Wang Xuan’s eyes were black and he quickly moved his eyes and looked dignified. "This is a visualization!"

Qin Zhou Wang Fu must say with a smile, "Yes, it’s still a rare military strategist’s vision map. It’s too incomplete and difficult to understand that this level of things is less than fairy burning."
"Wang Duwei is a military genius, maybe he can learn something from it and join the gluttonous army in the future."
Wang Xuan did not hesitate to hand over and said, "Thank you for your kindness."
This thing is very precious even if Toya is a French ginseng. The King of Qinzhou took out this treasure as a gesture of kindness.
It is not appropriate to bargain again.
What’s more, he has a heaven deduction disk to burn the residual rhyme, so he can deduce the complete method.
Never miss it!
See Wang Xuan accept Qin Zhou Wang Fu must ha ha a smile "then it’s a deal!"
He is also in a good mood.
It seems mysterious to be sold to him by others at a high price, but ginseng has been like chicken ribs for years
Later, I learned how many people have been pitted by the royal family.
It’s not a loss to promote the merger
I hope you don’t complain in the future.
Two people each bosom idea mood is good, was about to drink a few cups in the distance there is a whistling arrow foaming at the mouth.
"There is an assassin!"
Several eunuchs and sergeants whizzed in from all directions to protect them.
At the same time, the palace was noisy, torches flashed, and the armor of the Xiaoqi army rumbled.
King Qinzhou’s face was quick and gloomy, and he sneered, "Are there any assassins who dare to come to the wedding palace?"
"It’s really awkward!"
Say lifelong whole body sword light fills the air to fly to the shouting place, several eunuchs who also followed the royal sword.
Wang Xuan also felt suspicious that the golden light flashed and the night wind roared like a sharp arrow in his ear.
The incident occurred in a mansion on the left side of Wangfu.
When Wang Xuan arrived, Tu Suyuan, Wei Tian Shu and other aristocratic men and women from all over the world had arrived.
King Qinzhou looked somberly at the pine trees in the courtyard.
See a piece of blood-stained white silk in Gu Song being nailed by a dagger and the trunk drifting with the night wind.
White silk and silver thread are embroidered with the word "Wen"
This is a female thing.
The blood has been black for a long time.
And the concubine who died happened to be surnamed Wen!
There is a third party!
Wang Xuan Tu Suyuan looked at the crowd with a wink.
The guests are not in the palace, but many people look slightly different and secretly look at the king of Qin Zhou, and the king of Qinzhou is even more gloomy and full of pitfalls
While a yellow boy stared at the white silk eyes full of horror.
The young man looks smaller than the Duguyun in Bingzhou. Even if he pretends to be calm, his forehead still oozes fine sweat …
Wang Xuan, who still doesn’t know what’s going on, shook his head slightly and looked at the other side. Tu Suyuan’s eyes were cold.
Killing and framing at an early age is poisonous enough.
Wang Xuan still pinched a tactic.
Alfred in the yard suddenly looked up and shook his ears, and his figure gradually disappeared …
Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine Hakodate chasing enemy cases I have to refine shape.
Afu had already absorbed the Hua Bao Department of the five zang-organs to stimulate the magical power of blood vessels.
I don’t know that Alfred’s blood is an ancient kind of spirit beast. liu er can listen to a hundred miles, and his eyes can distinguish yin and yang. His bones and muscles are as strong as a fierce beast’s mouth, and it burns a demon to get rid of the charm
The last five zang-organs Huabao inspired the avatar of stealth and convergence.
The technique is different, and the magical power of blood vessels takes another road. How powerful it is depends on the degree of blood vessels.
Ah Fu was infused with Yin and Yang by Wang Xuan, and it was natural to practice the mysterious evil spirit.
On a snowy night, leaving two plum blossom seals in the yard has disappeared …
Wu Moqing gently stroked the golden jade mink in his arms, looked out of the window and shook his head slightly, then continued to read the Three Essentials of Law in his hand.
The atmosphere in the left mansion is depressed.
The king of Qinzhou looked at the white silk with gloomy eyes and a smile. "I don’t know where the thief disturbed my palace. Go to rest."
"Liu Er will deal with it!"
"It’s the sovereign!"
Behind him, an old eunuch bent down to surrender and then set up a sword of light with two guards and rushed into the night.
Guests are not stupid enough to know that there must be something wrong with this matter, but King Qin Zhou obviously wants to suppress this matter, and naturally no one gets into trouble and leaves and goes back to his room.
Wang Xuan also turned away.
That’s why he didn’t just now. If King Qin Zhou directly talks about the possibility of failure, he can make another dispute.
The appearance of this third party may be an opportunity …
Tu Suyuan also left with an expression on his face.
The king of Qinzhou glanced lightly and then looked at the white silk in silence.
The people in the courtyard gradually dispersed, and the remnant Yu Dugu bowed his head and waited respectfully.
After a while, the old eunuch came back and shook his head slightly, kneeling down and saying, "Liu Er can also ask the report to punish."
The king of Qinzhou waved his hand and the old eunuch hurriedly retreated.