit or a silver-grade suit is great. Now, few players who can have a silver suit can hit the silver equipment in such a short time, either they are masters or they are lucky.
"people? Are you sure you have this thing? " Tang Weiwei Gherardini looked at Ye Feng.
Ye Feng doesn’t talk, and now she’s too excited to argue with her.