Easy to move and fly to the central circle of the altar, set Crimson Lotus sword to fly to the top of the head, pay attention to the movement, and put it at the place where the mind is watching.

Sure enough, after a few hours, the light flashed again and finally found the hiding place. The central circle of the light altar was far away vertically.
"Whew …" Crimson Lotus sword head-on straight blade folded floor flame was dragged out of thousands of flame ribbons to float back like a cloth fluttering to the outside dazzling aggressive.
As soon as the mighty God blocked the killing of God and the Buddha blocked the killing of Buddha, the intention was obvious. Before reaching the destination, it suddenly shot into a flaming sword.
"Boom …" In the sky, it exploded like fireworks, and then there was a slight quiver of buzzing huge golden altar.
Yi Shen nian can’t reach there, and he doesn’t think about the altar, so the horse communicates with Crimson Lotus Sword.
He saw a series of shining and pressing light shining on Crimson Lotus sword at a very fast speed like a laser.
Every time Crimson Lotus sword is irradiated to the body, the soul of the sword is a wave like a great pain.
That luminous thing is like a mirror, and it is easy to be dizzy when it is sensed.
It’s easy to sit still and drink a lot of money. A whole person rises from the sky, and the curtain of blood and the curtain of blood spread into a fog of blood. The burning speed is a hundred times faster than that of Crimson Lotus Sword.
In a blink of an eye, it’s near, easy to read my mind, just extending in the past, and suddenly a harsh and aggressive light shines out, and my mind dissipates with it, but my horse is exhausted.
That white light quickly melts the blood fog, the blood spirit opens its mouth, whines and blinks, and I don’t know how many people have died. The mysterious muddy curtain is struggling to return to the body. Where can I make myself threatened if I dare to be careless?
At this time, the blood Wei Bai Yi Shui was illuminated by white light, and the horse took up a smoke like a fire and became weak as soon as it was burned.
"Hurry back what you come out to gather together! There is more than enough to accomplish something! " Easy to drink and scold, then open your mouth and suck blood and defend white water, and the horse turns into a lotus flower and disappears into the mouth.
Easy to hold the flying Crimson Lotus sword and shake out a piece of sword light to protect the body from the white light on the top of the head. At the same time, clear thoughts come into my mind. Finally, it is certain that the white light is a mirror and it is hidden and transparent.
"Is it dry Yang mirror? This has been erased by the previous method of how to sacrifice and practice the law, and it is forbidden to reappear. It is not hateful when it sees itself! "
The more Yi Yue thinks about it, the more so. Can he know that the magic weapon is changeable? Just say that Xuan Hun Shen Curtain can play so many tricks. Now even Xuan Hun Shen Curtain is restrained, so its prefecture level must be higher.
Although I don’t know where the handle of the dry mirror has gone, it has become an invisible treasure, but it is easy to recognize it as a dry mirror first, and it is indeed the case.
Xuan Hun Shen Curtain finally couldn’t resist the white light irradiation, regardless of the easy drive, and quickly got into his body and returned to the highest heaven palace to become a sea of blood again, turning up huge waves like anger.
The light from the mirror of the easy skin hidden in the green curtain directly leads to the ineffective operation of the easy royal sword, and even the body seems to be somewhat sluggish. A thin layer of sword light naturally touches the easy body as soon as there is a gap.
When the sword light stops abruptly, it is easy for the body to become stiff, and even the eyes can’t be opened, and the body can’t help shivering, as if it were penetrated by a cool breath.
The white light searched his body and suddenly located the plough palace. A slight tingling feeling came to impact the door.
Conscious blood spirit, conscious blood Wei Bai Yishui and a dragon flying in the sky all feel that the horse is in chaos like a catastrophe
"Squeak …" A burst of screaming in panic sounded weaker and weaker, mixed with a subtle idea. It was easy for the horse to perceive that the life breath of blood scorpion was fading.
Yi bizarre angry suddenly opened his eyes harsh white light to suddenly eye water involuntarily flowing out.
"Ah …"
He rose up and spared no effort to drink a mouthful of blood and spray Crimson Lotus sword and Crimson Lotus sword, and immediately burst into flames to sell the white light source.
"Boom!" As soon as it explodes, it will be easy to regain freedom. After grabbing the neck, it will gradually force the blood scorpion to come and look quickly into the clothes.
The white light suddenly shines in the virtual environment, and it is bright and tingling. It is easy to get blood in the body. I want to make a quick decision and drop the altar in a few blinks.
The altar exudes a misty golden light, and the white light in the sky echoes Yi’s figure. When he flashes, he goes to the first floor and out of the pagoda, he has a gasp.
Outside the pagoda, Biao, Dong, Tianli, Yi Dong and others saw Yi coming out in a hurry and just wanted to ask, only to find that he had long hair and blood on his mouth and immediately suppressed his words.
Yi won’t answer even if he asks questions. He glanced at them and went straight to the bedroom.
Meng Zilu was walking out with a medicine bowl. At first glance, she was surprised and asked, "What’s the matter with you, Lord?"
Easy to ask, "It’s okay. Isn’t Wen Xiaoqi inside?"
"Wenxian is inside?" Meng Zilou pointed to the inside.
Yi waved and said, "Xiao Lu, go and call her out and don’t talk much."
"Yes" Meng Zilou nodded and should be a hurried turn to call a person but vomitted to vomit small tongue heart really some uneasy andao "really scary".
"Eldest brother …" WenXiaoQi just came out and was about to speak when he was interrupted by impatience. "Don’t ask, come with me."
"This is my poison psychic. Something happened before, which led to injury. Take good care of it and see if it can be cured. But be careful not to get close to other bodies without protection. A little bit of toxicity will rot and eat bones. You should be careful to protect it."
The underground chamber is easy to tell Wen Xiaoqi that a small feeding array was laid, and the worm sac was given to Wen Xiaoqi and told to make a formula and other matters.
"Little sister also raised such poisons before, so you can rest assured to give them to me if you know some habits. You can guarantee that you will be alive and kicking in a few days. If you have something to do, just go quickly and don’t worry."
Wenxiaoqi feels very pleasing to the eye about the blood scorpion. Look at it. At this time, the expression is a little distressed and even more anxious than Yi. Before he can sacrifice the purple glow barrier, he will squat down and start to check the blood scorpion.
"Be careful," Yi said uneasily, and said to the blood scorpion, "If I know you hurt people when I come back, see how I punish you! Did you hear that? "
Blood scorpion seems to understand that the general force is easy to sway for a while, and then look at Wenxiaoqi’s eyes. It’s not as fierce as it was just now, but it’s still awesome
Yi slightly relieved and came to another chamber of secrets to release the blood of Xuan Hun God’s curtain, Wei Bai Yi Shui, and was heavily banned.
As soon as he walked away, the mysterious veil spread into a state of blood fog, and the whole chamber of secrets was sealed up as if unwilling to go out.
Yi just found that the white light contains extremely strong pure yang vital qi, which is a special kind of energy. The mysterious and muddy curtain of blood scorpion is restrained by it. When it was very short, two things were restrained, one injured and one fled. If it hadn’t come out early, it would probably be the end of treasure destruction and scorpion death.
In addition, Yi also found that after his flesh was irradiated by white light, his roots were not damaged except stinging, and all the subtle impurities were eliminated, so that the "dry mirror" roots became the magic treasure.
It is easy to put the mysterious scorpion in the secret room separately, and the dragon can’t be hidden in the body and let it be classified as the dragon pillar of fire after the sacrifice.
After these, it is easy to take out the cold spirit bead and hold a cold chill in his hand. Suddenly, his mind fluctuated and his mind calmed down. He thought about it and strode back to the pagoda again.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and thirty-nine Spiritual itself
As soon as Yi Gang entered the virtual realm, he felt that the light was bright. Many Crimson Lotus swords circled around the altar, and the flames were stacked and formed. The body of the sword gave off subtle flames and swayed with a thin layer.
Just holding Crimson Lotus’s sword, it is easy to feel that the soul of the sword is very weak, like being weakened. You can know a thing or two at the sight of the flame of the sword body.
He was so distressed that he poured some true qi into the sword soul, and the flame of the sword body grew stronger.
At this time, a white light beam was shot at a high distance, and the body suddenly became stiff and solidified.
The white light was very overbearing, and even the plough palace was drilled into it. Without those "ghosts", it seemed unwilling to retreat.
This kind of feeling is extremely uncomfortable and easy to make a debut. Today, apart from the fact that the cave in Tibet Province was drilled into the house by several centipedes and turned into a ghost, it has not encountered such a way.
The word "I can’t help myself" is full of emotions and anger. Then the imperial sword went straight to the "dry mirror" and found that the "dry mirror" was floating strangely and the central circle of the altar was vertical.
It is said that the color Toya is inaccurate, as if several gases are condensed into a round object like glass, but it looks like a real thing, but it is a virtual and real transformation form. That substance is still in essence, flickering and shining from time to time.
After reading it, I felt very dazzling, and there was an ethereal feeling coming from my heart. Even if it was so easy, my mood did not improve.
Careful observation shows that the root of the "dry mirror" is fixed here, and there is no energy shield outside, but it is like the rotation of the circular frame in the armillary sphere, which seems to be easy to watch most of the time.
Changing hands to touch is very warm and clear, but the dry mirror suddenly stops rotating. White light Ma Zhao is easy to feel sluggish again.
After repeated trials, it is easy to find that it is harmless and finally relieved, but it can make people feel really uncomfortable.
Let out a powerful ghost "dry mirror". The white light flashes easily, and the ghost doesn’t even scream and instantly becomes a wisp of breath floating in the virtual environment.
Although I don’t know how the dry mirror turned into this form, there are countless theories of variation since ancient times, all of which are accidental. If you think about it, you won’t get into this dead end.
The whole pagoda is something in the virtual environment when things are bartered, and now it is a "dry mirror". People control the change of ideas and regard it as their own thing.
Regardless of the blood sacrifice, it is easy to forcibly take away the "dry mirror", only to find that it has never left that small piece except for rotation in its fixed position.
Cold spirit beads can play a little role in freezing the surface into a thick layer of frost, but it is an illusion that the frost disappears in the blink of an eye and disappears like evaporation.
These tricks are not good enough to make it easy to get angry and directly sacrifice the dragon’s pillar of fire.
The root pillar changed from small to large in a blink of an eye and became a giant "dry mirror", which trapped it and surrounded it with several runes flashing like murals.
"Shout … ouch …" A dragon appeared in the sky fire, and the golden column coiled to the top of the dragon head, making a shocking roar and shaking the virtual environment.
Easy-to-sit Crimson Lotus Jian closed his eyes and concentrated on the outside of the array to control the road to condense the mana handprint and hit the Tianlong Shenhuo column. Every time a handprint is played, a change will occur when the Tianlong Shenhuo column is formed.