It is easy to mark the body without spiritual roots, so the practice naturally has no attribute vitality and no attribute vitality, but it can be said that it is a combination of all attributes vitality.

Therefore, if it is really easy to transport marks, it can be used not only for water fencing, flame ball, but also for strengthening the blade and falling rocks.
Reaching this level immediately made Yi Mark somewhat overjoyed.
And at this time, the cat was awakened and appeared in Yi Mark’s heart.
"Master, this memory has been found. There are some …" The cat figure is a little hard to say, and the face is a bit strange.
Easy mark mind a kinetic energy let the cat figure show this appearance, even this thing is a bit odd or bizarre.
"What’s the matter? Play back a memory fragment I personally see "easy mark eyebrows a wrinkly indifference said.
"Well," the cat figure some nai tao.
Then in the real scene, a real moment is performed.
A lush mountain goes deep into the sky, and a man is holding a baby in his arms, stepping on a flying sword and dancing with long hair.
In front of the man, a beautiful woman with a pale white gown has a lonely and melancholy face.
Seeing this scene, Yi Mark couldn’t help but stay. The man’s appearance made Yi Mark’s heart tremble slightly.
This man turned out to be Yi Mark’s father-Yi Mingxuan.
And that woman is Zhou Yaoru.
"All right, let’s stop in Tiantai City." The man’s knife-shaped eyebrows wrinkled slightly and then said coldly.
"Well, it’s really my fault this time, but don’t worry, I’ve left the auditions." Zhou Yaoru said apologetically.
"No, this is a world that doesn’t belong to me. I’ve come here with the consciousness of physical death! However, I also remember Aran’s death.
If there is an opportunity, I will take revenge, but this opportunity is very slim. "
Yi Ming Xuan Shen Dao sound is full of a trace of majesty and LengLi.
Zhou Yaoru nai wry smile way "I didn’t think that I stayed for five hundred years and auditions were so despicable that now I am ashamed of Alain-"
"Come on, let’s just let it go. If Mark has the ability in the future, I will naturally let him know, but it is difficult for Mark to know after this qualification." Yi Mingxuan said indifferently.
"What are you going to do?" Zhou Yaoru slightly worried and asked
"such as? Live in seclusion and then die. "Yi Mingxuan said the vicissitudes of life, which seems to contain too many emotions."
"I owe you a family, or I’ll collect the trace son like this-"
"No need. If you really want to make up for this guilt, then if Trace sets foot in the field of repairing truth in the future, then you can become a companion." Yi Mingxuan’s eyes suddenly lit up, then it was random and gloomy, and finally he remained silent.
Zhou Yaoru slightly surprised face suddenly some ugly up but instantaneous this face disappeared.
She looked at the baby in the man’s arms, and the poor qualifications made her a little scared.
Can such a person have it? Is it easy home sorrow or punishment? Zhou Yaoru imagined it, but the change of her face revealed her mood.
"If you don’t want to talk about it, let’s just forget about it. It never happened." Yi Mingxuan sighed with a sigh, and his figure seemed to suddenly age a lot.
"Well, I promised that I would come back to see you in fifteen years. I hope this child can really set foot in the field of repairing the truth, so that his mother’s hatred for him today can be solved personally."
Zhou Yaoru sighed and said, then she looked around with her eyes wide open in the man’s arms, and the baby showed a happy smile.
"Ha ha, my little husband, don’t let me down!" The face is reddish, but it is full of love. As he spoke, he also twisted a small smooth and tender face.
Yi Mingxuan looked at Zhou Yaoru and gently relieved, and then there was a smile on her forehead.
Obviously, Zhou Yaoru admitted that Yi Mingxuan was kind to him a lot.
Seeing this scene, Rao is easy to trace, and his mind is calm, and he can’t help but turn cloudy or rainy.
Zhou Yaoru was her father and found a good wife fifteen years ago? This answer shocked Yi Mark and made him speechless.
Such a weird thing actually exists!
Moreover, Yi Mark has been looking for an ordinary woman as his father’s wife, but he didn’t think that this was not the case!
This woman and the so-called Tianyin School are not shallow, but maybe she was killed by Tianyin School because of her father’s incident, and Zhou Yaoru Tianyin School left Tianyin School because of this incident.
That’s the concrete thing.
These information are the things that are restored by sorting out the memory fragments of the secret map. Although there may be some mistakes, those subtle things will never affect the situation.
And that infer information makes Yi’s heart even heavy.
Father’s revenge failed to report to mother, and it was even more unusual.
What’s even weirder is that I have a baby wife, and this wife recognized herself in the process of getting along before, but she didn’t pick it.
All this, combined with Zhou Yaoru’s eyes and movements, did not hesitate to give herbs as a personal breastplate, and Yi Mark suddenly found himself really ignorant.
No matter if his wife admits it in the other party, this is based on his father’s will, and marriage will not escape.
In that case, then you have to stay here instead of leaving with her?
Easy mark can’t help but smile at the thought of this.
It is a lot of things that often miss the best opportunity after they are gone.
But then, after understanding these things, the heart became stronger and stronger.
It is Zhou Yaoru who has no sects and a strong baby. Even if he came to Jiusha Mountain for exchange, he was bullied and seriously injured and almost died. From this point, it can be seen that the situation of the other party is not good.
Only with great strength can all this injustice be redeemed.
Zhou Yaoru doesn’t care about fame and is willing to accept a junior monk’s lifelong companion during the practice period, but he is a man. Can he care about himself?
This inexplicable marriage has made Yi’s heart even heavier, and the pressure on his shoulders has naturally become heavier.
A handsome figure leaps into the sky and flies a sword into Tiantai City.
Yi Guzhuang that woman looked down at her face suddenly became gloomy.
Yijiazhuang has been in ruins.