Xiaobao nervously grabbed the clothes and opened his mouth slightly. Before he could speak, his face was red.

"Nothing, take your time. Not today. We will learn one day that my brother thinks Xiaobao is smart and not in a hurry!" Han Tianlei loves his brother dearly and can’t bear to rush again.
Xiaobao wandered around his little head and found that his mother, Dabao brother and big brother were all looking forward to looking at themselves, so he blushed and shouted intermittently, "Brother, brother, brother …!"
"Hey!" Han Tianlei laughed and stretched out his neck and kissed Xiao Bao’s face. "How clever! Xiaobao is the cleverest! "
Xiaobao smiled shyly and looked at Le Xuewei with his eyes. She needs praise from her mother!
Le Xuewei smiled and gave a thumbs-up to the children. "Xiaobao is great! Big brother also praised Xiao Bao Cong, didn’t he? "
"hmm!" Get a compliment, Xiaobao smiles and is satisfied.
Sitting there, Su Lejun can’t watch it anymore. He’s an idiot and his family regards him as a treasure! What are you boasting about? Hum … That’s funny! Su Lejun got up, picked up the spoon and slowly filled the soup.
Section 17
But he sarcastically said, "Oh, this world is really interesting! Can an idiot be said to be smart? "
As soon as this was said, the atmosphere became wrong.
Han Tianlei first twisted his eyebrows and calmly challenged his mother. "Mom, what are you talking about? Can you not talk nonsense in front of your brother? "
Le Xuewei’s face is gray and ugly. How can Su Lejun look down on her and make things difficult for her? But … She can’t say that about her child!
However, Su Lejun didn’t converge when he received the warning, but it became more and more ugly when he said it. "I said Hu? Did I talk nonsense? Is it not an idiot or a genius when a three-year-old child can’t talk? "
"Mom …"
"You shut up!" Le Xuewei couldn’t bear to raise her head and glared at Su Lejun’s thin body, standing proudly and being stubborn and angry. "Sister-in-law, please apologize to my child!"
"Huh?" Su Lejun froze and froze for a moment and then looked up and laughed more than "ha ha ha ha ha ….. did I hear you right? You want me to apologize to a little idiot? " Shu’ er Su Lejun stopped laughing, and the corners of his mouth were cold and hard.
"LeXueWei you know your position! Don’t have children, and your position in the Korean family will be indestructible! Can you really sit in the chair of Third Mistress by yourself? So what if you do? In this family, I entered the door earlier than you. Where can I talk to you? "
Say raise your hand and give Le Xuewei a slap.
"This slap is to teach you to make! Also let your children learn what is called seniority! "
Le Xuewei slant face face a burning pain Su Lejun this slap strength is not light.
"Mom, mom!"
Dabao Xiaobao saw that his mother was beaten and immediately ran away from Han Tianlei. He rushed to his mother and hugged her. She was very sensible and distressed. "Mom, do you hurt?"
"Mom is fine" Le Xuewei covered her cheeks and shook her head with a strong smile. Although her face hurts, it is Su Lejun’s attitude that makes her and her two children live in Korea. Su Lejun’s attitude is obviously to confront their mother to the end.
Han Tianlei was in a hurry and didn’t know what to do. If it were anyone else, he would have slapped him back, but it was his mother! "Mom, you don’t go too far! Xue Wei has married his uncle. Their children are so old. Why do you dislike Xue Wei so much? "
"Hum …" Su Lejun twist eyebrow sneer at "what? I believe your uncle knows very well what! Don’t like her? Of course I don’t like her! If it weren’t for this woman, your uncle wouldn’t be like this! You forget that your third uncle was preoccupied with you! "
It is said that both Le Xuewei and Han Tianlei are a little overwhelmed … What does this mean?
Le Xuewei doesn’t understand. Does it have anything to do with Han Tianlei? Han Tianlei shrugged his shoulders to show that I know nothing!
The adults are surging in the dark, but the two little guys are also communicating with each other. Even if they don’t talk, Dabao Xiaobao is empathy. Dabao nodded at Xiaobao and then violently broke free from his mother’s arms and rushed to the table. wait for a while threw the soup bowl straight at Su Lejun!
Su Lejun screamed and jumped up as soon as the boiling soup was splashed on him. "Ah … ah!"
Dabao once ate her, but this time he learned his lesson and spilled soup. He immediately jumped out of his chair and ran back to his mother’s side, got into her arms and cried timidly, "Mom …"
Le Xuewei looked at this scene in amazement. Neither she nor Han Tianlei reacted. Who would have thought a three-year-old would do this? "Dabao … how can you pour big aunt soup? Can’t do this! This is not right, you know? "
"Hum!" Dabao inadvertently raised his jaw like his father. "Who told her to bully her mother!"
"You! You ….. "Su Lejun was very hot and angry and swore" What kind of mother was born! When you are a mother, you dare to treat adults like this at an early age! Ah … "
Seeing that it was a scene, Han Tianlei was busy getting a bath towel to wrap his mother and drag it to the floor.
"Mom, you say less! You didn’t burn it? "
Su Lejun hate this heartless a twist on his ear "you heartless! Why don’t you think about mom? "
"Who did you kill? Is it still me? " Han Tianlei nai shook his head and was too lazy to listen to her.
Su Lejun breathed some words that she couldn’t say to her son. After all, she was unwilling to turn around and shout behind her, "Some people don’t want to be proud! This is the end of the matter? Tell you what! You can’t show off in the Korean family if I’m here! Even mom, her old man and Han Chengyi dare not do anything to me! "
Far Le Xuewei’s doubts deepened when she heard these words.
Su Lejun has had enough of tossing their mother around like this. She won’t understand. Han Chengyi was married to Su Lejun’s brother-in-law, so Su Lejun didn’t like it? Although I have heard a lot about the disharmony of sisters-in-law, Su Lejun’s attitude is not too radical.
And indeed, as Su Lejun said, Han Chengyi didn’t do anything to her. What’s the catch? Mother-in-law once told her that the Han family owed Su Lejun what happened that year?
Mother-in-law also told her that she had been wronged and let her try to endure Le Xuewei’s cheek as if it were burning.
In the evening, both children slept. Le Xuewei leaned against the head of the bed with an ice pack and her face was full of doubts. She was so absorbed that she didn’t even notice Han Chengyi came in.
Han Chengyi listened to the housekeeper as early as when he entered the door. He felt guilty about his wife and went to the bed to sit. Han Chengyi reached out for Le Xuewei with an ice pack and folded his eyebrows. His mouth was full of pity. "Does it hurt? Sister-in-law, she has gone too far! I … I’ll find her! "
"Ah! Don’t! " Le Xuewei hurriedly pulls Han Chengyi "Don’t go, it’s not too heavy …"