Naha Lin couldn’t bear it for a long time. Looking at Zhen Ying’s face close to Xing Xuan, he was fascinated. He felt like a knife. He heard Xing Xuan release such a big roar. Suddenly, the stars around the crowd were shining, and several silver-gray stars were wrapped around Xing Xuan.

This bully Lin even ignored the presence of all the people around him and was not afraid of accidentally hitting the star Xuan first.
"You don’t deserve to fight the patriarch!" A roar is in the mouth of the Qiongzhi, and the shape of the Qiongzhi appears in front of Nahalin in a flash. The sword of the Green Ghost flies out and turns to those silver-gray stars. When it is stirred, I hear the "rumbling" exploding, and the stars are constantly smashed and scattered.
People present can’t help but teleport hundreds of kilometers away from the center of the war and get injured by accident.
"It’s you again, bitch!" Ba Lin was furious when he saw Qiongzhi’s hand. Yesterday, at the gate of Shanjian City, he was fighting with Qiongzhi and Heiyue. He knew that Qiongzhi was terrible and didn’t dare to careless with his hands toward the virtual. He grabbed a purple gun from the myriad reiki and smashed it in the past.
Qiongzhihao was afraid of black and white gas in his hand, and soon he set up a huge black shield in front of him and greeted him with a purple gun flying towards Naha Linling.
"Bang" a loud purple gun broke into several pieces and reiki scattered again into heaven and earth reiki scattered, while the black shield was mixed with this thick flower thunder and fire and smashed into the bully forest.
An auspicious cloud flew up from the crape myrtle robe of the forest body. Thousands of spirits in the auspicious cloud flew out of their claws and held Qiongzhi’s black shield against the forest land so that it could not fall.
"It’s another vestment beast that gets in the way of the Chinese Emperor, except that the vestments are so powerful!" See the black moon behind Xing Xuan that Qiongzhi can’t attack Ba Lin’s heart. Angry, he reached out and took out the recruit demon complications. The colorful light was full of words, and it was the recruit demon method.
Colorful wind roars and blinks, forming a huge color channel. Seeing the channel, the Ziwei vestment spirit beast immediately abandoned the black shield against Qiongzhi and rushed to attract demons.
In the blink of an eye, the beast in Nahalin’s robes escaped from the bondage of the beast, and he lost control of the beast.
Ba Lin couldn’t help being frightened. At this time, Qiongzhi’s huge black shield was firmly smashed in Ba Lin’s body, and that Ba Lin was immediately smashed out and rolled away. The crape myrtle vestment was broken, even if the black moon released those spirit beasts, they would not return to the vestment.
"Damn it!" At the sight of his brother’s defeat in an instant, Chongyang Daxian was so angry that he came to Qiongzhi with a flash of his hand and grabbed it at Qiongzhi Boling.
Qiongzhi couldn’t help but be frightened. This guy is too fast. He just realized that he joined the fray and he came to his side. Moreover, it is a hand-to-hand combat style, which is not his own specialty.
It was also Qiongzhi who shouted, "What is it that Daxian actually bullied women?"
In a word, the Chongyang one leng hands YiHuan the Qiongzhi has teleported to escape, and at this time, I feel that my outstretched huge hand hurts as if it had been caught by someone, and then I can’t help flying "bang" and being smashed to the ground.
It was Xing Xuanfei who caught the giant hand of Chongyang Daxian and threw him out for fun and hand-to-hand combat. Before he became immortal, he relied on this family to tie up and beat him, which was the most afraid.
"What is a big fairy bullying a woman?"
The words spit out from Xing Xuan’s mouth made Chongyang Daxian almost vomit blood and get angry. The Chongyang Daxian immediately lost his mind and shouted, "What’s the big deal about women? I’ll be a woman!"
This remark can stir up a hornet’s nest, but most of them are women, such as Empress Qiong Xiao, Nine Days Xuan Nv, Zhenying, Black Moon, Meow Meow, Qingqing, Xiaobai, and especially the Empress Qiong Xiao, who is the most furious and disrespectful when listening to his words, shouted, "Let you know that women are amazing today!"
Said that Qiong Xiao actually sacrificed Jin Jiao and cut two dragons to fly out to the middle of Yang Daxian and stirred it up.
If this is stirred up, it will be completely ruined if the Chongyang Daxian has been repaired for more than 100 thousand years. As soon as the physical damage repair is reduced, it must be repaired again to return to Yuan before it can be re-repaired into fairy fruit.
Thinking about not being stirred by the golden dumpling scissors, that’s just the idea in my heart. Qiong Xiao’s skill is much higher than his. The golden dumpling scissors are also famous fairy wares. Where can he hide from seeing the two dragon faucets cut off from two directions towards his waist?
Chongyang Daxian shouted that he would close his eyes and die.
At this time, I felt that the star crown on my head was suddenly provoked by something, and then I suddenly flew up, and then I opened my eyes and saw that the golden dumpling scissors had fallen and flew back to the hands of Empress Qiong Xiao.
And then look at yourself, and you are hung in the middle like a sausage with a red blood cane.
To save him turned out to be the mysterious young man Long Xingxuan who just threw him out.
Xing Xuan put a recruit Kuafu staff back in his hand and turned back to pay tribute to Empress Qiong Xiao. "Empress, please rest for a while. Wait until you try the Empress with Chongyang Daxian, and then settle your scores with him!"
Then Chongyang Daxian looks at Xing Xuan and then at the angry Qiong Xiao, who dares to disappear again than metamorphoses, and has returned to Ziwei Mansion.
That fengyuan, tong tianyi saw where the eldest brother had gone, and they dared to stay again. They also flew away in a hurry.
With Naha Lin’s heart unwilling to gawk at Zhenying, she just doesn’t move.
"Congratulations to you, Gou Chen Di, for getting back the demon banner!" Xuan Nv spoke lightly for nine days at this time.
That Gou Chen paid no attention to the irony in her speech, and smiled at Black Moon and said, "Nice little girl! She has put on a good show in a short time!"
Black Moon smiled and nodded to the morning breeze and said, "This is thanks to the advice of the Emperor!"
The morning breeze smiled and turned to Xuan Nv for nine days and said, "Xuan Nv, if you really like Zhenying, you should wish her happiness before you can see how brilliant Xiaozhenying is smiling around Long Xingxuan. Do you want to break them up abruptly and learn from you as an old maid?"
Xuan Nv sighed for nine days and said, "Forget it. Anyway, I’m carrying coals to Newcastle and I’m hated and left alone!"