Chapter three hundred and six Mountain

Chapter three hundred Mountain
Sunday is really capable of avoiding the attack of the other party; But if Zhou Tianshen is not ready to hide; Then the other attack, even if there is no threat to Sunday, can also fall on Sunday.
According to Sunday’s current strength; In fact, it is normal to think like that. It is rare for a quasi-saint to defeat Sunday, unless a saint comes out. It’s almost hard to meet any danger on Sunday in such a situation; According to those gigalith civilians Sunday nature is not recognize each other nòng out so how much a small cage will be a threat to yourself.
It is precisely because Sunday didn’t pay attention to those cages that gigalith nòng came out of, but in the end it made him suffer a big loss in that cage.
Seeing that the cage will cover your head, Sunday didn’t put the other person in the eye at all. Since you don’t dodge, you just run away as if you didn’t see the cage falling from the sky.
It was not until the cage was finished that Sunday was covered, and Sunday had a new move at that time.
Didn’t do anything too much; When bee caged; What Sunday thought at that time was to break the cage directly and then continue to escape in Sunday Eye; That cage is not a threat to him, but Sunday’s strength is already so strong, according to Sunday’s usual strength; The general cage is really helpless.
But; When Zhou Tianzhen was ready to do it like that; But at that time, I found that things were not as simple as he thought; On Sunday, when he was ready to act like that; It was suddenly discovered; He attracts great strength; At that time, since the law was finished, it could be played out
Mana; When Sunday touches the cage, it disappears completely except that the strength of the body has not changed; When it was shrouded in it; On Sunday, I found myself at that moment. Now that I have become an ordinary person, it is natural that I would have thought of it before Sunday.
Of course; According to Sunday’s strength; Even the eyes have been limited by the cage. If Zhou Tianzhen wants to leave; Forcibly breaking the cage is and is not impossible for Sunday.
However; Sunday finally didn’t do it like that. Although Sunday wasn’t afraid of those gigalith, Sunday really didn’t understand the world and wanted to get the corresponding information. Then it is necessary to contact the creatures of this world and turn them into gigalith dialect; Although you can achieve your own goals, it may not be easy to achieve your own goals then.
And the eyes want those gigalith to catch him, not to eat rou words, but to enter gigalith group words on Sunday as another identity; But it’s not that you can’t hear what you want to know
Meanwhile; And the most important thing is that on Sunday, although I don’t know what those gigalith are made into this cage, judging from the ability of this cage, it’s that Sunday’s goal ability is roughly the same this time, with this remark; On Sunday, I felt that those gigalith might know where the first Tianbao they were looking for was in such a situation; Follow that words beside those gigalith; For Sunday, it’s not necessarily a shortcut to achieve your goal.
On such an idea, Sunday chose to give in honestly; In the end, without escaping from that cage; Let those gigalith catch him easily.
Because the root will not know those gigalith languages; At the same time, on Sunday, I dare not read those gigalith memories in such a situation; Sunday also don’t know what those gigalith are talking about anyway; No matter what those conversations with gigalith were, the actions that gigalith took obviously confirmed Sunday’s speculation that gigalith was not malicious to him.
After catching Sunday; Those gigalith did not abuse Sunday; It is to put Sunday in that cage and then eat and drink, but it is really a very special ornamental pet.
For such a result; On Sunday, I feel quite resistant. Somehow, he is also a quasi-holy strong man. Except saints; In all universes, there are not many strong people like him who can fight in the first world war. No matter which universe they go to, they will become high-level people.
But now it is good; The girl was in a fog for a Sunday, and it became a family pet. It’s okay, and there are those gigalith who know that if this thing flows out, it is estimated that Sunday’s suicidal heart will also be there at this time, right?
One; For this result, Sunday is naturally very resistant. If it is not Sunday, the most important thing is to find the first Tianbao words. It is estimated that Sunday even has already broken the cage and killed those gigalith to the Ministry.
Forced pressure will kill those gigalith department after the idea; On Sunday, it is out of sight, out of mind and out of mind, completely ignoring their belonging and secretly learning those gigalith languages; While secretly put away the information you want.
In cooperation with Sunday, Sunday was regarded as a rather rare mascot and was sold several times back and forth after more than a dozen owners; Sunday ended up in the hands of a giant imperial princess.
And in the process of being sold by those giants, Sunday really received a lot of information about himself; On Sunday, I finally found the beginning and can officially start work.
The root of this world is a giant country; Gigalith, sea giant, metal giant are even more than men G, ogres; It is because dragons, creatures that did not belong to giants, are all in this world. If the body is huge; There are all creatures who are good at fighting in this world, but the gigalith tribe that I met most on Sunday is only a very weak force in this world.
And in addition to this world’s living things, I learned about it on Sunday; For the former gigalith cage exactly is to Sunday has also been investigated clearly.
In this world; There is a place called the’ sacred mountain’, and the structure of the sacred mountain is a special kind of stone. The appearance of ordinary stone is not too different, but it needs to be touched by creatures. That kind of stone can ban and fix the energy of living beings at the same time; The stone is quite strong, although it can be destroyed according to Sunday’s ability, but the average creature is estimating that after losing the help of body energy, it is impossible to break the stone harder than a diamond, right?
After receiving some information; Sunday Tianmu that nature is even reached about the same.
And Zhou Tianshen is quite concerned about the fact that he has become a pet of those giants in such a situation; After Sunday is gone and it is necessary to stay; Nature is impossible to stay where you are.
Total; On Sunday, I realized that I had got all the information I wanted, and I destroyed the gabion that night when people were not paying attention. And quickly flew towards the location of the known mountain.
Just because I left on Sunday; In the end, but also made a lot of noise; Regardless of whether to make trouble; Those things are already Sunday without flying all the way in that direction; Sunday is soon arrived near the mountain.
To be honest; Sunday himself didn’t know whether the mountain he was looking for had the ability of stone, but it was almost the same as the mountain. When I arrived near the mountain on Sunday, I found that there was nothing special about it, whether it was aura or other energy. If I hadn’t known that the stone of the mountain had a special estimate, I would have regarded it as an ordinary rock mountain on Sunday.
However; No matter what the mountain is like; Since Zhou Tianyan has come to this step; Then don’t go to that mountain to find out some words; Sunday is not willing to talk about it.
So; Just because the performance of that mountain doesn’t match the imagination and stay for a while; On Sunday, it was immediately and set off toward that mountain.
According to the mountain rock, there is no doubt; For the interface creatures in this world; That mountain is quite important in such a situation; It is impossible for the mountain to be unguarded, and it was not long before the action of the mountain in the Zhou Dynasty; At that time, I met the guardian of that mountain.
Although it is not easy to pick the rocks on that mountain surface because of the hard rock; As far as those sacred stones are concerned, they are the interface creatures of this world; It is absolutely impossible to lack resources; No matter how difficult it is, there are many giants knocking on the surface of the mountain all the time; Constantly transporting one stone after another from the surface.
The importance of the sacred stone determines that it can be controlled by the rulers, and the monitoring of the sacred stone is quite strict, especially in the case that the world sage has left; For the protection of Shenshan; That’s even more rigorous than usual.