Resin emperor cold hum with cold airway

Hearing the words of the corpse emperor, the Emperor sent a group of people to look dignified.
Although the joint occupation of the absolute wind with the corpse emperor, after all, it is going to attack and kill an honour person, which is not an easy thing, and changes may occur at any time.
"My goal is the bodhi old zu Wanshu. He is most likely to break through to the realm of the God King. We will rush in together. You need to contain the unbeaten sword emperor and the white crow demon statue and let the bodhi old zu Wanshu not escape easily!"
Resin emperor sink said
"Rest assured is unbeaten. Although the sword emperor is the king of God, it is not difficult to stop him for a moment."
Five elements of the emperor confident way
During this period, the Five Elements Emperor and others seem to have made some progress because of their mysterious experiences.
"In that case, let’s go straight in!"
Resin emperor murderous look awe-inspiring looked at the island.
"Moon Bell, you will enter my world."
Xia Qi regardless of the corpse emperor, a group of people, such as he hurriedly put the jade bell and Gu Yue SH not Uru into the body world.
In the world of Xia Qi, if Xia Qi wants Gu Yue and Yu Ling, you can clearly see what is happening outside and you won’t miss the big battle.
Xia Qi just put Gu Yue and Jade Bell SH not Uru body world resin emperor had already taken the lead in flying towards the island.
Although the corpse emperor and a group of people deliberately concealed their breath, Wanshu bodhi old zu and a group of people were very cautious, and traces of a group of people were found when they approached the corpse emperor slightly.
For the first time, the whole island sounded deafening roar.
That’s an emperor who is awake, the invincible sword emperor and others. His magic weapon is a big clock. At this moment, the roaring bursts are both to meet the enemy and to warn others.
The corpse emperor didn’t care that he was near the island at the moment, and it was normal to be found. He rushed directly at the bell warning emperor.
The emperor did not turn back and resolutely stood in front of the corpse emperor in an attempt to stop the pace of the corpse emperor qiánjìn.
However, this emperor obviously underestimated the strength of the corpse emperor
The corpse emperor just rushed to the front of this person, with a cold hum, a direct blow, and his body was blown out without a pause. A fist ran through the emperor’s chest, and then this person directly exploded and the corpse emperor directly passed through the flesh and blood!
The corpse emperor was stained with blood and minced meat. He looked ferocious and went straight to the palace in the center of the island.
Along the way, many weak emperors rushed towards the corpse emperor in an attempt to stop the corpse emperor. These people are all bodhi old zu and several disciples are not bad in strength.
It’s a pity that they met a corpse emperor, and the imperial city didn’t follow him. A famous emperor fell directly in the place where the Emperor and others shot.
"Stop it!"
Three figures in the central palace of the island rose and looked at the corpse emperor roaring in the big kill.
"hāhā ha unbeaten sword emperor, bodhi old zu Wanshu, white crow demon statue, you finally appeared!"
The corpse emperor laughed wildly but kept harvesting the life of the emperor.
The unbeaten sword emperor stood on the plateau with anger and murder, but when they saw that there was a group of people behind the corpse emperor, their faces suddenly changed.
If it is only the corpse emperor who attacks, they are not afraid at all. If they can’t catch up with the corpse emperor’s speed, they can escape even if they are found.
But if you add a group of people, they will be in a bad situation.
Chapter one thousand and sixty-nine Strength breakthrough
Chapter one thousand and sixty-nine Strength breakthrough
The unbeaten sword emperor’s "color" of several gods changed suddenly when he saw a group of people from the Emperor of Heaven.
The unbeaten sword emperor turned and fled without hesitation when he drank a low drink.
Around him, the bodhi old zu and the white crow demon statue turned around like ghosts and fled from them for the first time. Even many younger brothers who were being slaughtered by the corpse emperor did not consider running away without stopping. "
Several figures of the Emperor of Heaven flashed one after another, blocking the escape route of several unbeaten sword emperors.
"Then you are going to unite with the corpse emperor? Don’t you see that his ambition lies in mystery? You can’t live if you get rid of us together with him! "
Unbeaten sword emperor face’ color” Yin’ sink to drink a way
Sound like thunder trembles the eardrum, but it’s a pity that the Emperor of Heaven stood still and quietly stood in front.
"Haha, I don’t have any ambition. My ambition is to get rid of you!" The corpse emperor laughed and gave up killing some weak emperors and went straight to Wanshu bodhi old zu.
"Damn it!"
Wanshu bodhi old zu’s face is livid and angry. It’s hard to escape when he wants to.
Heaven Emperor, Wu Di, Bi Fang Emperor, and Five Elements Emperor, the Heaven Emperor and Wu Di entangled the invincible sword emperor, while Bi Fang Emperor entangled the white crow demon and the ancestor of Wanshu to face the Five Elements Emperor and the corpse emperor alone!
His strength in the face of a corpse emperor is completely in the wind, and he can find a way to escape. However, the appearance of the Five Elements Emperor will completely break his escape and retreat.
"If we are killed, how can you feel better? You are aiding and abetting abuse! "
Wanshu bodhi old zu drinks hard to resist the corpse emperor
He tried to escape several times, but he was blocked by staring at the Five Elements Emperor, so he had to turn around and face the terrorist attack of the corpse emperor. In a short time, Wanshu bodhi old zu was somewhat unbearable and pale.
"Get out of here!"
The unbeaten sword emperor is so worried that the bodhi old zu of Wanshu is not far from the realm of God King. If he is killed by the corpse emperor, the strength around him will be greatly weakened.
The unbeaten sword emperor broke out and the sword light swept across the square like a tide.
However, Emperor Naitian and Emperor Wudi joined forces to fight against him without hurting the enemy, which made the unbeaten sword emperor extremely uncomfortable but tolerable.
On the other hand, the white crow demon statue can’t
Don’t let the white crow demon statue rescue the bodhi old zu of Wanshu. It seems a little difficult just to face Bi Fang’s white crow demon statue. It’s hard for the two of them to kill each other. The white crow demon statue is still a little windy!
There are still some gaps in the strength of several top strong people in the original celestial world from the sacred world, but when they entered the sacred world for so long, a group of people such as the Emperor of Heaven and several venerable people had already lost their strength.
And Bi Fang the Great was horrible.
He has bones in his hand, Dao Jun, and the throne of bones. This is a prestigious weapon. Several bones have been refined into Shaqi, and it is fierce and fierce.
At the moment, the white crow demon statue has become a seriously injured body if it is not afraid of its flexible shape and the onslaught of Bifang Emperor.
"Bi Fang Emperor seems to have signs of breaking through …"
Xia Qi and’ Jade’ Bell and Gu Yue were together watching from a distance in the empty sky. When seeing Bi Fang’s emperor attacking the white crow demon statue, Xia Qi suddenly had a bright eye.