Arnold smiled disdainfully. "Former Liu Jinnuo died long ago when Mao Libo spent my money wearing pants and sleeping with other women. That day, I was also impulsive. Everyone had physical needs. Men and women also had me. It was impossible for him to destroy his family. It was even more impossible for him to abandon his wife and women. I had to go to the hospital to do it quickly."

Qiao Xin is very naive. Not everyone’s life is smooth sailing. Others’ seemingly simple and plain lives may also have unexpected experiences.
"Do you have anything to do this afternoon?" Arnold suddenly asked, "Come with me to the hospital if you have nothing to do. I don’t want to delay any longer. It’s not a major operation anyway."
Qiao Xinwei looked at her stupefied and said, "I will accompany you."
At noon, Arnold, a gynecologist in the hospital, has gone in. Qiao Xinwei is quietly sitting outside waiting for many people in the big hospital. Many people are accompanied by boyfriends, little sisters and others.
Not long ago, the little girl went in and came out in less than half an hour. Her face was sallow and slightly gaunt. After all, it was an operation that hurt her body.
"Pretty fast. How’s it going? Does it hurt?" A young man went to help her.
The little girl frowned and complained, "It’s all your fault if you say it hurts."
Section 129
"Blame me me. I must pay attention to whether to sit for a while before leaving."
The little girl doesn’t want to stay here for a moment. "I’ve been lying inside for a while. Let’s go. I want to go home."
The two men left slowly, and Qiao Xinwei looked at their backs for a long time. A young couple looked at it and should still be learning whether they would get married or not. I wonder if the little girl would regret it.
The best years of flower age need this kind of pain to remember.
She never thought about abortion, even when she shouted to Jiang Hao that she wouldn’t have this baby. This is very contradictory, but when she was at the door of the gynecological small operating room, she decided it even more. She accepted that she was timid and she couldn’t bear it. It was a life.
One day, there will be a person who is related to you by blood, and you are willing to spare nothing. He will give everything and ask for it regardless of the return. He will grow up safely and ask for a sweet name, Mom.
What a happy thing it is. Just thinking about it will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart.
Thinking about this, her tears almost kept spinning in her eyes. If Jiang Hao was not a soldier, if Jiang Hao didn’t have such a heavy sense of mission, or if he had a little selfishness, they wouldn’t have come to this point.
After a while, Arnold came out, looking very haggard. She quickly trotted over to help "Are you okay?"
Arnold said indignantly, "Who said the pain didn’t feel cheated by the advertisement? You see the pain makes me sweat."
Qiao Xinwei took a paper towel to wipe her sweat and soaked the whole piece. "Did the doctor say you can go? Can you go like this?"
"Doctors don’t care about people after the operating table. In their eyes, this is a piece of meat. In a minor operation, a little girl cried in pain, and I came out because I was too noisy."
Suddenly a sheet fell out, and Arnold walked past without knowing that he stepped on one foot.
"Hey, you dropped something."
"If you drop the surgery list, you can’t show it off everywhere. Taking it home is also tearing it up and throwing it in the trash can."
Qiao Xinwei bent down to pick it up and saw Arnold impatient and didn’t return to her. She quickly stuffed it into her bag. "Slow down, I’ll help you go? ? What would Arnold like to eat tonight? I’ll make it for you. "
Arnold forced a smile. "Do I want to eat Maoxuewangke?"
“? ? Seriously, this is also a surgical injury. Abortion should also sit well. "
"I know, I took three days off from the company. Isn’t your brother getting married? There must be a lot of things to do at home. Go home early and don’t accompany me."
Qiao Xinwei was silent and didn’t answer her words. She kept many objects for Arnold that she didn’t want him to harass after he became a great man.
"What’s the matter?" Arnold asked.
"Nothing. Let’s go. It’s rush hour later."
Qiao Xinwei stayed in the building for a long time until Jing Shang called to let her go home for dinner.
As soon as she entered the door, the atmosphere at home was not bad, but Yang Jiajia didn’t break up, and the wedding would be held as usual, but when she saw the scenery, she became stiff, which was very obvious and the most uncomfortable for her.
"Dad, can I help you?"
Not waiting for the scenery to be achieved, I said, "Nothing to be busy. Everything is ready. Everyone will have a good rest tonight. It will be very tired. By the way, don’t lock the door. We will move the candy and cigarettes to the hotel in the afternoon."
"Dad, I have never had the habit of locking the door."
Jing Cheng nodded and said, "Oh, let’s eat."
Qiao Xinwei can’t tell the specific feeling. He feels a lot different and embarrassed.
Chapter 10 Escape
Chapter 10 Escape
The Jing family looked forward to the wedding for a long time, and finally they met in a blessing. Jing Shang and Yang Jiajia are really a match made in heaven.
The romantic wedding with the theme of "Love You" moved many people present to tears. Yang Jiajia made a confession to Jing Shang. She said something that almost made Joe feel tears.
She said, "There is no one hundred percent and fifty percent in this world. Two people hope that in the next day, you and I can understand each other and live a hundred percent life together."
The wedding is still going on, and Qiao Xinwei leaves silently. This is the best time to leave without being discovered or explaining too much.
And the only thing she regrets after many years is that she didn’t say goodbye to her mother.
Eleven years ago, her thirteen-year-old mother took her to this strange city, where she studied, lived, worked and got married. She almost came from this city herself.
Eleven years later, at the age of twenty-four, she ran away with a lot of luggage and didn’t tell anyone that she wanted to say goodbye to the city forever. She wanted to forget the city.
"The first train is now checking in, please get ready. The second train is now checking in, please get ready."
There was ticket checking information on the radio. Qiao Xinwei was carrying simple luggage and holding a high-speed rail ticket. She got up and looked back at the strange people around her. Everything came and went in a hurry. There was no reason for her to stay in this city.
The high-speed rail is moving slowly, and the speed is getting faster and faster. The scenery outside the window is going backwards quickly. Qiao Xinwei is sitting in the window position. She looks at the misty sky outside without a glimmer of brightness, as if she is depressed.
Qiao Xinwei left and left a note at the writing desk in the small room. I went out for fun and didn’t look for me.
A few simple words seem reassuring, but they make people feel uncertain.
The note was that Xiang Ling found her hand shaking involuntarily the next day. "My heart didn’t come back last night. Where did she go? I only didn’t tell you where she went."
Jing Cheng also saw the note and casually said, "Didn’t she say that she was going out for fun? Jing Shang was married, but she was divorced. She felt bad about going out for fun."
"But she didn’t tell me. I was so worried about her accident."
"What can happen to such a big man? Don’t push the child too hard. Jingshang’s marriage with Jia Jia is almost yellow. There must be guilt and Jiang Hao? ? Alas, not this person. "
In the scenery, Cheng patiently persuaded Xiang Ling’s mood to stabilize and come to Jiang Hao. Her mother-in-law was very sad and more heartless. "Alas, my daughter in bad karma, you must come back early."
At this time, Jing Shang and Yang Jiajia came back from the outside and finished their marriage. They were going to prepare for their honeymoon.
Seeing that my parents were in the small room, Jing Shangying went over and asked, "What’s the matter?"