I don’t know if YanHong illusion YanHong just seems to … See whether the ancient saints passed in the eyes of relief.
Yan Hong hurriedly looked aside to explore Yan Yuncang only to find that a ray of horror in his eyes had not yet dispersed …
"It’s a shame that the ancient three saints can deliver a ray of their eyes across the poverty when our monks call for it. This incredible power really makes us sigh."
At this moment, the talented top king respectfully bowed and saluted the shadow of the slowly dissipating saint.
Of course, this scene is not just that Yan Hong and Yan Yuncang discovered that thousands of monks in Yanshan City also branded this scene deeply into their hearts, which made several monks admire.
"I don’t know if the third saint will also come out to preach."
No matter what others think, Yan Hong is deeply longing for it.
After two saints preached that Yan Hong had learned that the Nine Xuan Terrans would make the most powerful three saints in their years. The actual side of their avenue represents the three stages of spiritual practice in this world-
The prospect of longevity represents the Terran’s desire for life;
After being willing, it is yearning for stable development;
And the last saint preached that although Yan Hong didn’t understand it yet, he could make a general guess by comparing the first two feet-after steady development, it is naturally prosperous and strong!
Booming …
Just as the monks in the city were eager for the third saint to preach, the blue sun that was transformed by the history of literature and history in the green field finally plunged into the long river of blue.
At this moment, the blue river suddenly turns from virtual to real and turns it into the way of enlightening the Holy One.
At first glance, a blue gate seems to be small, but many monks seem to be able to see a number of sages’ epic Jiuxuan. Hundreds of millions of people have struggled from ancient times to modern times to find their own way, and it is fascinating to show their literary and historical songs to the fullest.
Pieces of blue glazed steps stretched from the front of Tuobao Pavilion and were dragged by an inexplicable force to connect the door.
Inexplicably, everyone who sees this scene naturally knows that this is the ancient road. If you want to cross the blue gate, you can get the sage and the sage!
"This is the ancient road, and this is the road of the saints!"
The ancient road is not grand and untouchable, but you will feel small when you see this road.
Every step of this ancient road is entrusted with the deepest thoughts of several sages.
Every time you cross a step, you will be given a glory because of the long river of history. The sages exchange and accept these sages’ hope … torture!
However, at this time, Yan Hong gave a deep sigh. "It’s a pity that if I can listen to the classics of the Three Saints Avenue, I will be able to sort out the three stages of development in this world-the three stages of life and steady development, and the bracket will condense the source of the Taoist seal belonging to this world …"
For example, Yuan Heng was previously condensed in the wilderness, and Yan Hong can also condense a nine-mysterious seal in this world. But now Yan Hongfei is the great glorious Lord of the heavens and the earth in the past, and it is beyond anyone’s imagination that it is difficult to condense this level of seal.
"All those who are 30 years old but have shed their bodies and are interested in breaking into the ancient road are now coming to Tuobaoge!"
Seeing that everything is in order, Yan Yuncang presided over the most important ceremony to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two 49 Heaven!
The three-color sword lotus blooms in the bamboo Luzhou Dalu capital, which makes this giant capital, which spans millions of miles, full of great will, great disillusionment and great self-care
Hundreds of millions of monks in the whole capital sat on the futon one by one. God focused on seeing a kind of heartfelt joy floating in his heart. Obviously, he had already integrated himself into this place. After a long time, the sword lotus suddenly dispersed and the silk ribbon was marked with kendo. The firm but gentle spirit was absorbed by hundreds of millions of monks.
Bamboo Lu Zhou was created by the sword Lu Zhenxian. Because the sword Lu Zhenxian is a sword and enters the road, the whole bamboo Lu Jiandao has been really developed. Although there is not much real sword cultivation to truly create its own kendo concept, it is a shame if creatures in this continent, even ordinary civilians and mortals, can’t play one or two sets of swordsmanship.
Sword Aivi Lu 100,000 was recognized by Jian Lu Zhenxian. The swordsmen listened to Wan Jianshan JH explaining the essence of kendo.
Suddenly, this upright lumbar spine is like a sword pointing straight at the sky, and his eyes are filled with the immortal sword. Lu Zhenxian stopped and preached that a pair of sword eyes looked at the sky, "Real … Sage Road!"
"How many years have you not seen such a grand occasion?"
Sword Lu Zhenxian looks back with a little bit of memory, but nothing moves. Although this grand occasion is rare once in millions of years, it has reached the realm of true sages. He is actually a true sage in Jiuxuan Terran, and he can’t wait to watch it.
"No! Why is the activity of Sage Road so terrible this time? "
As the ancient sages of Yao preached, the majestic and vast Tao filled the sword. Lu Zhenxian couldn’t help wondering. A powerful sword crossed the barrier and came to Yanshan City …
"This seems to be … the immortal classics of Yao ancient saints!"
Finally, in a word, the preaching sword Lu Zhen’s voice suddenly came, and finally a generation of sages jumped up from the futon.
"ah! Three ancient saints preach and so on my sword Lou … "
A soaring sword light broke and cut through the sky of hundreds of millions of miles, and the rude sound of Jian Lu Zhenxian echoed …
Jian Aivi Lu’s hundred thousand brothers looked blankly at one school of saints for thousands of years. Teacher Jian Lu was so rude that he couldn’t help looking at each other.
"Teacher, what’s the matter?"
Jian Aivi Lu’s many younger brothers are talking about it. They have never seen their teachers so rude.
Here, only the peerless genius who really gets the sword Lu Zhenxian and sees the essence can be qualified to get the personal instruction of the sage in the sword, and at this time, Brother Jian Aivi Lu is at the very most and does not exceed five indexes!
"Come here, too!"
Just then, a shining white hand crossed the diaphragm and caught a young brother of Jian Lufeng in the past.
"It’s really not the kui is JH, so I’m afraid it’s enough for the teacher to cross the continent, and it’s even possible to break through the 49 th Great Achievement Sage when I grasp the teacher younger brother in the past …"
A Tsing Yi man could not help admiring the irresistible face of that hand.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, Tu Yu, you have just broken through the boundaries of the March 9th and achieved the king’s class, and then you have a peek at JH’s realm. Isn’t that ambitious?"
Han Haizhou is trying his best to refine the law in the depths of Wang Yang. Han Haixin’s body suddenly feels the strange and familiar Tao Yun from afar.
Hua …
One does not pay attention to the fact that a blue cool colour silk ribbon in JH’s hand drifted down and fell back into Wang Yang’s sea, turning into a tongtian river. JH, who is filled with the meaning of Wang Yang, is just like a goddess of the Milky Way, but it’s a pity that the refining method has officially failed.
"This is … the Holy One!"
There was a little excitement in JH’s eyes. At this time, the Jiuxuan Terran was the most powerful and ancient JH-she had the honor to listen to the Taoist voice of the last saint in Terran history.
As deep as Wang Yang, a blue divine light rises into the sky.
Of course, this JH is just like the sword Lu JH. He dives into the void like an eagle catching a chicken and grabs a purple-haired girl who is learning from others.