"At first glance, there are many coffins parked in the caves of the sacrificial shrine. Of course, we don’t think there are ancestors’ coffins in the ancestral temple at home. It’s nothing unusual, but we see that the carved patterns of the coffins are particularly fine and the lines are strange, so we tend to have a look …" Deng Diaoliang stopped here and Jiang Xiuyin connected.

"It turns out that the coffin is engraved with music scores, and there are a few strange rhythms in the special notes. Unfortunately, we have been studying music theory for more than ten years, but we still recognize it. So we can’t help but come and try out a wonderful song. There are some old instruments next to the coffin, and we can play better according to the music score. At this time, the coffin lid will be rolled up …"
Xiao colchicine heard the Zheng big eyes heard here can’t help but scold a way
"Nonsense, there is no such thing."
Jiang Xiuyin chuckled and laughed. "At that time, we couldn’t believe that our eyes were really a ghost. Later, we learned that the coffin was equipped with a very delicate machine, and the piano, zither and hat were deliberately placed next to it. Playing according to the melody of the coffin was equivalent to spinning the machine. We carefully examined it before we knew that if we forced the coffin, we would be killed by the extremely sharp poison vector arranged in the coffin."
Deng Diaoliang took up the topic at this moment. "At that time, we were very curious to take a closer look at the original coffin with two pairs of bones. We are the ancestors of the pavilion. What is looking for a marriage’s life and death together?"
Xiao Qiushui sneered and scolded, "Hu said!" But it also aroused great curiosity, and I listened to it with my eyes open.
"Eldest brother, you are quick to say that Xiao Qiushui is in a hurry." Wen Yanyang said.
Deng Diaoliang gave Wen Yanyang a cross look and Kan Kan said it.
"Later, when I read the book, I realized that it was not the book that buried these two people here, so they died, and because they had to be packed in coffins, so they were detailed … You know who these two people were. It turned out that they were Jiang Ting and Jiang Ruiping, two people who were famous in Jianghu decades ago and were enemies!"
"ah!" Xiao Qiushui was shocked by the noise in his head. Jiang Dahe and Jiang Er’s story Xiao Qiushui repeatedly heard his second brother Xiao Yan say that it was Dad often, and this "Jiang Shuangxia" was once the most powerful two people in Wulin. Xiao Qiushui was not at all white when they were buried in the "Seeing Heaven Cave" sacrifice shrine.
"At that time, we also felt puzzled." Deng Diaoliang looked out Xiao Qiushui’s question and said, "Later, I read what I wrote in detail."
Xiao Qiushui wanted to ask Wen Yanyang again this time. "It is said in the article that Jiang Dahe and Jiang Er fought with each other, and after the last two people were exhausted, they were finally destroyed by the’ help’ to create a gang of six people. It turned out that Jiang Dahe and Jiang Er had made composite efforts before, and Jiang Er felt more guilty, but he begged Jiang Da to forgive Jiang Da several times, but insisted that his brother was a traitor and repeatedly refused to consume each other, and the result was finally destroyed by the’ help’."
Wen Yanyang described it more readily. "In the" Power Help "in the Second Legacy of Jiang Dajiang, Li Da, Tao Er, Gong San, Mai Si, Liu Wu, Qian Liu and Shang Qi were besieged and killed respectively, but when the brothers of Jiang Jiang were dying, they joined forces to kill Tao Er, Gong San, Mai Si, Qian Liu and Shang Qi …"
Xiao colchicine can’t help but say, "How awesome are Tao Er, Gong San and Shang Qi killed by their brothers?
It turns out that the river’s lake was also flourishing, but it wouldn’t be today’s great power if the "Jiang Brothers" and "Tianshe" were invaded by "Libang". However, it is said that Mai Si Mai Danghao and Qian Liuqian Valley did die in the second hand of Jiang Lao, but I didn’t know that even Tao Er Tao Bai Chuang, Gong San Gong Wen Yu and Shang Qi Shang Tianliang all died in this "sweeping Sirius" Jiang Ting. "Megatron Shenzhou" Jiang Ruiping’s two brothers’ hands are like this. "The style brothers’ martial arts are even more unfathomable." That’s true, "Wen Yanyang answered." But the style brothers have been seriously injured, and they know their sins when they die. They can’t blame their discord and greatly regret it. At that time, Li Da, Li Chenzhou had gone to Liuwu, Liu Suifeng, but they still led troops to hunt down the style brothers and made Zu Xiaoqiwu’s friendship flee to Huanhua … "
Xiao colchicine "ah" in my heart and an epiphany.
-No wonder my father often tells the story of his style. It turned out that my grandfather told him …
"It is clearly written in it that your grandfather took them in because he was afraid to help chase them and didn’t dare to make public." Jiang Xiuyin took the narrative.
"Before he died, the Chiang brothers wanted to give martial arts to your father, which was a’ forgetful day’. Your grandfather was already dying and knew that he couldn’t do it, but when he saw it, the two sons were at odds, so he refused …"
Xiao Qiushui understood again. At that time, Xiao Qiwu’s second point was that Xiao Xilou and Xiao Dongguang were divided into "Huanhua Sword School" and "Waihuan Sword School" because of their ancestral property. It was so sad to be the father who tried to persuade him not to listen and see the Chiang brothers defeated … "
Jiang Xiuyin see xiao colchicine dull trance Chen asked
"Hey, did you listen?"
"Yes" Xiao Qiushui woke up in a big dream, but he thought of his uncle Xiao Dongguang’s guardian near the ancestral hall for more than ten years. As a result, he exposed a man who pretended to be loyal to his servant Xin Huqiu but didn’t know that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Xiao Family’s ancestral hall had such a Wulin dream of "forgetting the sky" and still didn’t know it because he didn’t know the melody treasure …
Jiang Xiuyin yan mouth smiled continued
"Your grandfather didn’t want to increase martial arts at home, which caused more bloodshed, and he didn’t want to favor one side. He refused to accept Xiao Qiwu, the Chiang brothers, but the secret book was still accepted by Xiao Jiaen. The secret book was hidden in the coffin, but it was packed. In the end, they were fond of music and were happy to see that their disciples had a tendency to be artistically designed.
Deng Diao Liang Shen said, "It is because of this narrow mind that Ginger II turned against each other and became enemies, and mutual suspicion led to the loss of life … Now, although I am grateful to the Xiao family, I am still afraid that the Xiao family’s descendants will disrespect them and set traps … It can be said that I will never change … After that, I recorded martial arts, that is, the essence of’ indifferent swordsmanship’."
Wenyanyang connect a way "and your father also don’t know there is such a big secret in the coffin put aside and didn’t discover.
When Zu died, I’m afraid I was tired of killing the blood in Wulin, and I didn’t tell anyone that if we didn’t happen to enter the cave of heaven and forget the sky, we would lose our future generations. At that time, how much confidence did we have in this secret book, and we were afraid that Manager Liu Wu would be found when he learned that the memorized dictation was put back in the coffin … "
Xiao colchicine and other fine immediately asked
"Willow five how can know about it! ?”
Jiang Xiuyin glanced at him and replied, "When we attacked Xiao’s family, it was Liu Wu’s original intention to tell Li Wang that Liu Wu wanted to destroy the Huanhua Sword Sect, so it was necessary to spend so much foresight and money on layout and design. I think he was the last person to kill Jiang’s brothers. Jiang Ting and Jiang Ruiping have been secretly peeping for a long time, so I learned that your father didn’t learn and didn’t know it before he dared to attack. Later, there was a Cheng Yaojin-Zhu Dawang.
Xiao Qiushui couldn’t help sighing when he came to his senses. Later, he helped Xiao Qiushui and others to see that there was such a secret book, so he set fire to the "forgetful day" and cremated the body of his brothers in Huanhuaxi.
"You told me that these brothers are very grateful …" Xiao Qiushui said in a self-effacing way that his mind swept up a lot of Wulin gratitude and grudges, and he was really disheartened and wanted to leave.
"Wait" Jiang Xiuyin cried.
"We told you this for a purpose," Wen Yanyang connected.
"We want you to learn to be forgetful!" Deng Diaoliang calm and obey the jun yu also like a way.
-learn "forgetfulness"?
Xiao colchicine dazed for a while and then smiled a little unhappy and had no way.
"Thank you for your kindness … although two old-timers of his style are bent on giving martial arts to the Xiao family, it is not predestined friends that three people don’t have to be uneasy and specially teach each other … three well-intentioned people appreciate it …" The fuels are about to leave.
"Hey, hey, hey," Jiang Xiuyin shouted, "Don’t go."
"You haven’t figured out the meaning of our siege of you three times later."
Deng Diao Liang Han face added this powerful sentence.
-this sentence makes Xiao Qiushui really stop.
"Yes, this should be consulted." Xiao Qiushui asked.
Four people spin and cross legs to WenYanYang first way "
"We have maliciously tried to test your skill for your last three attacks. Every time you help, you don’t have doubts and try your best. The fact that the martial arts of’ forgetful days’ let us recite them silently one by one is not suitable for what we have learned …"
"Oh?" Xiao Qiushui was puzzled and unremitting.
"The first" forgetful day "martial arts is very strange, focusing on realm, feeling, modality, We are not as good as you in these four aspects. Second, the martial arts of forgetfulness is suitable for one person to learn ginger and ginger. On the contrary, the two people can’t communicate with each other. The more sophisticated they learn, the more bitter they study. As a result, the easier it is for the three of us to break the relationship with each other. The result is also the same. If we don’t have an emergency, the three of us are also like the brothers’ field. The consequences are out of control. Third, the three of us used to have great love for music. We still have a long-cherished wish for mountains and rivers. Instead, there is a hidden ambition in my heart that is uneasy about music theory. After the three of us quarreled, we woke up to each other and felt that the wind could not last long. However, the mystery of "Forgetting the sky" is not a pity, so I want to give you this peerless martial arts. We will spend the rest of our lives hidden in the mountains and rivers … "Say, the corners of our mouths will flush with a calm smile and be in heaven will connect again.
"Xiao Shaoxia, do you remember when Xiao Shaoxia exhorted us to say,’ It’s not good to admire your swords, but to admire your music’ and said,’ That’s still very good, very good, very good music. What do you want to play individually instead of ensemble? It’s absolutely possible to ensemble better music.’ Xiao Shaoxia said that the three of us suddenly woke up and remembered that we once quarreled because of learning’ forgetfulness’. Fortunately, we remembered Xiao Shaoxia’s advice together. It’s a pity to abandon the sword quickly, but it’s so exquisite … Only after we give it to young Xia can we abandon the sword and sing the piano without feeling sorry for ourselves … Please do this, young Xia. "
Xiao colchicine feel very surprised at that time also don’t know so good asked.
"Don’t you choose another good material?"
Jiang Xiuyin snorted, "Is it necessary to choose a real talent?"
Deng Diao Liang stared at Xiao Qiushui. "We don’t choose you and who do you choose?" At present, the Central Plains is in danger, and our invisibility has receded, so it’s hard to turn around. Is it safe for An Ru to award this peerless martial arts to the bad guys? And if you decide to reject this swordsmanship, if you fall into the hands of traitors, how dare you worship your ancestors? "
This words to best decission Xiao Qiushui regret WenYanYang more peaceful, smile connect a way
"What’s more, we have learned that the two predecessors of his style are bent on giving Xiao’s younger brother to you now, but it’s only returned to the original owner, and you don’t need to worship our teacher. Hard and hard? Over the past few years, we have secretly followed and observed the long-standing chivalrous temperament of the cabinet, and adhered to the heroic spirit. It is precisely the best person to learn from this’ forgetful day’. Brother Xiao, if you don’t want to learn from that country, will you? National compensation? It’s not too sentimental if it’s beneficial to the world affairs bureau and refuses to go a thousand miles! "
Xiao Qiushui, lost in thought, Zhongjiang Xiuyin and others know that their language has taken effect when they connect with a smile.
"Little Xia, I can’t bear to see this wonderful martial arts fall into the wrong hands by mistake, can I? I don’t want to wait for the three of us, and the martial arts will not give way to each other, so that the carefully composed song "It’s snowing" can’t be played together? "
When Xiao Qiushui first heard it, he asked, "It snows?"
Jiang Xiuyin laughed and said, "It’s a song of the three of us in one."