After Hu zhipeng left, his brow wrinkled with flu. He took his eyes back from Hu zhipeng and fell to the end.

His eye shot ended in S, and Fang Xiang was really having fun with them.
And then a beautiful younger sister beside him also said
"Love brother Hu Zhipeng said that it is not unreasonable. I also feel that the performance of this dreamer team is too calm. After all, our ability to advance first has been shown four times. It is reasonable to say that the dreamer team should not have no countermeasures, but they are not at all stormy now. Maybe this ending is their card."
Hearing this sister’s words, the corners of her mouth are also slightly raised.
"Just play the cards."
"Anyway, we are not the same as Hu Zhipeng. They are unscrupulous and we-"
"The body is it. Let’s get involved in the muddy water of dream rise."
"I’m not afraid to try my best to lose. That’s all. Besides-"
"We have been silent in the elite world for so long, whether it’s arry or sk or Xie Wang and Yi Chen, their Gulangyu team, it’s not our eye, but this dreamer team is different, and according to my guess, they should be similar to the old urk. After this Jingwu Tianshen League, they should go to the brave world or a higher level, so that we have no rivals."
"Isn’t the enemy a very lonely thing?"
This kind of words, which make an unknown lover feel better than a beating, comes from the mouth of the flu, but it doesn’t give people any sense of disobedience.
The four younger sisters around me showed their admiration for the flu.
The flu is once again to focus on Fang Xiang and others.
There is a strong fighting spirit in the eyes of the law cover.
May also feel the fighting spirit.
Fang Xiang turned his head and saw the seat he was sitting in through the gap in the crowd, tasting the juice in the cup and feeling the flu.
Collision in gas with four eyes opposite two-way flow
"What’s the matter?"
Found Fang Xiang different Han Xuanxuan pushed Fang Xiang and asked
While Fang Xiang shook his head.
Because he himself can’t tell what that feeling was just now.
Yes, now he is white.
It will never be easy to fight the flu with their team.
He felt a sharp threat just from the look of flu.
Five twenty p. m.
Ji, a player who came to participate in the semi-finals and finals of Jingwu Tianshen League on Fantasy Westward Journey, has already withdrawn from the cafeteria.
At the entrance of Shenzhen International Hotel, there are also several high-end minibuses parked waiting for the crowd. Because the location of the Dream Westward Journey Hall is not far from Shenzhen International Hotel, it is not long before we think that people will be sent to the Dream Westward Journey Hall.
Dream Westward Journey Club is also located in the most prosperous section of Shenzhen.
Looking at this dream westward journey club dreamer team, everyone has some feelings in their hearts.
Because this can be said to be the first real competition hall to stop the dream westward journey at present.
From the appearance alone, the size of this hall is comparable to that of some large gymnasiums, and the number of people in China is even more terrible, reaching 10 thousand!
Fang thought that when they entered the hall through a special passage,
One hundred thousand seats in the whole hall have been packed.
Dream friends who came from all over the country came here just when the museum opened.
Today, the number of security guards in the Dream Westward Journey Jingwu Tianshen League has reached hundreds.
Hundreds of people come to keep a game running normally!
How big is this?
And judging from the enthusiastic situation, these are all necessary
Five fifty p. m.
All the team members have finished entering the stadium.
In the audience, 100,000 dream friends are also waiting nervously, because according to the usual practice, the contestants will also enter from the background five minutes before the start of the game, and most of these 100,000 dream friends are aimed at the dreamer team.
After going through this period, the brand of post-dreamer team in the dream world has completely appeared in the hearts of all dream friends.
This is a team that is likely to create a brilliant and magical team like the old urk again!
This is an artifact team that makes several people feel that it can bring new life to the dream westward journey!
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Smiled
Every minute goes by.
Five minutes before the start of the game
At this time, every 9-level 2 players who came to participate in the competition also entered the stadium one after another.
This time, the official side also played a clever trick.
According to the past practice, it must be from the elite level of 69, then the brave level of 9, and so on, from the low level to the high level, but now it is from the Tianyuan level of 175.
Although most of the dreamers who came to watch this Jingwu Tianshen League came for Fang to think of their dreamer team, who stipulated that a person can like a team?