Looking at the huge soil spear at the foot, Xiang Ye coloured glaze’ jade’ body was running and stepped on it, which easily broke the old man’s advanced spell moves.

At this time, the old man has hesitated. Although the young man is only a third-level monk, his performance now makes him feel dangerous. So he slowed down a step forward, and his mouth has been spit out. It looks sharp and abnormal.
Xiang Ye saw him move with his mouth slightly open, and the dragon magic clock in his abdomen flew out with a low hum, constantly spinning in the middle, emitting a series of light blue’ color’ flashes from time to time to show its order
"Six spirit! How is it possible! " At this time, the old man across the street was already screaming. He really didn’t expect that the young man had offered a six-spirit device. You know, their house only has a six-spirit device or a bodhi old zu’s life-saving device, but now this strange boy has come up with a spirit device of this level.
With the sacrifice of Ye Xiang’s Lingqi, the old man has no intention to continue fighting at this time. At this time, it is definitely a big force behind the young boy’s background to have such a Lingqi. If their house is not necessarily provoked, it will not be worth the loss because of their own reasons.
When he was surprised, the blood wolf on the other side had already outbursted and knocked down the remaining monks who were pestering him in succession. At this time, he was full of vigorous spirit, and the most conspicuous thing was that the green light spirit in his hand was another five-spirit weapon.
Looking at this moment, this old monk has already spoken thoroughly. He is absolutely a very clever weapon at ordinary times. Now he has appeared in two very young monks. How can others live?
"How to fight or not? Just get out of here and don’t delay our business." The blood wolf looked at the old man and said with great hesitation.
"The thing today may be that we didn’t consider the two Taoist friends. Don’t be surprised to have the opportunity to come to our house to talk about’ making love’." At this time, the old monk said
In fact, when he was soft, he thought about the family’s future. After all, his bodhi old zu was not strong enough to see everyone’s realm. In case two teenagers have strong backgrounds, things will definitely bring trouble to the house today. Because of this, he has no scruples about the face problem.
"Don’t make trouble with this little girl after today’s things." The old man said to the middle-aged Han people later.
A few people already know each other at this moment, and they are not easy to handle. They think that their master has been repaired by others, not to mention them. Even if the old man doesn’t warn them, they will honestly dare not provoke Betty.
As the old man’s voice fell, the house was suspected of being confused. At this moment, the man finally left. Although Fang Xing was still unwilling at this moment, he still left in the old man’s words. After all, if he didn’t give up, I’m afraid he would have to be beaten. Even his family said that he was implicated
Looking at a few of them left, Betty was already stunned. She didn’t really wear two people until now.
"Two brothers, you are too powerful. After I decide, I will be so powerful. The friar will go to Ji ‘an Town with you and rest assured that I will be obedient." Betty said seriously.
Looking at this time, Betty Xiang Ye finally nodded and said slowly, "Well, you can follow us from today until you enter the college."
"That’s great! Great. "
Betty is happy at this moment.
"I still have a house. It turned out to be a bunch of cowards. Today, this plane is not enough." The blood wolf then licked his mouth and said that the posture made Betty worship again.
See the little girl that is almost to eat people’s eyes, the blood wolf quickly shut up and stopped talking. This move of his made Xiang Ye and the wooden city a teasing look at the two of them. At this moment, the blood wolf turned out to be some bad intentions and smiled. After all, nothing is afraid of people. Even a little girl’s eyes can’t stand it, which made him feel embarrassed at this moment.
"Well, today’s goal has been achieved. Let’s go home. It’s really not interested in this place. Let’s go to Qingyang directly." Xiang Ye said to the three people at this moment that he also saw the blood wolf, so he helped him out.
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Chapter one hundred and seventeen Strange materials
A line of four people have already finished today’s orders at this moment. At this moment, they are all discussing and returning to the inn. A few people don’t even have a chance to make friends in this Pingyuan city. It seems that they are really disappointed here.
"What, are we really not going?" Then Betty asked pathetically
"Don’t look at me. I’m not in charge." The blood wolf quickly cleared himself and said.
"The whole elder sister, you say, isn’t it a little early for us to go back now?" Betty continued to face the wooden whole city and put pressure on it.
Wood city looked at her with a smile at this moment, and then asked to look at Xiang Ye. Who knows that Xiang Ye has been walking in the direction of the inn as if he didn’t hear Betty’s words?
Look at Betty again. This little girl is so sweet. "Hey, let’s take a look around. It’s also possible if we meet the materials we need. After all, some things can be bought without a stone, and it takes luck."
Hearing her talk like this, Xiang Ye refused again, nodded and promised, "Well, Betty, just lead the way. We need to go to the place where the monks exchange things."
"yeah! Or the whole elder sister badly everyone listens to you, unlike some people with a big guy who can’t even make a decision to hum. "At this moment, Betty first cried happily and then snorted at the blood wolf.
"Don’t talk nonsense. If it’s no big deal, we won’t go. Let’s go straight back to the inn." Xiang Ye threatened at this moment
After listening to Xiang Ye’s words, the little’ female’ really stopped talking. It seems that her mouth is pursed, and she is still dissatisfied with Xiang Ye’s bullying. But at this time, she really dare not continue to’ get’ the blood wolf.
Ye Xiangnai looked at the little’ female’ in fact, it was also a sigh in her heart. Although it seems that the little’ female’ has come out from the shadow of her brother’s accident, her eyes are always sad and can still be found. Now Betty should be paralyzed because she knows that even if she wants to, there is no way to work hard step by step.
Half an hour later, the four of them have already appeared in the busiest street, where several monks are setting up stalls to sell or "pay" for something.
"It’s a shame that the housekeepers are really a bunch of waste, but instead of teaching the three of them, they were severely beaten by others." At this moment, a young man was trembling with anger when he received a hand-to-hand message
This young man is really Ling Feng Ling, but his face is almost not handsome at this time, but rather ferocious and terrible.
"No, I can’t let you go. Now I’m going to tell you where this place is and how dare you give me a hard time?" At this moment, Glide waved his hand again and a hand came over.
As he told him a few words, this hand left him for a while, and the direction he hurried to was the street where Xiang Ye and them were.
On the other side, Fang Xing was shaking and swearing just now. At this time, he realized that he almost got into trouble.
"Don’t you know that Feng Ling will benefit you again? Why doesn’t he deal with a few people himself? I tell you that he is also afraid of getting into trouble before he lets you get out of trouble. You give me some brains after being an early bird."
Listen to the sound of the face that mercilessly scolded himself. At this time, Fang Xing also knew that his own line almost harmed the house. Now their house has received the news that the wooden city is the big lady of the wooden house in Ji’ an Town. Although the wooden house is not as good as it used to be, the skinny camel is not the biggest one that can provoke the house. It is only a five-level peak that people think is not ranked.
Xiang Ye was really happy at this moment. He didn’t have much hope. He didn’t expect to find several kinds of alchemy materials he needed after he turned around. Now he hasn’t been exposed to alchemy, but alchemy is also essential after he became a four-level monk. Plus, he has always wanted to forge a flying spirit. What he needs is a lot of materials.
Up to now, Xiang Ye has’ handed in’ or bought five or six kinds of materials, which is a pleasant surprise.
Just as a few people passed another booth, the owner of the booth was a three-level monk. At this time, there were only four or five things around his booth, and no one patronized his booth. Xiang Ye, a few people actually had to go over. Suddenly Ye Xiang looked back and looked at a small piece of material in this person’s booth, feeling a little familiar.
"Why haven’t I seen any refining materials at this moment?" Xiang Ye inquired at this moment.
"Oh, this Taoist friend, to tell you the truth, I don’t know what this material is either. I just put it here because I think it is extraordinary." The monk then opened his eyes and said to Xiang Ye.
"Oh, in that case, I am also interested in some unknown things. Why don’t you sell it to me at a reasonable price?" Xiang Ye said with no expression at this moment
"I don’t need two thousand lingshi, either." The monk asked tentatively at this moment.
Xiang Ye first frowned when he heard what he said, and then did not continue to answer.
Wood city and blood wolf are also a little strange. Why would Xiang Ye buy this unknown thing for nothing?
Seeing that Xiang Ye stopped talking at this moment, the monk quickly said, "Why don’t I sell it at a cheaper price of 1.5 thousand? Maybe it’s still something to cherish."
Xiang Ye didn’t pay attention to his words, but continued to look at the material carefully. Suddenly, there was a surprise in his heart, but there was no’ dew’ expression on the surface. After hearing this person’s price change, he slowly released the material and shook his head slightly and said, "I will take the 1000 Lingshi or I will leave."
The friar didn’t expect Xiang Ye to be so happy. In fact, he didn’t expect anyone to buy this material at random. Now Xiang Ye actually said a thousand lingshi, and he quickly said happily, "Well, since this Taoist friend needs me, I will give up what I gave up." Then he handed it to Xiang Ye with some reluctance.
Xiang Ye also left after paying 1,000 Lingshi.
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Chapter one hundred Storm