Maternal blood pressure is decreasing, fetal heart rate has been greatly slowed down, and the embarrassing situation is serious, so we must be anesthetized and operated quickly.

If the fetus is less than 8 weeks pregnant, I’m afraid it will
Try to rescue
Xuan pupil nervously almost didn’t open my mouth to cry.
But he is strong.
It is holding Chai Wanying’s hand that hasn’t dropped anesthetic and gently saying that mom is by your side and will look after her brothers. Mom, you must be strong.
Dad will come back, mom, dad will definitely come back when his brothers are around.
Chai Wanying was pushed into the operating room.
The doctors stopped a piece of white cloth in the belly to block it.
So that such a child can’t see the bloody scene.
In fact, such a child should not be allowed in the operating room at all, because the maternal situation is very special
Before entering the operating room, the vice president’s office received a message suspecting that Chai Wanying was the lucky bride who almost caused a sensation in half of China more than half a year ago.
Because it is said that her husband is none other than the youngest public tourmaline Emilio, a very famous old chaebol in the United States.
A young billionaire with a wealth that shock that world.
And this copy of Chai Wanying’s hospitalization information marriage certificate shows that her husband’s name is tourmaline Emilio.
This lady is the housewife of the Emilio family.
Although I don’t know why I will choose to give birth in their hospital, I don’t know what the master Emilio is not around.
But anyway, this little exposure of her identity is enough for their hospital to be cautious.
After all, if this is the case, it is very serious for the pregnant women to say something in their hospital.
Chapter 36 Not optimistic
After all, if this is the case, it is very serious for the pregnant women to say something in their hospital.
Maybe the hospital will be destroyed.
Of course, it is not clear that Chai Wanying’s identity is also a layer of leaders who know others in their hearts.
But the doctor who performed the operation personally is suspected to be the best in the hospital.
But the fetus is too small, and the doctor thinks that it should be seven months if the fetus is mature.
But now pregnant women are less than seven months pregnant.
They are even more worried that they will have a stillbirth, that is, pregnant women are pregnant with triplets, and even if they are dissected, the survival rate will not be high.
The surgeons are actually very nervous.
The incubator class is already ready, and you have to put it in when you bring the child.
Xuan pupil doesn’t understand everything these white-coated doctors do.
But he could see from their eyes that the situation was not optimistic.
He kept shouting in his heart that if only his father were here, at least his father could give his mother encouragement.
Ma has made mother’s consciousness slowly fall into a deep sleep.
He didn’t dare blink a little. He just stared blankly and felt his mother’s every breath.
Experience the longest and hardest time in my life.
In the years to come, even when Xuan Pupil grew up, he didn’t dare to forget this moment when his mother was lying quietly in bed without breathing.
This has caused great fear and anxiety in his still young mind.
As time goes by, the doctors have not left much sweat on their foreheads.
A few times, the nurses left behind couldn’t help but want to take Wan Wan away.
After all, this scene is too thrilling and cruel for a child.
He is only one or two years old. He shouldn’t be allowed to stay here and smell blood.
To make matters worse, the smell of blood still comes from his mother.
Tourmaline digested and absorbed energy as quickly as possible.