Thinking in Ye Tian, Lenny gently pushed his arm and said goodbye. Now it’s your turn to go to the field. You can’t let them continue to dance, can you?

Well, I looked puzzled. Lenny’s eyes suddenly lit up and then he strode on the stage.
Go straight to the front of Kalia, and sincerely say "Beautiful". It’s so beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve seen this wonderful dance.
Hearing Ye Tian sincerely praise Kalia, holding a pair of small white fists and calling out for truth? Do you really think we dance very well?
Yeh-eun nodded his head again and again. Ye Tian said seriously, of course, it is true. This is definitely the most beautiful dance in the world, especially for men. I absolutely can’t stop this dance charm. Am I right? Ye Tian said the last sentence to the audience in Taiwan.
Facing the leaf day, I asked the man to laugh, but I didn’t forget to answer the leaf day question. At the moment, 200,000 or 300,000 men gathered together and shouted at the same time.
Give ear and listen to everyone shouting. Ye Tian nodded with satisfaction and smiled at Kalia Road. You don’t believe me, but you can’t help but believe people. You heard it. It’s hundreds of thousands of spectators at the scene.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Kalia blushed with excitement and stubbornly said, So what about you? I want to know if you dance with us.
Er, facing Kalia, I asked Ye Tian what she wanted to ask, but since people asked about it, I had to give them some thoughts. Ye Tianxiao said with a smile, of course, I hate that people can dance for me every day. It must be that a man can enjoy the highest enjoyment.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, men all laughed and nodded secretly while touching Ba. Yes, which man doesn’t want to? It’s just that he doesn’t have this good life.
When the stage heard Ye Tian’s words, Kalia bit her purplish mouth and whispered in Ye Tian’s ear while the audience was talking about it. I can show you every day and at any time.
Chapter 34 Feminine Uber
Hearing this affectionate but seductive word from Kalia, Ye Tian was startled and stunned. In my mind, I couldn’t help but fantasize. Silent night, gentle night, warm bedroom, Kalia shyly danced, and then
At the thought of Ye Tian, he instantly reacted awkwardly and merged his legs. Fortunately, his clothes are made of metal. Otherwise, such a day would be a big embarrassment. It would be great to lose this person in the stage tent.
Ye Tiangen didn’t dare to say that he wanted to know that all the stages were shrouded in magic sound. If he was not careful, his conversation with Kalia would be broadcast live.
Thinking about Ye Tian, he quickly changed the subject and said with a smile. Then it’s our turn to join the Teana Dance Troupe, but look at everyone’s posture. If you want to go like this, you may not agree.
That’s right. One more, one more, one more. As soon as Ye Tian’s words fell, the audience shouted in unison. Instead of shouting and expressing strong demand, people waved their fists in protest, and they wouldn’t stop until they came again.
Nai shrugged his shoulders and Ye Tian said with a wry smile, Miss Kalia, you have seen this basket, but if you don’t appease the audience, we will be bombarded if you come. It’s up to you.
Looking at Ye Tian’s funny look, Kalia smiled. It was the first time she felt this treatment. People should watch them dance for another time. This is the greatest glory of a dance, right?
Thinking about Karia turning around and bowing to everyone sincerely, since everyone loves our sisters so much, let’s dance another song, but after all, today is a duel. I hope you won’t force Karia again, okay?
Facing the clever Kalia audience, how can they say no? They all agreed to come to see this scene. Kalia was relieved and made a gesture to the other sisters. Then she turned to the girl of the Sky Orchestra and made a few words, and then the stirring music rang again.
Looking at the wonderful dance of Monty, Ye Tian was amazed. He admitted that this wonderful dance of Monty was really attractive. The woman’s body foundation raised the dance to the height of her soul. A dance can definitely make a man’s heart boil.
However, after all, lap dancing is lap dancing. Although it can make people super excited in a short time, they will soon be tired because they are too excited. They will feel very tired and tired, and Ye Tian wants to be this tired and empty period. At this time, Tian Tian can hold the opponent’s qualification for confrontation.
Although gorgeous dancing is beautiful, it is too dependent on whether it can really enrich the human soul or whether art really touches the human soul, not to tease, but to soothe like a mother’s hand.
As time goes by, Karia’s second dance, the first dance, is as wonderful, charming and exciting, but at the end of the first dance, the audience still refuses to let them go and force them to dance again.
The girls who were forced to dance the third dance in advance, such as Naikaria, have to admit that this wonderful dance is really superior to the first two and almost did not attract the soul of the audience.
However, after the most brilliant light, when the third dance of Kalia and others ended, later generations felt lonely. Although they were very excited, they felt very empty and insecure. After that, people felt that everything was boring and everything was chatting.
Seeing that the audience didn’t ask them to play a song again, Karia was secretly relieved and a little disappointed. Although they couldn’t continue dancing, I still hope everyone could ask for it.
Looking at the stage, tired and a little lost, Kalia Ye Tianxin felt a little guilty and could not bear it, but this was an unfair confrontation, and the means of confrontation was also difficult. Does it still need to be compared?
Of course, Ye Tianken doesn’t care what kind of dance you have, even if you are naked and want him to dedicate the most classic dance, then Kalia is by no means his opponent