It’s horrible. It feels like I’m dying.

"The higher dragons are majestic and inviolable."
Li Xuandao corners of the mouth smiling suddenly bass meaningful way "but higher dragon is not unattainable".
In an instant, Aoluan’s mind was shocked.
A little panic rose under her eyes, and her chest was like a deer bumping into her head.
"Li Gong, I still have some private affairs to deal with. I’m sorry I can’t entertain you, but I also invite Li Gong Haihan." Aoluan was long and stumbled towards the main building.
Li Xuandao laughed wildly, and she disappeared in the blink of an eye like an escape.
"To send a you smelly wet girl watching me? Hehe, you are still a little too tender. "
Li Xuandao looked at Aoluan’s back and his face was full of sneer. Soon he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, silently practicing.
Long Gulong’s vitality is the most suitable for dragon cultivation. One day of cultivation here can withstand the outside time of one hundred days. Li Xuandao is now eager to upgrade and repair nature and will not miss such a good opportunity.
At the same time, Longguyang Hall
"The heads of the fathers are so arrogant that they dare to kill people at will in Longgu."
"This little Rowen is terrible. We must drive him out of the Dragon Valley. We must never let him stay here."
"That’s right. It would be terrible if he found out our secret."
Aolang sat in a big chair and there were several people arguing around him.
He hung his eyes and didn’t know what to think for a long time before he slowly raised his head and said lightly, "Li Xuandao is not a dragon royal family. His body Rowen is even a five-claw golden dragon. It is very likely that he is a more noble dragon royal family."
Hearing this, the whole hall was instantly silent, and everyone looked at each other and could see the panic in their eyes.
"Chief of the fathers in this case, Li Xuandao can’t stay any more." A resolute dragon was determined in the previous step.
Aolang shook his head and glanced at the boy behind him. "Is there any trace of ancient gods in Aoguang now?"
Ancient gods!
Hearing this famous family, everyone’s heart is awe-inspiring, and the argument gradually disappears.
"I report that there are indeed ancient gods around the Dragon Valley, but there are so many other people that I dare not go near them at will and I don’t know the truth." The boy named Ao Guang bowed down and made everyone tremble.
Aolang nodded and sighed, "Now I am less than half a month away from Du Jie, and the ancient gods will never miss this opportunity."
"The heads of the fathers rest assured that we will defend Chang ‘an to the death." Ao Guang had a low drink and threw himself on his knees.
"I am waiting for the protection of Changan Du Jie!"
Yu Long also knelt down in succession, but the sound was somewhat humbled.
"Get up, everyone."
AoLangYin indifferent without feelings, "Li Xuandao things temporarily stranded shall not be discussed again, and we will discuss such as the disposal of Li Xuandao after the Japanese ancestors return to the motherland."
Said the ao waves bowed their heads and light way "you are all scattered Ao Guang you stay"
They promised to walk out of the hall one after another.
It was not until the crowd disappeared in the hall that Ao Guang turned around and said with a dignified face, "Chief, you shouldn’t be watching Li Xuandao, right?"
"Hehe, you still know me best."
Aolang ha ha smiled unabashedly and praised, "Although Li Xuandao is still young and not very powerful, his height is limitless, and if anything happens to me, he can shelter you for weeks."
"The patriarch is cautious"
Ao Guang’s face slightly changed pressure and whispered, "You are also a senior dragon and have cultivated to the peak of the eternal world. Even though there are ancient gods eyeing up, we Longgu are not vegetarians. You can rest assured that Du Jie will never disturb you when we are desperate."
"Can the ancient gods plot against the Dragon Valley for many years be so easy to deal with?"
Aolang bowed his head and sighed that he couldn’t see his expression. "My heart has its own calculations. You don’t have to say anything more. Don’t make mistakes in the ceremony of recognizing your ancestors."
Chapter 9 is that you make me kneel!
Chapter 9 is that you make me kneel!
Early the next morning, Li Xuandao was led by Aoluan to a big square in the east of Longgu.
Dragon Square!
The dragon will hold a ceremony to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors here today.
Early in the morning, all the dragons gathered together and looked seriously at a statue in the center of the square.
This is an ancient dragon. It is dark and shining, and the sunlight is refracted and shining. It is tens of thousands of meters long, and the dragon horn on its head is twisted and twisted as if it were an ancient day.
Li Xuandao people look a little surprised.
He looked at the statue in the center of the square and asked Aoluan around him suspiciously, "Who is this?"
"This is the ancestor of the wild."
Aoluan looked up at the tens of thousands of meters statue with a sacred face and said, "This is our dragon ancestor. He created the dragon to lead us to rule the sky. Although the dragon has declined now, the glory of the ancestors of the universe has spread throughout the Xuan Huang Dalu."
Listening to Aoluan praise Li Xuandao almost laughed.
If he hadn’t cultivated to then he couldn’t communicate with the ancestors of the wild, he would have to let them come out and explain it well.
The dragon worships himself?
What joke?
"Don’t smirk in Li Xuandao."
Looking at Li Xuandao’s expression of wanting to laugh but afraid to laugh, Aoluan’s face is cold and cold. "I know you are a higher dragon, but we are all his grandchildren in front of the ancestors of the wild. You should be humble or offending the ancestors of the wild will lead to very serious consequences."
"What are the consequences?" Li Xuandao asked with interest.
Aoluan was speechless, because she didn’t know what would happen if she offended the ancestors of Honghuang, but she was warned by her ancestors to be humble to her ancestors.
"No matter what the consequences are, disrespect for the ancestors of the wild is definitely not good."
Aoluan turned over a supercilious look and said lightly, "And you should pay homage to the ancestors and get the approval of the ancestors, otherwise you will be expelled from the dragon and never set foot in the Dragon Valley again."
Hearing this, Li Xuandao couldn’t help laughing.
Dragon around them turned their heads and glared at the blasphemer who was disrespectful to the ancestors of the wild, so he quickly stopped laughing and waved and said, "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you wrong."