On both sides of the street, people have long been shocked by the crowd, and now they are even more surprised to see this young man in white. They all look at them with their eyes wide open.

The mixed men and women looked at each other and guessed the meaning of the young man’s move.
The wind blows on both sides of the street, and the shade shakes and rustles. In a short time, at the corner of the street, two gorgeous and exquisite horse-drawn carriages are driving men, all dressed in black, with cold temperament and deep eyes, and their skills are not weak.
Several people looked at each other and became more curious about inviting their Lord.
The carriage stopped behind the four teenagers, and they made an invitation gesture towards the four foreigners.
Six people were divided into two teams, and four teenagers jumped in different carriages. I don’t know when the horse and his party left in the curious eyes of all.
Half an hour later, the carriage stopped outside a gorgeous house, and the black dress person jumped into the carriage and knocked on the carriage door.
A few foreigners got into the carriage and looked at this gorgeous house, sighing in their hearts, but uncommon, as the four teenagers walked towards it.
Brother Chen, why don’t you think they have arrived yet?
A few people just walked into the hall when they heard the pure princess sound. A few people looked at each other and listened to her youthful spirit. It was not like anything, but they were relieved. My brother Chen was very curious about her mouth. Who is that? Is that their mysterious master?
The Lord and distinguished guests are reporting outside when they arrive in Fengche.
Come in
It was surprising that several foreigners heard that it was actually a cool and pleasant girl. Several people once again looked at each other and stepped into the hall with questions and curiosity.
As soon as two women entered the room, they saw Chunfei sitting in a chair leaning sideways and talking to a man with his head hanging down, but the man didn’t seem to cover his face with her long hair quietly, which made it impossible to see his face clearly.
Three elder sisters and four younger sisters, pure princess, suddenly looked back at the sound, but the bloody eye pupil flashed by surprise. I didn’t expect people from Luoguo to be three sisters and four sisters.
Smelly girl, give it back to us. Brown pupil male chuckled and his words were very intimate.
The other three men also looked at her with a smile. This little girl can really get into trouble. Actually, she ran away alone and didn’t make a chicken fly a dog at home.
Cousin Xiang Hao, Cousin Big Brother Second Brother, you are also here. Chunfei smiled and ran to them. I didn’t expect that several brothers and sisters who loved herself were here.
You little evil ink pupil man rubbed her little head and criticized it affectionately.
Chunfei vomitted to stick out her tongue. Fortunately, it’s a few brothers and sisters who love her, otherwise she will definitely not escape a good scolding.
The blue pupil man’s eyes fell on the theme from the moment he entered the door. He bent over and saw her in a long white robe. Her black hair hung down on the ground, shining with silky luster, and her forehead lit with pink petals. But the most curious thing is that she is somewhat similar. Is she the master of the four teenagers?
Haoyuntou gently called several other men and women back eyes rested on the cold bend is obviously zheng.
Cousin, eldest brother, second brother, third sister and fourth sister, do you think she looks like me? Chunfei blinked in surprise when she saw several brothers and sisters and said
Cold eyes glanced at her and said no objection to her. Eyes crossed her and fell on several other people.
A few people have come all the way, sat hard and stretched out gently, showing elegance in every move, and their eyes flashed across a praise. These six men and women are all handsome and uncommon, and they are not ugly.
Thank you, a few people are ready to sit down.
Cousin Xiang, Cousin Hao, I found Cousin Chen. Chunfei remembered the night and said quickly.
What? Everyone knows that Chen’s cousin is Sakura Ye Xiangying Ye Hao’s missing brother.
Fear, what you said is true. You really found Chen Sakura. Xiang Ye grabbed Chun Fei’s arm. The blue pupil was full of anxiety. They came here this time not only to find Chun Fei, but more importantly, they searched everywhere for famous doctors to treat the Queen of Miluo, but Chun Fei found Chen, which is the best antidote.