Leon nodded and said that they were in such a hurry to retreat, then there must be a fire in the backyard. They had the advantage and didn’t do anything to pretend to retreat. This is a great opportunity for us to pursue.

Obviously, this idea of active warfare is very suitable for hope. He smiled and patted a table, saying that although it is difficult to hand troops now, the dragon knights are not afraid of dangers.
The troops are difficult, so add me. A rich and loud voice appeared outside the camp.
Leon could hear that the voice belonged to King Mermont Spring.
It would be great if it were you, Leon said in a different voice
At this time, Mermont’s reinforcements really came from heaven.
split line
A group of people are resting here in the desert oasis of Sa Herrer, but the environment in the desert is not as good as that in the Dragon Knight Basin. All the good people are hiding in the small shade to enjoy the cool.
A vigorous man with a big sword in his back walked up to a man with a silver eagle mask and said with a smile that the guerrilla tactic of Silver Eagle Temple is even unheard of by Saherer people for a generation. Haha.
The so-called Silver Eagle is covered with a mask. I can’t see his expression. He means that we can do what we can. All that remains is that the dragon knights are fine. We can’t afford to occupy a Herrer.
With that, the Silver Eagle looked at the northwest and went on to say that the Garland people are about to call. We don’t have time to spend here.
In the sunshine, his mask reflected dazzling light, and the silver eagle turned its eyes to him again. Now, he led the soldiers and said, Come on, let those desert thieves fly like chickens and dogs.
Chapter 26 Ponte
Seeing the sky gliding with the dragon knight Pleskot, I couldn’t get up. Seeing the good situation in front of me, I was ruined because of the mysterious enemy behind me. For this qualification, I really can’t adjust my heart.
Reina, when I turn around and wipe out all the bitches who came from Ponte, I will kill those dragon knights again, saying that this is Price’s good wish, not just a way for him to anesthetize himself.
Reina didn’t answer Price’s white cloak. She continued to see Price go away in silence. Kuros slowly approached Reina and said that Miss Sa Herrer seemed to have a long time. I didn’t expect Ponte to intervene. Are they really not afraid of Garland?
Is the Ponte still unknown? Reina said indifferently that the anti-China goal has reached the strength of the eastern continent, and now it is completely led by the nose, so Garland Ponte’s confrontation is one-on-one confrontation
Miss, but Kuros, the staff, was about to say it when suddenly a dragon shadow came over their heads.
Kuros looked at the top of his head and concluded that the Dragon Knight would not attack rashly at this distance. The Dragon Knight only used the middle ability to investigate the situation.
It seems that the problem of the staff can be solved slowly. After seeing the Dragon Knight fly, Rayna said, let’s stabilize Frinia while Garland can’t stand it. I don’t think Dax wants to see anyone harassing this battle.
Miss white, then price
Live and die, Reina replied cruelly
When the warriors of Mermont, the temple of the Dragon Knight in Aasland, chased the Price Saherer Army, it was already back to the desert border of the Dragon Knight in Herrer.
Without food and grass supplies, Price had to speed up his retreat, or when he lost food and grass, it would be a temporary army composed of mercenaries, which would be even more difficult to control. The loyalty of Saherers is based on the strong foundation of leaders. They need a figure who can make Herrer, a country that has almost disappeared, rise again instead of a company that continues to bring defeat.
Let them see the fighting capacity of Mermont. We are a new force. Don’t let those officials and dragon knights look down on Spring. Their country’s usual way is to boost morale.
In the face of the surge from behind, Mermont’s new force is cooperating with the fight against the dragon knights. Price must respond appropriately. The desert terrain is nothing to be afraid of for them. The desert border is their natural home.
Although Price showed great confidence in Saherer’s strength in fighting in the desert, after all, now their archery vehicles have swung, and the camel team has been beaten to pieces. For them, the two sharpest weapons have been destroyed and their defense forces have returned to a state close to that, and the camel team’s desert mobility advantage has also been greatly reduced.
The dragon knights kept throwing guns at Herrer’s troops and occasionally swooped down to attack the Mermentes. After all, the new forces have just entered the battle, and their morale is high and their vitality is poor. Even in actual combat on the desert border, they have not suffered a lot.
Blood is constantly stained with the vast Gobi desert, a desert hilly area with bright red. There is no cavalry to kill or strong crossbow puncture, but soldiers fight.
The Sahelian army obviously doesn’t want to fight for a long time. The urgent task is to ensure that the supply line in its rear is smooth. They must get close to the only place where they can hoard food and grass as soon as possible. Sahelian city has delivered food and grass from Sahelian city for several days, but it has not arrived at Sahelian barracks. The troops can rely on food. After the first wave of Mermont attacks ended, Price left the troops behind and retreated.
Cut away this group of despicable desert thieves Spring said bitterly after killing the rear troops
In the sight of this kind of situation, he also dare not rashly advance. After all, the dragon knights at the desert border had eaten rashly before, but it is safer to wait patiently for reinforcements if the situation is not good.
But just as Price led the Dragon Knight to the desert, now the desert is trying to cover up its disadvantages. At first sight, the desert has no cover for the retreating Saherer people, especially when his opponent flies the Dragon Knight in the desert.
My Lord, those dragons have been watching us from a distance
I looked back at Price with my eyes. It seemed that a few days ago, several dragon knights kept a distance to detect such a situation. Saherer’s army could not leave each other’s sight.
Since there is no way, Price simply doesn’t bother to take care of this area. It is still 45 days away from Saherer City at the northern end of Saherer Desert. After all, he is familiar with desert roads. If he can retreat to the surrounding area of Saherer City, the terrain supply situation will be reversed immediately.
The more we go into the desert, the more difficult it is for them to supply, and the more we go inside, the more profitable Price judged.
Just as Price was about to camp in an oasis, the noise from the west alarmed him. Price got up and watched a western transport team being chased by a small corps.