Suddenly, the bucket robot suddenly flashed two silver lights with his eyes open. His cleaning robot’s eyes were all blue or red, and silver eyes appeared, which was somewhat unreasonable.

"Hey, hey, test, normal vision, some fuzzy sounds are passable, and the second office of target positioning" Barrel robot wobbled to the outside of the warehouse.
The earth’s confidential department attaches great importance to security measures, even cleaning robots simply set up, outsiders have no chance to conduct remote control, and network defense is becoming more and more powerful. Without a series of certifications, it will not work.
The ability of momo blessing of mechanical humanities can control most robots, even if they are far away, and it is easy for the charm to help those who want to transform the cleaning robot.
See the bucket robot go straight ahead, although this is not the cleaning time, but those authentication beams will be released as soon as they are scanned.
The lonely cleaning robot wandered in the corridor, and a beautiful office passed by. After a while, the second office appeared in front of his eyes, and the name of Charlie Kony was hidden in the front door.
The "buzzing" cleaning robot released two silver beams from its eyes, and the authentication procedure of the office door was suddenly chaotic. With this opportunity, the cleaning robot got into the second office.
There are three young people sitting outside the office. Little Charlie and his hand dare not leave at this time. Although old Charlie is angry when he sees them, he will face media reports if the matter is not solved.
Just now, the Kony family has sent someone to inquire about Charlie’s grandsons’ prestige. Of course, the weakened family will not sacrifice an earth’s second leader for such a trivial matter, but it is necessary to warn them.
Little Charlie didn’t feel anything wrong when he saw the cleaning robot come in, and he didn’t notice that his eyes had turned silver. He smoked a lot with two hands and touched the health monitoring device.
Old Charlie Dai Fugu’s glasses are looking up information. He doesn’t want his family to come forward unless he has to. He is thinking about whether to find a channel to meet Momo Lin.
"Didi" Little Charlie’s belt suddenly rang, and then a light screen popped out. Someone reported, "Young Master, it’s not good. There’s something wrong with the Bulgarian public company villa. We’ve been monitored by the other side. We’ll get out of here and they’ll find the safe soon."
"What? Safe deposit box God! " Little Charlie was shocked. Obviously, there was something important in the safe.
The cleaning robot leaned in at an inopportune time, tidying up the desktop outside the office and listening to little Charlie’s conversation
"Grant, no matter what you do, you must get close to the safe. The password is 975 plus the correct spelling of my name. Pressing the safe at 13 centimeters will eject the emergency screen. I am afraid that the other party will monitor the call record quickly! It doesn’t matter if you set up the emergency destruction system, you must take out the documents and destroy them in those registered blue gold cards and registered contracts. "Little Charlie ordered with a grim face. He really didn’t expect things to be so bad.
Will the Star Cruises be allowed to sail into the villa in the city, and the location of the top of the mountain is a little special? Besides, the General Administration of Earth Defense is caught in a media siege. Where is the time to take care of the Tianzhu fleet?
Volume 13 Treasure! Xiao cold Chapter 772 Overturning
Politics is like a game of chess. It’s very important for a master to have low luck. Little Charlie didn’t expect that he had just said the password here. Momo Lin had already informed Roderick that it was so smooth that the incarnate son giggled.
Just now, little Charlie instructed his hand to handle the documents in the safe. Grant just walked to the wall and was knocked down by a stream. However, the communication between the two sides did not end, and the scene in the villa was still presented to little Charlie.
Roderick smiled and walked to the wall and touched the safe. He entered the correct password in front of little Charlie, which killed little Charlie and alarmed the old Charlie in the office.
"What’s the matter?" Old Charlie asked majestically, if you don’t know that there is something wrong with Sun at this time, you can unload the earth.
"Grandpa, the other party found important documents, which is part of the evidence that my people have something to control the baiwenhang in the police station." Little Charlie said mercilessly that he never thought that the other party would listen to his conversation so quickly. It is reasonable to say that it is really beyond common sense to crack the communication sequence and sometimes his room needs special treatment.
"That’s it? Don’t deceive me. "Old Charlie knows this grandson too well. If it is only part of the evidence, he will be so scared."
"There is also the Kony family embezzlement certificate. I want to help my grandfather kick out those old antiques. I don’t often go to other people’s roots in this villa. I can’t guess where I put the evidence." Little Charlie drops into the sofa. He is now sweating all over and doesn’t know how he will face the Kony family.
"Confused! You are digging the foundation of your own home! Grandpa is old and helps you this time, so give up the second position and go to the moon to support the elderly! There is still hope for my grandson to start at the grassroots level, so don’t aim too high. "Old Charlie’s forehead wrinkles seem to have doubled, and many storms have come through, but today he capsized in the gutter.
Grandpa and grandson didn’t notice the cleaning robot. They turned the kettle head slightly around them and watched carefully, especially those silver eyes flashing as if they were thinking about something.
"Gee, I said, don’t be so pessimistic. Lin momo, the leader of the fleet, is very happy to meet the second leader of the earth and young master Charlie." The cleaning robot suddenly introduced itself politely, which was a big surprise.
"Are you Lin Sisuo?" Old Charlie, even if he is calm, knows what the cleaning robot stands for when Momo suddenly occupies the confidential department in the Far Mediterranean, which means people can steal official secrets at will.
"I’m sorry for this gesture. I didn’t mean any harm when I came. Minister Charlie might as well look at the Internet. We have finished this matter. It is a misunderstanding. The Defense Administration still needs the cabinet to appease. I believe that Minister Ying can feel sincerity." Lin Sisuo unexpectedly gave in.
"Hum good master general Duan Lin has been by my side just now, right? No wonder your hand moves so quickly. Are you afraid that our father and grandson will not listen to you if you want to hold the documents in the safe? " Little Charlie, after all, was not tactful enough to immediately reveal Lin momo’s intention.
Those files are the best handle, and the surface is not good for Lin momo. The earth official always has to worry about the face. Is it really necessary to make the larger foe? Obviously, this can’t solve the problem.
"Little Charlie, shut up. It’s very high for General Xinglin to come to our door. We both want to go together. Let’s end those so-called disputes quickly!" Old Charlie’s quick restoration to his old politician’s appearance shows a sense of harmony.
"Ha ha Kony family talent, I admire Lin momo very much! The second cabinet can publicize that recently, I was worried that the Earth Defense Institute borrowed a fleet from the military to do assault confrontation exercises, but the results of the exercises were not optimistic and there were loopholes in the law. It was necessary for the department to make a self-review. "Lin momo’s tone was very sincere and seemed to be sincere. The other party thought about the specific rhetoric and he would certainly cooperate.
Old Charlie immediately realized that it was probably time to talk about the benefits of this general Lin, who was looking for a door, not simply selling a face to let him, the second leader of the earth, survive the immediate crisis.
"Very good. General Lin is a frank person. This gift is just right. It can help us to break away from adversity, and it can even account for a lot of benefits." Old Charlie looks very serious. You know, many people have jumped out now. If Lin Sisuo can help, they can beat those guys who have surfaced.
Little Charlie is not a fool. He has a keen sense of political smell. You can tell from his grandfather’s expression that this is a good opportunity to clean up the unstable factors around him.
After all, the Kony family hasn’t come to the public yet, and those guys who tried to "seriously hurt" Charlie just put their finger on it, and public opinion is still very manipulative. The most important thing is that they haven’t taken the initiative to contact Lin momo today.
Thanks to Lin momo’s mysterious way of visiting, how many people are staring at the office of the undersecretary now? Once the undersecretary calls Tianzhu, the fleet must go through the official network or Bulgarian public company.
The earth’s science and technology are extremely developed. If old Charlie really asks Linxi to be soft, even if they keep silent afterwards, it will be easy for people to crack the call, so the whole thing will be passive.
Imagine that among all the earth officials, you, old Charlie, are looking for the Tianzhu fleet. Isn’t that the same as telling everyone that the second cabinet embezzled five islands? Can you keep the second position if you publish the call again?
It is precisely because of the checks and balances in many ways that little Charlie has made fatal mistakes that old Charlie feels that the present situation is extremely pessimistic. Before he speaks, Momo Lin is full of tragic words about providing for the aged.