Two years ago, Guo Siniang tied and fried Fang Siyi’s "five centimeters per second" and he was right.

Fang Siyi, who was also young at the beginning, wrote "I’m just a writer" in her own room.
This sentence not only completely broke out the two men’s Mao Dun, but also made the fans on both sides completely noisy.
Things were quite big at one time.
Later, Naifang Siyi was able to come to Beijing to meet his editor.
It happened that something happened the night before.
At that time, it was in the middle of four years when Zhang Dahu’s "Heroes of the Condor" was in full swing. In the end, the 16-year-old girl "Little East Evil" Guo Xiang played the role of Yang Mi.
You know, since it was exposed that the hero and heroine were the hottest, yellow and little Liu Tianxian at that time, this drama has been promoted to the most anticipated TV drama. Is it that ordinary people can imagine?
It can be said that even the "fast Peng love" that has been raging in the whole four years is comparable to even the dispute between Guo Siniang and Fang Siyi.
After all, when it comes to popularity, the former dumps the latter.
Even a small supporting role in such a national drama is a temptation to break several people’s heads.
What’s more, there is still a "female one in the second half of The Condor", which is called Guo Xiang?
Such a role suddenly falls into the hands of a new person, and it is difficult for the media to pay attention to it.
Yang Mi, who went out, was very nai to find himself being followed.
She will appear in Beijing at this time, actually to attend her mother’s birthday.
Because the other party was too scary, followed and photographed, Yang Mi ran away in desperation after being discovered.
There’s nothing I can do. How can a little girl not be afraid when she suddenly finds someone following her?
And just passing by Fang Siyi was so inexplicably involved in it.
Being pulled by Yang Mi who happened to pass by, he shouted that he was being chased.
The result is naturally not much to say.
Although Fang Siyi is a scholar, he has always maintained fitness. Where is his physical quality that ordinary paparazzi can match?
It’s completely fun after directly taking down each other and handing them over to the police station.
A new celebrity, a new person, and a righteous queen. What a good news story!
As a result, something happened when I was fiddling with it.
Because at that time, I found that Siyi was in a hurry to leave behind Oolong, and I accidentally left my identity information. As a result, when the reporter wanted to interview Fang Siyi the next day, he just found Fang Siyi secretly seeing the well-known romance network editor!
This joy is great.
As a result, it turned out to be a famous family in Yang Mi night party, and then her boyfriend’s family beat up reporters
This reversal of black and white news completely caused an uproar at that time.
However, when public opinion looked at the two men with colored glasses, Fang Siyi repeatedly asked the police to expose the local camera information so that they could clearly see what happened.
Then the result is naturally not much to say.
Black newspapers were scolded by angry fans and apologized in public, and the newspapers also suffered huge losses.
But at the same time, with the further exposure of Fang Siyi’s identity, the whole industry was in an uproar when everything was kicked out.
A person who is good at writing pure love novels turns out to be a man?
Okay, that’s not the point. The point is that the other person was even named "pure love godmother"?
And now it’s selling like hot cakes. Is this the author of Hua Qiangu?
Then the other party was actually bought by rb company, and the animation film system was about to start?
This news shocked the whole literati circle three times.
At that time, Fang Siyi’s name was completely popular.
As a result …
Even Yang Mi has become the object of attention.
At the beginning, the two were tied up and hacked, but in the process, China Siyi showed a very gentleman and defended Yang Mi everywhere.
Then the result is self-evident
In many people’s hearts, Yang Mi has more Fang Siyi girlfriend labels.