Therefore, the tactics of guerrilla hooliganism were once brought into full play by Jiang Tai.

The outside world was at a loss while Sun Wu looked at the cavalry with a bright eye.
The superiority of the light cavalry has been completely demonstrated. Is there such a magical effect in the war?
"Guerrilla warfare? What a guerrilla war! " Sun Wu nodded
But for the war situation, Sun Wu is not very optimistic about Jiang Tai. After all, the war has just started, but the master of art should soon know the mystery of cavalry, and there must be a way to restrain cavalry.
"Unless you have other means, 3,000 cavalry can’t make it!" Sun Wu looked at the battlefield with dignity.
Chapter VI Inverted Pearl Curtain
And wiped out 5 thousand infantry
The cavalry regiment’s constant harassment left 25,000 infantry restless and haggard.
If we go on like this, our army will be dragged down sooner or later. Not long ago, we were divided and hit by 5 thousand infantry. At this moment, we dare not divide and kill together.
But how can infantry be faster than cavalry?
Jia Jiangtai’s cavalry separated two parts and harassed the infantry for a while.
Soon twenty-five thousand infantry were cut off again.
The cavalry came and went like wind, and soon there were 10 thousand infantry left.
I haven’t been able to eat well or sleep well for many days. At this moment, I completely lost my strength. When three thousand soldiers rushed again, ten thousand people actually surrendered.
"surrender does not kill, surrender does not kill!" The cavalry drank up.
Ten thousand infantry were exhausted and finally surrendered on their knees.
Soon tied up.
The outside world Sun Wu stared at the battlefield.
"What a tired soldier! What a hussar! " Sun Wu eyelid a pick a way
In this era, cavalry has never been taken seriously, but now it is brought into full play by Jiang Tai.
Sun Wu looked at Jiang Tai and became more curious.
Jiang Tai rode Dalu and watched these ten thousand infantry tied up.
"hey!" Jiang tai eyes a stare way
"Ah, guard, you said you wouldn’t kill us!"
"Marshal, you can’t keep your word!"
Ten thousand prisoners cried out in horror that they had surrendered and finally could not suffer any more, but how could the other coach be trusted?
When the cavalry was tied up, the prisoner’s head fell to the ground with no resistance.
"Keep you? I don’t have the energy! " Jiang tai cold way
Everyone outside showed a blank look.
"He killed the surrenders?" They were dismayed way
"Good kill!" Little witch is more excited than.
"All is fair in war! If he goes to the battlefield, he is definitely a murderer! " Sun Wu sighed.
In a short time, 35 thousand people were killed by cavalry
The cavalry also lost hundreds of people and horses, but captured more.
In a short time, the number of Jiang Tai cavalry actually increased to 3.5 thousand.
"The whole army is ready to take a decisive battle!" Jiang taichen way
"Yes!" Three thousand five hundred cavalry should drink a way
The news also quickly to the enemy.