Lin watched while chasing.

Just five minutes later, five players in the dark world suddenly stopped and turned to face ten players who came after them. There was a strange smile on their faces … It was only with a ghost eye that they could see other people’s roots, but they couldn’t see them. Otherwise, they said that there must be a conspiracy and it was about to succeed
Five players in the dark world stopped and ten players came after them, but they didn’t stop, so they just rushed to kill them.
Then Lin saw a very strange picture, which made him a little suspicious whether Time was a fantasy game or a real science and technology game.
The size of the two fingers suddenly cracked like a broken mirror, and the crack quickly extended into a long strip shape. Two black palms were inserted out of the broken, and the two palms appeared just tens of meters apart in front of the two players.
The black palm hits the eyebrows of the two players’ armor very quickly and accurately, and the two light sounds appear almost at the same time.
The two players who were hit by the black palm stood still as if they had been immobilized and kept in contact with the black palm.
"Ghost hand!"
"The Dark King!"
"How is this possible? How can the Dark King get this level of equipment in the game?"
The other players were very surprised to see these two black palms. Instead of continuing to rush to the five dark world players, they stopped to look around.
Ghost hand!
It’s similar to Ghost Eye. Ghost Eye is to receive information, but Ghost Hand is to attack … Lin didn’t find the equipment manufacturing technology of Ghost Hand in the secret research institute. He knew Ghost Eye.
Ghost hand is not actually in the game "Time", but in the equipment or the game "Time", the root is not in the manufacturing technology of "Ghost hand". The manufacturing technology of Ghost hand is brought into "Time" by someone from reality.
The fate of the player shouted that there were only one player left and immediately dispersed in different directions.
It’s a pity that the black ghost hand swished back the broken one and then appeared in front of the other two players.
The ghost manually handled two players again very quickly and then stopped and went back.
The player’s fate found this situation and immediately retreated without thinking about it.
The ghost hand did not appear quickly, but waited for a long time to appear in front of one of the players, solved another player, and then stopped and disappeared.
So elusive!
It’s definitely shadowy … but it seems that this penetrating attack can be put to good use at a certain distance.
A black figure appeared from behind five players in the dark world and approached quickly. In the process of approaching, the black figure disappeared with two black palms inserted quickly and then quickly stopped and came back.
This time, Lin didn’t go to see the attacked player, but it is certain that two more players must have been solved.
When the black figure rushed to the five players in the dark world, he raised his right hand and inserted it to solve the problem that he could solve the last player … There are two other black figures that can’t be chased.
Escape from the player is fate and elegance!
The two of them judged that the location of the dark king was just the same as the direction in which the dark king appeared, and got rid of the fate of being attacked by the ghost hand
"Pack up and go!"
The black figure is a player wearing dark armor. This player is the former fate of the dark king and the dark king equipment in their mouth … Speaking of it, there is still no Lin Hao, just having a pair of elusive’ ghost hands’ to attack.
The name of the Dark Heavenly King made one or five players in the dark world disperse quickly, and the players will be gathered together by the Dark Heavenly King. Of course, the metal materials that made the six generations of anti-gravity devices will be taken away from them, and they will not be spared. The gap between the players in the dark world and their financial resources of these normal human society stars is also calculated by the method.
If the strength is really calculated by money, then in normal human society, there are only a few ten thousand forces that can easily crush the sum of all the forces in the dark world.
The dark world is just a little star!
In normal human society, there are dozens of stars in the resource planet … The value of the resource planet is limited, and its value is calculated by the current human social law.
Ghost eyes sweep in the face of the dark king!
That is, at this moment, Lin’s whole person was dull and shocked, and his brain completely stopped. "How is that possible!"
"How is that possible!"
"How is that possible!"
Lin felt that he was going crazy … because he saw a face he was more familiar with from the dark king.
That face belonged to him!
Although Lin’s nerves are much stronger now than before, he was stunned for a whole minute when he saw the face of Lin, which belongs to the 21st century, from the face of the Dark King.
This minute, Lin has been repeating the sentence’ How is this possible’ for a hundred times before stopping.
"Even if it is impossible to really appear … it seems that it is definitely not an accident that I crossed things!" Lin guessed at random, "Is it possible that my body and soul actually crossed into the future, and for some unknown reason, my body crossed to an earlier time, while my soul was delayed in crossing …?"
Lin can’t even say this guess himself.
"Or is this dark king actually a descendant of my descendants who have atavism?"
Lin is not an idiot in genetics now, and he still knows a lot about atavism. Some people really look exactly like their ancestors because of their genes.
"But it shouldn’t be exactly the same to this extent. It’s like I’m looking in the mirror!"
Because I know Lin very well that the phenomenon of atavism is genetic, even if it is exactly the same, there will be some differences due to different living environments and different life experiences.
"Too much!"
"It’s too fake!"
"Be sure to get the historical records of 2 forests and 4 years to find out what I will cross into the future truth!"
"But the most important thing now is to live and continue to dominate in Time before I can achieve my goal!"
Lin threw this incredible situation behind him and looked up at the fate and elegance who ran towards his position and escaped from the dark king and ghost.