Then she fought a special road ahead of herself.

And Tina’s beast-bending talent is still spiritual.
With her pet animals and her extraordinary fighting skills.
Can make the existing silver Samsung she broke out comparable to the strength of silver five or six stars.
This kind of strength for a group of freshmen who have just entered school for one month
It’s simply crushing
Of course, I haven’t met Lu Yuan before.
When Tina activated the veins of Cracked Leopard, the whole person’s momentum changed.
After a simple charge, she immediately launched a charge.
Tina’s instant power made her show the speed of terror like a cheetah.
The vigorous figure turned into the ghosting image from the front of Liu Yuan in an instant.
Tina raised her fist and punched Liu Yuan.
The fist cut through the air and screamed sharply.
It can be seen how amazing Tina’s punch strength is.
There is no doubt about the consequences of being hit by this punch.
What surprised Tina was that she faced her own attack.
Liu Yuan didn’t seem to see it. Not only did he not fight back.
Instead, I smiled at myself in situ.
Tina might think he’s scared to death.
It is obviously impossible to release Lu Yuanshen.
But Tina didn’t think much.
If Liu Yuan doesn’t hide, she will let her know the power of her fist!
It can be said that no terrorist attack can be effective without a hit …
Tina stunned Liu Yuan with a smile in her eyes.
Then a gently sideways.
He seems to be able to predict his attack in advance.
Actually instantly escaped from the past.
This is the first time Tina has encountered such a situation.
This kind of feeling that Jin can’t touch the enemy behind him.
Let Tina have a feeling of powerlessness.
However, she was not discouraged and began to attack one after another
But the next scene deeply shocked the audience.
On Tina’s attack
Lu Yuan seems to always be able to predict ahead.
Let Tina all attack the tribe
The fighting lasted for almost a minute or so.
Tina has started to consciously reduce her aggression from the beginning to the back.
Liu Yuan began to be slightly surprised to see this heart.
Because he found Tina seem to have found a way to break her domineering attitude.
See, see, color, domineering cover Tina’s subtle movements
Will be captured by Lu Yuan.
I’ve been practicing for such a long time.
Terrestrial body has long exercised a kind of ability.
These received information will be quickly analyzed by land sources.
Thus, it can be judged that Tina will take the attack method.
That’s why Tina keeps attacking.
But it can’t attack the scene of Lu Yuan.
Because of her strength, her intention to attack
Have been collected by Liu Yuan.
It can be said that if she can’t hide her attack intention
Or let her attack speed.
Fast to the point where Liu Yuan can’t react even if he knows it.
Liu Yuan can always easily avoid his attack.