This statement is full of gunpowder in the vent, and a little spark can explode Kennan here and stare at Shao Jianhui, a reckless guy.

Just as he was about to speak, his assistant rushed in in a hurry. This young man was so flustered that he didn’t care about the rudeness of representatives from all over the world. Kennan was being pushed to the outside. Kennan was impatient and said, "Say something quickly!"
The assistant is going to be incoherent. "It’s a big deal not to be here!"
Shao Jianhui smiled instead of smiling. "Did you lose the battle and dare not let people know?"
Kennan glared at his assistant even more angrily. "Say it!"
Assistant Nai Ya bass said, "The main force of NATO fleet was attacked by a submarine carrier. The Kennedy carrier battle group has been defeated and surrendered. Saladin Port was destroyed by cruise missiles. The Chinese Marine Corps has landed in Saladin Port and the back road of our first marine division has been cut off!"
The young man’s voice has been kept as low as possible, but it is a bolt from the blue to some people in the place. Even if the thunder breaks down for nine days and opens the abyss to open the entrance to hell, the delegates will not be so horrified. Everyone looks at Kennan stupidly and his eyes are full of worship.
"You destroyed the Kennedy carrier battle group … you destroyed Saladin Port … you cut off the back road of the 1st Marine Division …"
Damn it, what I said a few minutes ago became a reality so quickly. The prophet! You made Mr. Bei feel sorry for you?
Kennan stayed there for a long time, motionless as a pole.
Chapter DiYiYi Who will die (a)
The 5th Marine Corps is now completely dumbfounded.
They fought many battles in the south and north, but they have never fought such a battle!
The powerful navy was defeated in a blink of an eye, and it was smashed without giving full play to the defense system. Cruise missiles were launched one after another from that abnormal diving aircraft carrier, and the whole port city was played like a flaming mountain! Enemy planes fly to their heads in groups and drop laser-guided bombs. Where there are a large number of soldiers, they will be completely annihilated by shrapnel and rolling flames! That’s not the scariest thing. The scariest thing is that double-mounted 43 mm naval gun. This guy can shoot shells 150 kilometers away. Even a 10,000-ton ship will be finished with one shot. It’s perfect to bomb the semi-permanent fortifications of the Marine Corps! After two rolling thunder rumbling, the sky would fall and the earth would explode. No matter whether the trench or the house was instantly erased, the explosion point was left with two pits the size of a basketball court. The soldiers’ department stayed here and vaporized. This is waiting for terrorist lethality! There is a saying that "by analogy", although there is a way to bombard their naval guns, they have had enough. Marines have deeply realized the chilling feeling when soldiers from countries like Lebanon endure the indiscriminate bombing of Iowa battleships.
The Chinese Marine Corps began to land under the cover of heavy fire. First of all, it took off with 30 h-1d1 aircraft, which was an improvement. At the same time, it retained strong firepower and bomb quantity, and strengthened the anti-strike capability of the fuselage. At the same time, it could also carry out ground fire support with 12 commandos. It may be the helicopter with the best maneuverability. Of course, the enemy’s firepower is still quite fierce, and the aircraft landing is very dangerous. Besides, this port city is so big that it does not need such fancy play, so each helicopter is full of anti-tanks. Missiles, rockets and machine guns have sprung up to show their best skills to the enemy-vertical strike. Thirty Type 63 amphibious tanks also rushed to land through the landing tongue for the first time, and finally it was the turn of the marines, who were called "military troops". The equipment of the Marines was better than that of the first-class regiments! I’m afraid this is the least technical landing battle in the world. The submarine carrier rushed directly into the port, and then the troops fired missiles from the other side of the shore, and they were shot down by lasers. The fifth regiment was dumbfounded through the smoke, watching the high tide of the Chinese Marine Corps surge ashore, and its eyes were bigger than pig urine bubbles! Oh, my God, that’s fine! ? And what the hell is that sick warship? How many soldiers and ammunition did it contain? How come it hasn’t stopped firing for so long?
Boom Boom
Two clouds of white mushrooms set off sandbags, barbed wire, and gun parts ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
In order to go out and hide in the fortifications, everyone in the company was shocked to the ground and rolled into a ball. The company commander finally got up and felt that Venus was wet, wet, hot and humid, and his hands were more like being stuffed into a hundred bees and buzzing, and then his hands were touched with the same blood. Damn, what kind of gunpowder is Huajun so powerful! A platoon leader rushed over as if to say something to him, but there was no sound. The company commander put his ears up or couldn’t hear anything. He could see his mouth kept opening and closing and gesticulated like taking pictures. He grabbed this guy with one hand and roared, "I can’t hear you if you are bigger!"
The platoon leader had a fight with the international tenor. "A shell went into the fortification and exploded. Everyone in the third row was finished!"
The company commander or wait for a while "I can’t hear you speak louder!"
The platoon leader shut up, and he realized that the company commander had been deaf.
It took more than 50 rounds of artillery shells to silence the naval guns. It’s not hard to imagine that this period was extremely difficult for the fifth regiment of the Army War. After a while, the cruise missile attack also stopped. The naval aircraft roared overhead and dropped the last round of laser-guided bombs. This stormy fire attack was finally over, but the Chinese Marine Corps has also landed, and even four artillery battalions have been sent ashore. The speed is staggering. Xiao Hua is the last shore. When he landed, the city has already sounded a secret gun, and Major General Captain Major General told him. Gave a military-like salute and said, "Xiao Junchang, I can do this. Hai Wu Shen must leave immediately and go to No.2 waterway to intercept the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier battle group that may be reinforced. You are fighting alone."
Xiao Hua said, "We are never afraid to fight alone … You should be careful. Although the combat effectiveness of Carl Vinson’s aircraft carrier battle group is not as good as that of Kennedy’s aircraft carrier battle group, they are cutting-edge divisions after all, and Wu Shen just fought a bad battle …"
Major General Captain said lightly, "We don’t know about weariness! Take care and see you after the victory! "
"See you after the victory!"
The landing tongue is closed, which makes the aircraft carrier dome slowly close under the mechanical friction. At this time, it is shaped like a prehistoric example. A giant torpedo dives out of the port while breaking waves, and soon disappears. There is the sea water that is red by the fire in the vast ocean, which can prove that it really appeared.
After watching this huge ship go far, Xiao Hua turned around and shouted "Marine Corps Forward!"
Someone shouted louder than him, "Marines go!" At first glance, it turned out that the three stooges had a rest for a while, except that Tang Shanbing was a little pale, and the other two spirits.
Everything is much better.
Xiao Hua Zheng called "Why are you here!"
Small Guangxi raised an automatic rifle in its hand. "Report to the chief that we are here to fight!"
Xiao Hua fire "I’m not let you warships to stay? How to run out! ?”
Shandong said, "When the Marine Corps has never fought the enemy and we have been fighting them for so long, you must gain our experience."
Xiao Hua wanted to call names, but over his head, he flew into the sea, splashing water-column shells and told him that this was not a place to talk. I didn’t even look at it and said, "This is the position of 19 Beradin self-propelled artillery firing high-explosive killing howitzers, just 15 kilometers away."
Xiao Hua hesitated for two seconds and said, "Come to a platoon and watch them. Don’t let them die!" After that, wearing a helmet and leading a group of staff officers to the battlefield of gunfire, we are honored to have one more platoon guard in distress situation.
After the diving carrier left, all enemy positions in the whole port came to life. Fortunately, the enemy came out from some corner of the ditch, and the fierce fire swept to the Marine Corps. Their helicopter ghosts generally appeared in cities covered with smoke and fire, and the eagle dragon threw fire at the tanks on the ground. From the sky to the ground, it didn’t spit fire. One place was bloody and bloody, and when several off-road jeeps were blown up like leaves and torn into pieces, Xiao Hua was surprised. "Mom, the carrier just wiped out almost all the weapons attacking the ground, and these guys still had such strong fire! Is it difficult for several base ammunition to hit the air just now? " He doesn’t know how much heavy losses were caused to the 5th Army Corps by the fierce fire preparation just before that round. Just being completely polished, there were two company-level combat units, a 27-24-tube self-propelled rocket launcher battalion, and even a rocket launcher with a bomb car was blown up. None of them were left. Two 19 Latin-style self-propelled artillery battalions were beaten to pieces. The most grievous cause was that the main force of the armored battalion was blocked, and more than 20 1a1 tanks and more than a dozen armored vehicles were blown into a pile of molten iron, and scrap metal flowed across the independent anti-missile battalion. There would be no gas explosion bombs to This firepower seems to be fierce by General Xiao Hua, but for the 5th Army Corps, it is simply unbearable that the rain in Mao Mao is weak! Just now, the guns were collected by the colonel’s adult. Only large-caliber guns were temporarily formed in each battalion to form an artillery group, and only a few guns were played. Twenty or thirty shells were covered and the artillery group was rolled and crawled out of the position.
The three of us took out the style of being teachers and took a platoon of marines to the garden area in the center of the city, where the marines were engaged in a bitter encounter with the enemy and leveled the grass everywhere.
It’s corpses and burning vehicles, and most of those vehicles are the 5th Army Corps. Type 63 amphibious tanks crushed the enemy jeeps and armored vehicles like elephants stepping on cockroaches. We laughed from ear to ear. Your mother’s double-headed eagle also has today! However, the two-headed eagle marine corps is really tenacious, relying on several commanding heights to defend itself. Six high-level and two heavy machine guns hit the large-caliber machine guns with great lethality like the wind. The body armor of the marine corps was torn up like paper, and then it was their bodies. Type 63 tanks spewed fireballs and rushed away. As a result, one of them was destroyed by anti-tank missiles. By the time we arrived, the marine corps had been beaten, and the body was lying on the ground. A battalion commander was somewhat angry, like a furious lion, and he was deploying a second wave of offensive. His tactics were to attack and pull out those commanding heights
"It is not the way for the battalion commander to do this hard. We will pay a lot of casualties!" Small Guangxi spittle splashed with gestures. "Many groups of squad units attacked from many directions and told them to ignore their heads!" Each class is equipped with one less fire-breathing soldier. If you find a fire point, you will burn a roast! "
Shandong said, "No, no, it’s not possible to fight like this. We should call artillery reinforcements to plow their positions!"
The battalion commander said, "Just now, I have seen that these king’s egg trenches are generally as deep as two meters, and the soil curing agent has made the soil as hard as an iron plate. We have to use 155 heavy artillery, but our largest caliber self-propelled artillery is only 15 mm, and we can’t chew it!"
I said, "Then 16 mortars fire incendiary bombs to burn them!" "
Small Guangxi is called "the best thing is the warm pressure bomb!"
Shandong said, "No bullet! A mother bullet can release thousands of steel balls, unless they hide in a mouse hole, they will be beaten into a pile of mud! "
"The mother bomb should be reserved to deal with armored targets. Just do as I say!"
The marines looked at the three guys who were so excited that they were red-faced and vying to give the battalion commander the kind of tricks that are absolutely called cutting off their grandchildren and dying. The hearts of the guys were surprisingly consistent. "Did the fifth regiment of the Army rob their wives or kill their father, which made them so hated?" They don’t know that we hate not the 5th Army Corps, but all the Citigroup that once forced us into the underground. Now that the opportunity has come, we certainly want them to look good!
The battalion commander is a little impatient. "Okay, okay, your tactics are quite good. The problem is that we don’t have these special shells!" "
No, we’re not playing shit.
The battalion commander muttered, "What do these three stooges want to play again? They are famous in the army. I can’t go crazy with them! " Let’s stick to the plan. Three-door 15 assault guns will suppress all the tanks that have exposed their firepower. One tank will be counted as one, and the bastards will be crushed in one fell swoop!
Three assault guns were deployed, and each of them entered the battle position and fired fiercely. The enemy’s position soared with orange flames. Several tanks were advancing while firing, so that the enemy could not lift their heads to accompany the tank attack. The marines tried to hide their bodies behind the tanks and moved skillfully and flexibly. Several anti-tank missiles flew in. The 63 amphibious tank in front was smashed into a ball of fire, and the battalion commander almost bit his teeth. This operation brigade was light, and there were not many armored troops. Who could stand it? He was furious. "Is the artillery dead? Destroy the enemy’s anti-tank position! "
An assault gun turned the barrel and aimed at the anti-tank position. However, before they could fire, the mountains suddenly shook and rumbled, tearing the anti-tank position apart. So far away from the bombing point, the Marines were so shaken that their legs almost fell! The battalion commander is stupid. The 15 assault guns are good, but they are not so lethal, are they? Before he could react, he boomed! A air billow across from the top of the head split the earth like a heavy hammer pounding drums violently shaking half the park was flooded with smoke shrapnel, deputy battalion commander barking "I am a cruiser firing this way! Fortunately, these shells are all directed at the enemy! "