The first layer of treasure house is torn in turbulence like a piece of paper in the face of the tearing force of terror.

Then there is the powerful intermediate law of the second-tier treasure house, which can’t stop anything in front of this power.
Those treasures, such as Xuangangshi and Zhonglingshi, were also swallowed up by turbulence.
Then there is the third floor.
"Bang …"
The jade platform was fragile and broke into slag in minutes, with no dust left.
Lingshi in the jade pond exploded with this terrorist force like a terrorist bomb.
Produce an impact force to tear and lift the ground around.
Terror large array in front of this kind of power also can’t stop half a point.
"Boom …"
The ground shaking array shatters, and the sound of terrorist spiritual force explodes like a serial bomb, and the Treasury Center No.1 quickly blows out around Japan.
The whole Japanese island kept shaking its head as if it had experienced a magnitude 10 earthquake.
The destructive power of ring disorder is terrible.
No.1 national treasury center is 2 meters long, and both the ground and the sky are shattered.
However, this is not over.
All the treasures in the huge treasure exploded together as if they were under extreme pressure in the face of chaotic forces.
Wild rattan shuoda has just moved 200 meters away, and his face looks more frightened than before. He wiped his cold sweat and didn’t catch his breath. A horrible light went straight to the sky to light up the whole night.
It’s 6: 00 in the morning, which is the darkest hour.
The light in front of No.1 Treasury is as dazzling as the sun to illuminate the whole world.
"Boom …"
Then there was an earth-shattering sound, accompanied by a wave of swallowing the sky and devouring the earth, and a horrible scene of the end of the world came.
Wild rattan shuoda’s scalp is numb, making him retreat quickly and quickly.
"Wow …"
Terror shock wave mixed with dust quickly wrapped wild rattan Shuo Da in it and disappeared.
"Bang …"
The avalanche of explosions continued and quickly spread out.
The trees on the ground were directly lifted to the sky and finally torn into slag, and air billow rolled out together.
A huge gray mushroom cloud hit the Treasury Center No.1 all around.
From a distance, it looks like an original bomb explosion scene.
In the mushroom cloud, Changhong went out rapidly.
"Pa …"
Behind him, pieces of debris were pulled into the void.
In this state of fragmentation, it quickly spread behind Muhai and came at Muhai rapidly.
Seeing this scene, Muhai’s scalp is numb and his face is numb, and he has never been cautious. The magic flame is rolling and rushing out.
"Pa …"
Finally, the fragmentation stopped and Muhai breathed a sigh of relief.
However, he just slowed down, and his eyelids jumped, and his brain was numb, so he quickly ran away again.
However, behind the avalanche, air billow rushed in with smoke and dust, and the speed of Muhai was resisted by the root method
"This ….. play big finished"
Mu Hai’s eyes are not willing to be covered by various strength departments.
However, air billow still wrapped him in it.
"Wow …"
In the face of this horrible shock wave, the protective body of Muhai Magic Yuan is instantly broken like shredded paper.
In his body, the devil’s flame is like a gust of wind, and the candle goes out to ashes after touching it.
Muhai took two pieces of Zhong Lingqi and just put them behind him without any support, and they were hit by shock waves in the dust.
"This is really over."
Seeing this scene, Mu Hai’s eyes are unwilling to watch the shock wave strike him.
His flesh was blown to a little dust at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It’s more horrible to watch yourself disappear like this
Unwilling to clench his teeth, he took out a jade bottle and dropped the last drop of blood on Ying Xueqing.
Lose the body and recover quickly, but the shock wave is too horrible. The recovery speed can’t keep up with the loss of speed.
"Wen Er Yu Er See you in the afterlife"
Two tears in the corner of mu Haiyan
Just as he was annihilated by the shock wave, a big hand shadow penetrated from the shock wave, wrapped him and took him away quickly.
Muhai glanced at his hand and fainted completely.
Chapter 442 Wake up
With Muhai, an old man with white hair and a red face, he looked at the shock wave behind his eyes and showed a dignified color.
The old man clenched his teeth and made his birth strength fly fast.
"Boom …"
However, compared with the shock wave of his speed method, the bodies of two of them plunged like broken kites and disappeared
This explosion is worse than terror.
Fiona Fang Baili, No.1 Treasury Center, was razed to the ground.
Its power is not much worse than the original bomb.
What is even more frightening is the impact of air billow on all sides.
The attic around the room was smashed to pieces when it touched the glass.
The sonic boom makes many people temporarily deaf in both ears.
And many of the nearest houses in Japan’s East City were smashed to dust and the people living in them disappeared.