When you don’t have time to cook, the soldiers can carry a large piece of their backs and wait until it’s time to clean up-the soldiers all bring field food, but no matter how good it tastes, it tastes worse than the food that has just been cooked.

Moreover, eating on the spot in the battlefield can also save limited supplies and prolong the wartime, an era of difficult supplies. The military finally strongly advocates eating on the spot.
Otherwise, how can soldiers carry liquid nitrogen and crisper with them?
The giant scorpion was too big to carry all the meat, so the soldiers picked the best place to pick up the meat. Not long after, every soldier had a box on his back, even Ye Han was no exception.
At this time, the missile has flown to the desert ground to guide and lock the position, and then the second half of the missile is far away from where it fell, and the first half is hung by a parachute and slowly falls to the predetermined position.
Soldiers flew to the jetty, quickly charred the shell, and distributed the full magazines one by one.
The soldiers had brought enough ammunition, so it was impossible to throw away their ammunition. The power armor was not bad, and it was just a matter of weight.
Not for a while, more than 30 people were assembled, and Yip Han waved his hand and four groups pulled away from the battle formation to push southeast.
The weapon in hand gives the soldiers full confidence. If they meet the giant scorpion again, they will definitely kill the target in the shortest time!
The team is moving very fast, and many soldiers want to finish it quickly and find a place to enjoy the scorpion meat slowly … Don’t blame the soldiers for being greedy, but the military supplies are too tight, even the troops with the highest priority can ensure a balanced nutrition.
If you can bring scorpion meat back to Beiyuezhou, it will be a small gift to anyone.
Yip hon’s impression is that the desert should be a long yellow sand as far as the eye can see, but when he walks on the spot, he finds that the desert is not as desolate as he imagined. He can always inadvertently find a few dead trees, a few weeds or alien plants whose names he can’t name.
Ye Han’s impression is that cactus plants grow in tropical countries, and the desert latitude is too high, so these things can’t grow at all, so there are trees, shrubs and all kinds of grass plants here.
This makes the alien plants rooted here particularly conspicuous, and it can be roughly determined whether they are alien plants or not without careful discrimination.
But the purpose of this trip is not to look for samples, everyone is just looking around.
When there are still more than ten kilometers away from the target point, Ouyang Ping suddenly screams in the line, and then there is a burst of chaos. "Don’t shoot" and "Don’t shoot yet" are ringing endlessly.
Yip hon don’t know what’s the matter, hurriedly shout in the line "Ouyang Ouyang what’s the situation?"
"There are bugs!" Ouyang Ping’s tone is very strange. "I carry it!"
"What?" Ye Hanba almost didn’t hit his foot. "Where are you?"
"Giant worm back!" Ouyang Ping really said, "It came out of the sand just under my feet!" "
Yip Han was in a hurry. "Don’t move my horse first-a group of people should follow me!"
"Captain, what about me!" Xiao yuan asked
"Stand guard!" Yip hon started to run to the right, belonging to a group of soldiers. They quickly followed and saw a huge black beetle in the distance.
Beetles are much bigger than giant scorpions. They are covered in black carapace. The sunlight is dark and bright. The carapace is covered with protruding ribs. The thick legs are flat and long. When they fall into the sand, they can support the heavy body of beetles.
Ouyang Ping’s soldiers are aiming their guns at the beetles, but they dare not fire.
Beetles seem to have no desire to fight, and they simply ignore the human soldiers around them and head southeast.
Despite its huge size, it is not slow at all.
Yip hon was startled to find that the beetle was heading in the southeast, which seemed to be the location signal!
"Interesting!" Yip hon was extremely surprised. "Ouyang, did it take the initiative to attack?"
"Come to Doby and see how it reacts!" Ye Han said
Not all giant worms live in peace with human beings, but there are some giant worms. This beetle seems to be a special case of gentle personality.
The soldier Ma Chong was ordered to run more than ten meters in front of the beetle, but the beetle continued to move at its own pace as if it had seen nothing.
There is a door!
Yip hon was overjoyed. Several vertical leaps rushed over and found an opportunity to jump into the beetle’s back and look around. "Come on, it’s a good car!"
The soldiers jumped back with joy.
The beetle has a wide back and can accommodate a dozen people, but its shell is very smooth and has no handle, and it will slide more happily than a slide if it is not careful.
In the end, seven people succeeded, and others could accompany the beetle. Not only did the two sides get along, but there seemed to be some tacit understanding.
Xiao Yuan asked curiously, "How does this thing follow our direction?"
Luo Qi said, "I have detected trace pheromones, which should be attracted by pheromones."
Ye Han asked, "What kind of pheromone?"
"I don’t know if there is one in the database," Luo jiaqi said.
Xiaoyuan smiled and said, "Either summoning the same kind or courtship is definitely inseparable from these two!"
Chapter 154 is definitely not a coincidence
Since the outbreak of insect pests, human research on pheromones has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it is within the scope of human research to be able to control both earth giant worms and alien giant worms.
Nowadays, human research has achieved fruitful results. In order to find pheromones, clues can be found in the information database in most cases.
But today is obviously special.
Ye Han wanted to go deeper. He said inexplicably, "Is it coincidence or accident that the pheromone of the positioning signal is also in this direction?"
This puzzled everyone. Luo Qi hesitated for a short moment and then said without hesitation, "How can there be so many coincidences in this world?"
"Where are so many coincidences?" Ouyang Ping agreed to say
"I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m right!" Xiao Yuan said
Yip hon thought for a moment, "How far is it from the target point?"