Fei Fei, who has been under Gu Xiaojun’s command as a military force, has a low sense of leadership and has some doubts. Wen Leyang explained, "My intention is to let the enemy retreat, but just now it seems to other teams that the Greeks are too weak."

Wenleyang recently learned to use his head flexibly and nodded with a smile. "I see! The Greeks have to fight back desperately if they want to keep their position. "
Praise "talking to Cong people is worry-free! The Greeks might as well help other teams break him up first. "
Apart from the China-Africa Union, among the other four alliances, Greece is the only tiger among the evil beasts, and the other three alliances are the evil wolf Gu Xiaojun, which obviously makes the evil wolf know that the tiger is fake.
Qin Zui entered the Greek team with a ferocious laugh, and the speed of the French company was severely inserted. In the blink of an eye, when the other party didn’t respond, he had already smashed a dozen people. The formation was in chaos, and Qin Zui gradually slowed down after running for a while. This group of Greek evil disciples were all strong and strong, and their bodies were full of ordinary people’s imagination. It seems that pieces of hard rocks were smashed to pieces, and at the same time, a force that was enough to make Qin Zui feel uncomfortable was sent into his body without mercy.
It’s easy to hit one, but it’s a little hard to hit ten, so I feel pain when I hit twenty … Now the situation has changed from he hitting others to a group of evil people trying to hit him.
Fei Fei frowned and said to Wen Leyang, "Is Greece advocating power nationalism, ancient mythology or people’s belief? They all believe in rigid power. Qin Cone is having a little trouble now."
Wen Leyang was a little proud. These Greeks practiced a little like him, but they were far from powerful.
Xiaosha smiled from the side interface. "Qin cone is one of the old sayings. How many nails are made of iron! Are you going to help him? "
Wen Leyang has a plan. He knows better than anyone. He shook his head and smiled. "Nothing!"
Sure enough, Qin Cone’s arms were rocked, and he picked himself up from behind. tangdao slashed in anger and growled!
All the Greek evil people who were bullied red-eyed screamed and were about to rush to Qin cone. Suddenly, everything around the whole world felt like a rushing torrent with that knife, and they smashed their faces towards themselves! The first few people didn’t even come to scream and collapsed into a ball. Although tangdao didn’t cut on them, the sky and terrain made a great impact and crushed all their bones without mercy.
Wenleyang ha ha smiled and said, "Qin Cone has enough to deal with them by himself."
Gu Xiaojun laughed when he heard this. "It’s going to be a mess!" The other three forces have inadvertently adjusted their direction, and their bloodthirsty eyes have shifted from the’ China-Africa Union’ camp to the Greek evil team.
Several teams allied with the Greeks did not hesitate to abandon their’ champions’ and quickly retired to form a new alliance.
The Greeks can’t hold on any longer. No one can rush into the Qin Cone’s’ potential’ and beat them out of the water like Five Blessingg’s master.
Nearly 100 Greek evil disciples were killed and almost half of them were killed in a rush at Qin Cone, and Gu Xiaojun just wanted Wen Leyang to call Qin Cone back. Suddenly, a piercing howl rose from the ranks of Greek evil disciples, and a magnificent old man with a dense face carved all around him was like an old lion king roaring in the sky, spinning a bunch of burnt yellow flames, which suddenly turned into screams!
The fire was magnificent, but it was not enough to block the eyes. The Greek leader quickly became a pile of scorched bones in the fire, and he was full of flesh and blood. The flame also crashed into dozens of salamanders in the blink of an eye, and the overbearing and terrible power occupied everyone’s eyes.
Around a few eager team immediately retreat for fear of being unknown salamanders; wave Qin cone also waving tangdao firmly protect themselves.
The burnt salamander didn’t devour the enemy as everyone expected, but wrapped up a Greek separately, shaking like a shock all day.
The Greeks wrapped in fire snakes seem to be proud of the ore biting their teeth and saying nothing. They are gradually changing and turning into steel after being tempered by evil fire! There are’ ores’ that finally can’t stand refining. With the wailing of half pain, they turn into black coke, while salamanders bring the curse of the dead into refining others.
Qin Cone shouldered himself, and tangdao became more and more excited when he looked at the Greek expression being strengthened by witchcraft.
There were more and more Greeks, and in the end, five people survived the evil fire. When the dust cleared, they appeared again.
The Greeks have changed not in appearance, eyes and expressions, but in momentum. It seems that not long ago, they were stones, but now they have been forged into steel by the life fire of leaders and companions! Qin Zugen didn’t talk nonsense about striding, raising his knife and roaring like thunder!
At the same time, a Greek growled that he raised his hand and caught Qin Cone tangdao firmly! Two people stood still at the same time in a snap.
Small-eyed Xiaosha was so anxious that she stamped her feet in the distance and made an idea "Draw a knife and stab him!"
Gu Xiaojun nodded from the side and seemed to agree with the hand. They didn’t know that Qin Cone Dao was a scabbard root that couldn’t be pulled out to stab people.
Wenleyang took a long breath and his skin suddenly became tight.
Africans have come back to the taste now, screaming again, but the position of their feet has long been scattered. Tuttle first found a high point in the camp to watch the game
Gu Xiaojun took a wry look at the right and wrong. "Did you find a cheerleader as an ally with us?"
Fei Fei nodded with a smile. "I estimate that our African partners should not."
Otherwise, no one wants to form an alliance with them. "
Although Tuta Tunte’s team is small in number, there are always a dozen who are not as pitiful as Wen Leyang’s five, and there are two or three teams outside the dozen evil followers with similar numbers, so people can form a smooth alliance.
Finally, after a pause of several minutes, Qin Zui and the Greek body shook at the same time, and the blood slowly crawled out of Qin Zui’s ears like earthworms, while the Greeks quickly withered and dried up like a body discovered suddenly by the sun, and suddenly turned into a pile of dead bones!
Wen Leyang couldn’t help whispering "cult!"
Several Greeks who came out of the evil fire had already cut off their vitality. Their strength and actions were all supported by evil spells. After the Greek power was defeated by Qin Cone, the spells were shattered and the people became charred bodies after being burned by the fire.
Cults belong to cults, but the power they are called out is not to be underestimated! One person can hurt Qin Zui.
Qin Zui took a deep breath and looked at the other four Greeks and said, "One!"
The words sound just fell and Qin cone suddenly screamed and quickly retreated, not one but four.
The four Greeks’ eyes were cold and their muscles seemed to be chiseled out by knives and axes. After the death of the first companion, they rushed towards Qin Cone together!
Qin Zui has just spelled one, and it has been understood that after being tempered by witchcraft, one Greek can win, two can level, three can barely protect themselves, and four will die. He is suspected of being a martial artist, but fools also have a bad eye. When they see each other, the four of them pounce on a tangdao Road together, and like a ghost, they get into the Indian team which is relatively closest to him.
Indians and allies swore angrily at everyone, and the Greeks were finished. The team with the largest number, famous strength and the most arrogant was defeated by an ugly man who could not see the East.
It’s like a seemingly powerful elephant being overturned by a crab with incredible power.
Now there are only a few Greeks left, and they will die naturally when their witchcraft runs out. As a result, I didn’t expect China people to rush in waving tangdao and leading four monsters.
The Indian leader is a thin old man with a goatee and a strong smell of coffee, ordering his own people and allies not to make moves quickly, which slowed down a little. The evil acts were either hit by Qin Cone or torn apart by the Greeks. It happened that none of them could go to revenge for nothing, or it was a chaotic war. The theory was that the four warriors were still grinning all over their faces, and the price of the Oriental shopping with them was to become fat in other power plates after the great loss of strength.
The Indian team was torn apart, so it won’t be long before it becomes a mass of scattered old goatee, and Li Mang in his eyes shrank up and hid behind several tall companions …
Qin Zui was happy when he was running. Suddenly, he felt the slightest sign on the soles of his feet. A soft but tenacious force was like a strip of soft-skinned snake struggling to entangle himself. Qin Zui hurried to live in his body and growled. tangdao slammed into the ground, and his strength was broken, but it was slow for a moment. Four Greek warriors descended and the strong body firmly covered the blue sky. Qin Zui felt that he didn’t want to directly lift tangdao and cut out a world!