After two days, junior high school was a holiday. Chen Chengcai, Chen Dayu and Chen Xiaoyu came back from school together.

They are going back to their hometown together.
I stayed at home all night, and the next morning, several talents set off for home together.
Chen is still waiting for her birthday early. Why hasn’t she come back? She has to attend every birthday.
Yuanyuan can run all the way without anything. She also brought back the thermostatic stone this time so that the room won’t be cold.
In the county, the constant temperature stone is in Yuanyuan Wuli.
Yao Shangqing felt that it was far away, so he simply put it directly in her room.
Chen was happy when he saw Yuanyuan. His mouth was wide open.
"Ouch, Yuanyuan has grown taller. Why is this embarrassing for grandma? It hurts."
Yue-e Li followed. Anyway, there was nothing at home to follow her mother-in-law around. Isn’t that a coincidence? Reach out and take it, sister-in-law
"Mom, when she grows taller, she will definitely be thin. How can she be as chubby as when she was a child?"
Chen snorted and took Yuan Yuan’s hand. "You know what eating chubby is called being blessed."
Yue-e Li Nai smiled and didn’t contradict her mother-in-law. She never won.
The village was full of people in twos and threes, but I didn’t see Chen Laosan when the Chen family came back.
"Why didn’t Aunt Chen see your third child?" Someone asked.
Chen’s mood will be great. He can’t help showing off. "My third child was transferred to the province for a few months. I don’t know what to learn and communicate. I won’t come back for the New Year."
People around you were surprised when this came out. After all, wasn’t Chen Jia’s third son promoted to the Lord? Why was it transferred to the province again?
But congratulations are always true, and one by one, they all began to boast.
Chen also thanked him happily.
Chen Yougang also came back home early to chop wood. When he heard the bustle at the door, he put the axe and hurried over to pick things up.
"Mom, I put all these things back," Yao Shangqing said and went into the house.
Chen Dayu and Chen Xiaoyu went back to the next door.
Chen Youliang was just waiting at the door, and he thought it was almost time.
"Is it cold?" He said, he went to pick up the bag in Chen Xiaoyu’s hand.
Chen Xiaoyu’s hand flashed and he missed it.
Chen Dayu didn’t notice that she was still smiling. They both came back by bus, and almost never came back. They took a lot of things with them every time they left.
"Not cold, not early, three aunts state-run hotel bought us bags and drank soup."
Chen Youliang reacted awkwardly and nodded with a smile. "That’s good, that’s good."
Chen Xiaoyu has returned to the house with her things, without giving them eyes at all. To tell the truth, she just went to junior high school and didn’t want to come back from this house at all.
"What? Have you all finished the state-run hotel package? "
Zhao Qinhua didn’t like it when they came back and didn’t talk. She was sitting at the door of the main room, but she heard Chen Dayu say that the state-owned hotel bag couldn’t sit still.
Chen Dayu came and smiled, and his face was completely cold.
Chen Xiaoyu just put her bag away and came out of the back room immediately. She now feels that she and Zhao Qinhua are not mother and daughter, relatives or enemies.
"Yes, what do you want to say after eating?"
Zhao Qinhua didn’t know what he was or was a little afraid that Chen Xiaoyu was so contradicted that he didn’t say it.
Chen Xiaoyu was too lazy to ignore her. She turned and went to the kitchen to see that there was no firewood in it. She wanted some chopped firewood. At first glance, she knew that it was Chen Youliang who went to the Woods to pick up dry twigs. Zhao Qinhua wouldn’t do it, and she wouldn’t let Chen Chengzhuang do it. Seeing that it was getting colder and colder, it might snow. There must always be firewood to pick up two baskets next to it.
"I’m going to collect firewood."
When Chen Dayu heard this, she hurriedly ran over to pick up the basket.
Chen’s family cleaned up the fish next to the well killing. This is what Chen Yougang brought back and waited for them to come back to eat. When he looked up, he saw Chen Dayu and Chen Xiaoyu carrying baskets.
"Dayu Xiaoyu will come to grandma’s house for dinner later."