Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s okay!"

It’s better for the soldiers to find the problem themselves than to control the sound after the Leishan wakes up.
Luo Qi couldn’t help asking, "What do aliens want?"
"It’s either looking for something or looking for someone, or it’s the other way around." Yip hon’s eyes are firm. If he doesn’t sit back and watch an asteroid fall into the hands of aliens, he will be completely destroyed even if he can’t get it back
Luo Qi suddenly shouted, "The teacher has come to the news again!"
Before Yip hon could speak, Luo jiaqi couldn’t wait for the location file, and a bass voice appeared. "The situation of Leishan is not quite right. There has been something digging outside, and aliens may dig in at any time. We are ready for the battle. When will aliens dig in and when will it be the decisive battle?"
Stop Luo jiaqi urgent way "teachers are not so many traps? Why is there no movement at all? "
Yip hon shook his head. "Maybe it’s up. It’s not in the communication. Maybe it’s an alien detour."
Aliens are best at digging holes. If they find an ambush in the original tunnel, it is very possible to dig another tunnel!
Doing so can not only avoid the trap, but also kill two birds with one stone when not surfing.
Luo jiaqi muttered, "I wouldn’t be so careful if there was any movement."
When you think about it, it’s really the case. There are not many traps to ring it. The alien action will definitely have to be delayed for a while.
Although the delay will not be too long, it is even more impossible to delay the arrival of Raytheon, but it is much better than the eye.
At this time, another bass voice appeared in the communication. He said carefully, "Are you listening?"
"Broken this is where to dig? Why is there no movement at all? "
"I don’t know. We’re fine here."
"We don’t have it here either."
"Not here!"
After talking about it for a circle, it’s actually no problem in any hole. The soldiers have considered all the worst situations in advance, but they have never thought about this situation.
"Where the hell did they dig?" A voice asked.
"Did you dig a hole with it?"
"It’s possible!"
"Wait and wait for a while!"
It was quiet in the communication, but it took only a short time for a strange sound to break the silence. What mode do you have for the No.1 hole? "
After a short silence, another sound appeared "pool mode like you"
"So do we."
"and us"
"What’s wrong with the reactor?"
"No way?" The sound was full of doubts and consternation. "Did aliens dig into the reactor?"
"How is that possible?"
"Nothing is impossible. What is the situation of the No.1 hole reactor?"
"There is something wrong with the controller. I can’t see anything here."
"Do you think it’s a controller problem or a reactor problem?"
"I think it’s a reactor!"
"Did aliens cut off the line?"
"It’s also possible."
"What’s wrong with you? Is there a difference between the line problem and the reactor problem when we are gone? "
"yes!" A voice said, "If there is something wrong with the line, you can sacrifice a hole to protect everyone. If the reactor is finished, we are all finished!"
Chapter 1217 Wait a minute.
The silence in the communication was embarrassing, except for the low rustling, and there was no sound in the Leishan. Everyone was like a big stone in their hearts, which made people breathless.
Life-sustaining equipment does not refer to a certain kind of equipment, but a whole set of equipment, including gas circulation, temperature control, pressure sensing and gas sensing.
All the optimized combinations are the military equipment, the life-sustaining equipment of the army, mainly the closed conditions to maintain the living environment for human needs. For the current aerospace field, life-sustaining equipment is irreplaceable.
But no matter what equipment depends on strength, it is deaf ears-decoration!
Base No.1 comes from a reactor, which is the first equipment set up and put into use in the base.
All the hiding holes in the eye should be cut off. It is unlikely that a unified line will go wrong, mostly because of the reactor.
The awkward silence lasted for a long time before a low voice asked, "Who’s going?"
No one answered, and the communication was still silent.
Everyone asked in vain who was not going to repair the reactor, but who took the initiative to dig a hiding hole and fight with aliens for a chance for others.
Sacrificing a hole to protect most people is a simple math problem, which is the most beneficial to body selection anyway.
This is the case, but the life account is not so calculated. For an individual like a person, everyone’s life is a part of life. Who should sacrifice it once? Who will benefit reasonably?
Moreover, each hiding hole ranges from seven to more than ten people, even if one person is willing to sacrifice his own hole, what about others? Are willing to die together?
That’s absolutely impossible.
Heroes are heroes because they have done things that most people can’t, even in the special group of the army, there are very few heroes.
When a crisis comes, people tend to act according to their abilities. Soldiers have received strict military training, and it is also possible for soldiers to be desperate in a crisis.
In fact, in many cases, soldiers do not need to work hard. If there is enough time to calm down and think carefully, most people will not choose to fight hard.
How else can we say that times make heroes?
This is the current situation of base 1. Before the situation was critical, everyone bombed the hiding place without thinking, but now the situation is not so dangerous, but no one took the initiative to come out.
Anyway, there are so many people in a hole that no one else has left, and I will follow the crowd if I don’t get out. Don’t laugh at anyone.
"Draw lots," said a voice.
"Then catch it. Let fate take its course. Don’t blame anyone."
Silence again in the communication. Everyone is scattered in different holes. You can’t be human unless you catch the root yourself.
"Tell you what, let the Raytheon catch the consent, and make an ugly statement. If you agree ahead, you will catch whoever you want. Don’t say anything when you’re finished."