Chang Tianci and Xingyun naturally attracted the attention of young people around them, and at the same time they saw their teachers coming and saying hello before they were busy, and Xingyun was no exception.

The young people explained to their teachers why Chang Tianci was even more reprimanded by his father, Chang Chengyan. Naturally, the quiet fairy on this side listened carefully and looked at Chen Mo in the field again. At this time, he was caught in the wind, and his brow wrinkled deeper.
People outside the temple are even more clamoring. It is amazing that the top ten young masters get together. Soul-level masters are not common in Jianghu at ordinary times. The appearance of these young people has already made people feel that today is worth worse. There is such a wonderful duel.
And now so many leaders of the top ten sects have come together! There are so many people outside the temple that there are always a few well-informed people who can infer the identity of one or two of them if they can recognize Yang. People are even more looking forward to what will happen next.
But before they think too much, the field has changed!
At this time, Zhu Ge and Chen Mo have been fighting for more than half an hour! Even the outsiders are tired of watching, and it is conceivable that they are tired after a fierce battle in the field!
First of all, I can’t bear it. It’s not Zhu Ge, but Chen Mo
High-speed battle is amazing for energy and physical strength. Zhu Ge turned over and rolled over. Chen Mo gradually couldn’t bear it. This is not only because of physical strength, but also because of that spirit. The idea of not losing is like Taishan, but the opponent is getting stronger and stronger in the Vietnam War! Chen Mo finally collapsed!
When! Another loud noise! But after this loud noise, it’s different! The silence of the wind Excalibur was actually swung to lose the protection of the Excalibur, and the silence of the front door was exposed!
Zhu Ge was robbed into Chen Mo’s arms at this time!
"The outcome has been divided!"
The wise monk admired himself in his heart, and his eyes were dark. "My eyes are really accurate. I just didn’t know what the sentence’ This is bad’ means. Now it seems that my uncle Guang Xiang even saw Chen Mo’s fatigue long ago, and sighed that" my uncle really missed Chen Mo’s defeat early. "
Master Guangxiang shook his head when he heard this. "My nephew was wrong, but Chen Mo won."
The wise monk was stunned and didn’t know what he meant. At this time, there were punches and sounds in the field.
Boxing! Finger! Foot! What shoulders! You can be attacked by Zhu Gelai. One move and one type followed! Zhu Ge has completely jumped into the silence and a series of impacts will follow!
See the potential Chen Mo is iron man, I’m afraid I will be shattered!
"Never!" The clouds shouted fiercely
Although Xingyun is very disgusted with Chen Mo’s affection for Dian Cang Pai, he has to stop it at this time because Zhu Ge’s attack is really complete! Then the silence can be said to have lost his life, even hurting two lives, some of which are pale. Choosing the head of the future is not to save the honor of King Kong Gate but to curse King Kong Gate! Say quiet fairy will not care about the clouds, but absolutely don’t believe it.
But after all, the attack over there is over before the voice of the cloud falls.
Will see Zhu Ge silence both stopped at this time, two people posture is very strange, Zhu Ge seems to be posted on the silence and Chen Mo Feng Xiao is not floating but fell on the side.
Master Guangxiang slowly came out at this time and announced to everyone with his hands folded that "the winner of this tournament is …"
Looking at the two young people, Master Guangxiang shook his head and continued, "The winner is Dian Cang Chen Mo!"
This statement is full of uproar!
Everyone in the Jianghu outside the temple is indignant. Although the ten sects have a good reputation, Shaolin is a martial arts master, but after all, Zhu Ge is a younger brother of King Kong. Many ordinary Jianghu people naturally regard him as their own with the bottom of the martial arts.
In this way, it’s natural to be on Zhu Ge’s side and make things worse. Zhu Ge, who won the honor of his master and challenged the master, is even more admirable. Now that he has won, how can he say that Chen Mo has won?
For a moment, it was like a pot outside the temple. People were noisy. Although they said they were different, they wanted to express one meaning, and that was "injustice!"
Most Jianghu people are full of vigor and blood. Although they are very concerned about the top ten sects, at this time, it is a time when people are angry. As the saying goes, "Many people are bold". At this time, there are not thousands of people outside the temple and they are all angry. Naturally, it is a courageous victory! Even people want to go to the temple to ask for justice.
When you see those people, you have to step into the temple. Master Guangxiang folded his hands and recited "Amitabha" again.
But at this time, the Buddha’s name is not as mellow as before, but like a giant clock! The earthquake made birds fly up in the middle of the mountain, and even the tiles in the house seemed to be broken. Generally, people felt that the earthquake had just leaked a little, and it was as cold as being poured with a pot of cold water.
If this person is courageous when he is excited, it will be extremely difficult to regain that courage once he cools down.
Master Guangxiang, at this time, this Buddhist lion roar really shocked everyone to calm down and stop moving forward.
"Yes, this is Shaolin Temple! There are many leaders of the top ten sects in it! Where will we be rivals? "
Everyone looks at me, and I look at you one by one. I don’t feel a little depressed. I’m thinking, "It’s a pity that the young man of King Kong won but didn’t count."
But the temple people are secretly estimating the strength of the first Luohan Hall in Shaolin Temple, and they all have different ideas, but they all admire the old monk’s merits.
Master Guangxiang saw that everyone was quiet and no longer excited, and then he leisurely realized, "I, Shaolin, have been holding the Wulin Righteousness for nearly a thousand years. Don’t you still believe what the old lady said?"
Said the first two steps gently picked up Zhu Ge, but saw Zhu Ge’s hands and feet were already hanging down.
They are not only stunned, but also think of "this is? Just now, I saw this King Kong’s younger brother attacking, but I didn’t see Chen Mo’s hand. Why did he become like this? "
This is always there, but Chen Mo is "Ah!" After a loud cry, he repeatedly regressed more than ten steps, pointing to Zhu Ge’s mouth, but Nuo Nuo could not say a complete sentence.
Not only the Jianghu people outside the temple, but also all the people in the temple are puzzled. Although the leaders of the top ten sects said they were well-informed, they saw the end and naturally learned the reason.
Everyone is waiting for master guangxiang’s answer.
Chapter 177
Seeing Zhu Ge, the clouds seem to have realized his life and death, but although he is in his heart, he dare not rashly. After all, the first master of Guangxiang in Luohantang is there, and there are many elders here who are not in their former places, so it is better to listen to Master Guangxiang’s rhetoric in the same place.
Seeing Master Guangxiang slow down to "Mrs. Sachan gave her life to feed the tiger corpse and the king to cut the meat and trade pigeons. This is the way to give her life. There is also a unique skill in Buddhist martial arts, so it is called giving up her life to reduce the dragon power once it can increase its power tenfold!"
When people heard this, it was natural that Zhu Ge must be the martial arts, and it was also clear that Zhu Ge would suddenly become worse than before for many reasons.
Knowing that Zhu Ge pursues the National People’s Congress, most people admire his will. A young man can do this by himself. Although an elder doesn’t want to see his door fall like Zhu Ge, he can’t help secretly thinking that how many people can do this than his younger brothers?
Of course, some people naturally think that Zhu Ge gave up his life to learn the honor law is very stupid and worthless.
Master Guangxiang put one hand on Zhu Ge’s back at this time to slow down the loss of true qi.
Zhu Ge’s body has gone upstairs, and the situation is even more thorough when the previous cloud lost its qi roots in Nanshan Caotang. The meridians have shrunk a lot. Now Master Guangxiang can input a little qi to keep the meridians from shrinking. If you input the qi at this time, if you are stronger, you will kill Zhu Ge immediately.
Master Guangxiang was carefree while maintaining the true qi. "It is not difficult for Buddhist people to achieve high requirements for mood by giving up the method of giving up their lives to make the mind quiet first and thinking that Xuan Ji keeps the heart moving."
This little benefactor is not a Buddhist. Although he is extremely talented, he is far from being forced to practice. Although he is seriously injured, he has only played a 20% power.
This sacrifice method emphasizes that the more powerful the state of mind is, the poorer it is, but all the people who sacrifice themselves are persistent. This mystery of right and wrong can only be explored by people who practice meditation.
But it’s not a bad thing. The little benefactor didn’t make the effort, and he will die. "
After listening to Master Guangxiang’s words, Xing Yun was relieved. Although he said that he didn’t know much about the method of giving his life, he knew that Zhu Ge would not die and there would be hope if he lived.
Aside, Chen Mo didn’t fully recover until then. He was stunned just now. He was already waiting for death, but he didn’t expect his opponent to punch his fists to the meat, but it was normal.
It’s not necessarily a bad thing for the silence to live and die, but this victory annoys the silence. This time, it’s an open victory, but it seems that everyone has lost.
"The martial arts of King Kong Gate is really fierce. Although it fell short in the end, it is also very remarkable to be able to train such a fierce brother to push the soul master to such a point." Everyone outside the temple talked about it in succession.
It’s natural to hear clearly that "Zhu Xiong, although you failed to win, you also won differently."
The tournament is over. Master Guangxiang is so high at this time that "Your benefactors will disperse when the tournament is over?"
The old monk has his own school of majesty outside the temple. Although everyone still wants to see it again, he also knows that it is not a problem that so many people are stuck at the gate of Shaolin Temple, so it is good to go their separate ways. However, this tournament has been promoted to be Zhu Gemu.
Quiet fairy before he left at this time, he grabbed Chen Mo’s wrist and explored it. He found that it didn’t matter, and he ignored Chen Mo’s apology. He looked at Master Guangxiang’s arms and Zhu Ge’s expression was calm and he didn’t know what he was thinking.
At this time, Master Guangxiang went to "I’ll take this little benefactor to the back to recuperate and save his life, but please excuse me first" and then gave a ceremony and went back with wisdom.