"So what? Now they are all my department, and I am their instructor. "Ah Kai is obviously very unwilling. It is true that these kids just arrived at his team one day, and their reality is nothing to do with Ah Kai. If he insists that he has something to say, he will hand it over to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was originally sealed in chakra, but Xiao Li took advantage of the fact that the last acupuncture point was not sealed and instantly opened the door. The dun armour directly opened the Hugh door and Doumen opened the door. These three seals were instantly broken, and then they fought against Ning Ji in a big way. Because of the epiphany experience, Xiao Li was tied for a while, and it was restricted by Kai in the distance. Every day, at this moment, all kinds of weapons and detonating devices broke out, and they were thrown at Ning Ji for free. It was one after another, and the onlookers applauded.
Every day, there is an outbreak of Xiao Li’s Sanmen Ningji, and now it’s a little overwhelmed. Ningji decides that he will no longer hide himself, and directly spins in place. A blue hood suddenly appears, and Akai and Kakashi see a little bit of surprise in each other’s eyes!
"Secret skills, returning to heaven!"
In an instant, the legs and feet of Xiao Li, who was about to attack Ningci weapons, were instantly bounced out. Xiao Li was bounced quite far away. Those detonating symbols directly returned to the road and exploded. The airflow took Xiao Li to fly farther away and fell to the ground. Xiao Li just wanted to open the fourth door, but Ah Kai appeared in front of him and held him down.
"Well, let’s stop this test. I recognize your strength. Now you are my team members. My name is Kai. Please give me more advice!" Ah Kai gave the thumbs-up to three people and showed his trademark smile.
Although we have known each other for a long time, this is a joining ceremony, and no one can regard it.
"My name is Xiao Li, please give me some advice!"
"Please give me some advice when you are separated from each other!"
"My name is Tian Tian, please give me more advice!"
"Ha ha, let’s go, teacher. I’m in a better mood. Please go and eat barbecue!"
"But I want to eat Shu Mao’s food!" Tiantianmei is more difficult to serve!
Akai just wanted to ask Kakashi to go with him, but when he turned around, he found that Kakashi didn’t know when he had left and took his three disciples to dinner! to be continued
Chapter 22 windfall
When Kakasiban and Akaiban both tested, Shumao had already carried out the test in the forest of death with a small burial.
"Brother Shumao, I’m hungry. Shall we get something to eat first?" Meimei shouted directly that she was burying something.
Shu Mao looked up and looked at the sky. The sun base was right in the middle. It was long past dinner time.
"Well, I’ll bury this, and you can start to find a place to clean up now. I’ll find you when I’m done, and you just don’t go too far."
"good!" Xiao Bury took Meimei to find a place to prepare lunch today.
Shu Mao didn’t bury more than a dozen estimates for a while, but when he felt that it was almost enough, he began to go to the small burial place.
"Is there anything unusual about burying the sauce?"
"Let’s eat first without a brother!"
"Brother Shumao, why do you think we should bury these things?" Meimei is obviously puzzled by her work.
"Of course is the guardian.
Because this is the latest in the dark, but because its function is not perfect, it’s really amazing to take a look at those people in the dark first. This is a simplified chakra fluctuation detector, which can be detected by some chakra fluctuations, and it seems that this thing is to be turned on at one time, and it will be lost after detecting chakra fluctuations, and then it will explode itself, and it can also kill the enemy to a certain extent. "
"Ah, is it a bomb that we have been holding?" Xiao Bury got a fright.
"You can also say that!"
"So what we are doing now is burying mines?"
"Well, how do you react so fast? I didn’t expect this! " It’s true that Xiao Bury’s reaction is really not as fast as usual!
"How do you two say something puzzling again? I don’t understand again! " Meimei has a problem.
"Well, that is to say, we now bury a device similar to the detonator in the ground, and then this device can detect the fluctuation of chakra. If someone wants to make Ninjutsu near it, it will be discovered, and then the detonator will ignite spontaneously and directly detonate and blow up the enemy! Do you understand that? " Shu Mao said and touched Meimei’s head.
"I see, but can you stop touching my head?"
"What? I don’t think you enjoy it? " This is buried sauce talk.
"No, I’ve grown up!" Meimei blushed.
"Well, since my little sister doesn’t want to be touched, I won’t touch my brother!" Shu Mao is still very democratic, but in exchange, it is
The three of them paused for a while after eating a good meal and continued their journey. It wasn’t long before Shu Mao walked away and a person came out of Shu Mao’s original place.
"It seems that konoha has already started in a planned way? Oh, no, it may not be so easy if you come to Konoha next time. There is even a chakra fluctuation detector! I didn’t expect that there would be unexpected gains in coming to Konoha this time! " After talking to himself, I never sank alone. Not far away, the tree stood with three people, and the tree was luxuriant!
"Brother, why don’t you find out that man?" Meimei is puzzled by this situation. If you don’t look at it, you will know that it must be the enemy. What’s more, Konoha still has three of them who can recognize people?
"It’s okay. We don’t care. We just have to finish ourselves now!"
"Don’t worry, the teacher, they will handle it well. Don’t forget the teacher’s hokage, but before that, it’s three forbearance! Besides, there are three generations of adults, and we can’t say anything about it, but there are two of us! " A small burial means no loss, but people who know Shu Mao best. If Shu Mao were alone, it would have been a war by now!
Shu Mao Shi has told Gang Shou the news. You know, Fox is a natural nemesis. How can he be so close to Shu Mao that he can’t tell the difference? Shu Mao has already secretly asked Fox to track down the unique breath, and also asked Fox to assign a member to inform Gang Shou. Now this time, he is going to get something real!
Fox’s speed is very fast. On the one hand, the speed of wild animals is several times that of human beings. Plus the abnormal strength of Fox, people in Muye Street saw a red light like a comet drifting across the familiar fox. Ninjas put their bowls, chopsticks and glasses in their hands and pursued Fox’s figure. Obviously, something big is going to happen.
"Kyubi no Youko, what is it?"
"This is a tree mau let me to you! If you want to track him, follow me. I have a doppelganger following him. "
Gang Shou opened Shumao and asked Fox to bring a surveillance camera.
"Brother really can blow incredibly say chakra fluctuation detector this spy ninja has been dizzy is just a camera, and he boasted a self-destruct device? However, I didn’t expect someone to invade Konoha at the right time. It seems that there are many ideas! "
"Kyubi no Youko, how did you detect this guy? There is almost no fluctuation, right? "
"Those things in orochimaru’s body and those things in that man’s body are the same thing!"
"What? So that fake Fuqiu is also this thing? "
"What happened to Lord Huo Ying?" Kakashi came in from the main entrance at this time, and Akai Asma Xuan came in with a high wind. These people were going to have a little wine with the cat, but they didn’t expect to see the little fox.
As soon as they finished asking this question, Lu Jiu came in with Ding Zuo Haiyi.
"It seems that something really happened. I didn’t believe it when Lujiu told me. I didn’t expect Kakashi to be with you!"
"You came just to see the information brought back by this monitor. Existing people still regard Konoha as their back garden. It seems that the outside world really doesn’t take us as one thing? If Konoha had been so profitable a few years ago, but Konoha is really afraid of them now? " Gang Shou is still so domineering.
"Kakashi, go and bring Shu Mao and them back. It may become a battlefield over there!"
"Okay, I’m going!" Kakashi knows that Shu Mao has never been on the battlefield after all, and all kinds of symptoms will appear on the battlefield for the first time. This symptom is called battlefield phobia, but I don’t know if Shu Mao has this symptom. Besides, Shu Mao has two secret weapons of Konoha around him, and those two people are also highly protected.
"Fox, you take me to meet the spy! Others mediate in the middle. If necessary, evacuate the crowd and let them enter the shelter. Konoha is in a state of high alert. Lu Jiu, please give orders for me for the time being. When the old man comes, let the old man coordinate with the workers. Kai will come with me. If we haven’t come back in half an hour, the support team will prepare! "
He was in a very bad state and consciously told him that he shouldn’t move on, because there was always a breath that locked him in, but he couldn’t find the source of the breath, which made him feel very annoyed. He directly turned around and decided to find the soil. Without the help of the soil, it would never be so easy to break the konoha barrier without being discovered.
Konoha enchantment has been changed, and the former way doesn’t work. It’s only because of the extreme concealment that it is so convenient to bring soil with him that he can find out a lot of information about Konoha. In recent years, he has rarely received information about Konoha, so he decided to see for himself what is going on.
I can’t believe that Konoha has gone through a very big baptism since the mass collection was destroyed. Those traitors’ spies have almost been cleaned up. Without these people, it is very difficult to find out the news of Konoha before adding Konoha. It is expected that it will be difficult to find out the news, but I didn’t expect to expose myself directly!
Never run towards the dirt. Where is the dirt now? There is a secret room in front of the ancestral temple where Uchihiro ruins appeared with soil, which is the stone tablet where sharingan’s secret was recorded.
"He turned to Uchibo’s old house!"
"He went to Uchibo ancestral hall!"
"He went to the ancestral temple!"
Gang Shou directly smashed the gate of Uchihiro ancestral temple with Ah Kai, and the whole ground was shaken.
"Don’t you two come out yet?"
"I didn’t expect Lord Huo Ying to show up!" Bring soil to also want to ask absolutely what happened, but he didn’t expect absolutely attracted naruto uchiha such a remote place, if now naruto died here, then it must be a very great news!
"You two are invading konoha rats? Still wearing a red robe with a black background. It seems that you are the Xiao organization outside, right? Tell me, what are you doing in Konoha? "
"Gang Shou! It’s been a long time. I didn’t expect you to grow so big! " The original sound changed as soon as it was earthy! This is the smell of spots in his body.