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In a moment of urgency, he simply forgot
Self-protection was taken aback, too, and quickly took the knife and shouted, "Do you want to die?"
It was he who scolded Gao Langshi.
Two other men rushed to catch Gao Lang.
Gao Lang wanted to rush in, but he stopped two self-protection tool holders.
There are four thieves, and all of them look like adults.
At this time, in the bedroom, a self-protection rudely tried to grab Suer and drag her to the bed, while she desperately resisted the messy clothes and she clung to it.
When Shen Suer saw the figure of Gao Lang in front of the door, his eyes suddenly burst into hope, just like seeing a light in despair and he was her light.
No matter how stupid she is, she knows what terrible things will happen. I didn’t expect it to be so dangerous and terrible here. She has always been a flat country.
Sir, help me cough and beg. My eyes are trembling and I am afraid of my voice.
I don’t know what was in that self-protection hand and threw it into her mouth when she opened her mouth to speak.
And forced her to swallow it.
Ah, I don’t eat it. She’s scared, scared
Damn bastard Gao Lang regrets his death at this moment. It’s all his own fault. His vigilance is too low. He should have called the police a long time ago. Why is the security of this damn apartment so bad? Isn’t it a monitor? Why hasn’t anyone called the police yet?
Don’t touch her in Gaolang airway. She can’t wait.
Suddenly, Gao Lang put his hand around him with a knife, grabbed his wrist and made a mistake. Suddenly, he heard a cry of pain like killing a pig. Then he was wrong and kicked off the tall self-protection around him. It was strange that the tall self-protection was kicked, but he didn’t rush forward in disgust.
Gao Lang also practices Taekwondo, and three or two men don’t want to touch him
But nai a woman in their hands.
However, few times.
One of them threatened Gao Lang with a knife rest in the frightened Shen Suer’s neck.
Gao Lang had to stop. Section 153 Extra trouble.
Gao Lang had to stop.
You can’t avoid it. Gao Lang got beat up and couldn’t fight back.
Even if you gnash your teeth, you will still be angry.
He hates himself a little and can’t protect her. She looks really weak and tired now, shrinking and crying all the time. I’m sorry, I didn’t. He looked at her and apologized, and his heart was full of love.
No, Shen Suer stared at him with misty eyes. Tears kept dropping on him like broken beads to save her from being beaten. At one time, tears would fall more violently every time, and complex emotions reflected in her eyes.
Love dearly, fear, worry, fear
Oh, you want to be a hero, but you are a little cruel. What’s the route? The man suddenly kicked Gao Lang in the body, but when he raised his knife, he was stopped by another one.
That voice is like a duck man growling, don’t fucking kill anyone.
Lao da zhe Xiao hui Jia
Cuff him first. I said that killing people with such a small amount of money is out of your fucking mind. You don’t want to get into more trouble with a small amount of money.
The man stepped aside without anger or annoyance.
The boss gave a wink, and the other two self-protection took the initiative to handcuff Gao Lang to the bedside, so that his roots were confined to a narrow range.
Sir, she’s afraid but not limited
Surprised to Gao Lang’s arms.
Gao Lang put his arm around her. Don’t be afraid of me. Don’t be afraid of being soft and comforting. Damn it, he got angry and gradually calmed down.
From the conversation just now, they asked for what is not money.
Oh, four self-protection people are speechless.
The old man didn’t speak or nod.
What about the boss? Does the girl still want it?