Yang Tian believes in a smile and vows to know how much he can master the Tao and plant magic.

But at this moment, Yang Tian has been secretly determined to temporarily press the magic power until he enters the abyss to practice.
Even if it’s me, what if I grow a demon and my mind changes greatly? You won’t leave me, will you?
Yiyi just want to but beautiful eyes a dark extremely worried way
Hey, hey, that’s even less worrying. Even if you become an iceberg, you won’t escape from Gongwuzhi Mountain. Haha.
Yang Tianwen immediately satisfied than grinned and stretched out his hand toward Yiyi Xiang Huai Tan.
Ah, you’re dead. giggle
Even when she exclaimed, her heart was more worried than her heart, and it seemed to have vanished. Yang Tian was frolicking there and making a ball.
Just then, a moving alarm came.
Yiyi hurriedly struggled to sit up with a blush on her face and even dared not lift her head, let alone see who was coming.
Hey, isn’t that Xiaoyuexian? What are you running for? Come back quickly.
Yang day is calm than loose yiyi also rose by the way when I caught a glimpse of turned and fled Qiao Ying.
Hey, brother Tian, I didn’t see anything. Just pretend I wasn’t here. Go on.
The pretty shadow a frozen had to turn around but it was Long Abortion who saw its beautiful eyes turn embarrassed and laughed
Well, we’re done. Come on, what’s up?
In yiyi ashamed and resentful eyes, yang Tian chuckled a brazen way
Uh-oh, Sister Xuan came to the news that they were in trouble in Montenegro, and they came to ask Sister Qinghong to report to our master, but Sister Qinghong knew that Brother Tian would let me tell you directly after you came back, and it was up to you to decide.
Long abortion after one leng said very quickly in Yang day eyes seem to be very cramped.
Oh, what’s the trouble, you know
Yang day nodded still calm asked
Well, it seems to be quite serious. There was a conflict between their brothers in Montenegro, and there were casualties, and other immortals were involved
Long Xiaoyue Shen replied that the big eyes were worried.
I’ll ask if Tianrenzong has done this.
On hearing the day renzong Yang day eyebrows a wrinkly slightly way
In the casualties, Yang Tian was not surprised to cultivate immortality.
However, we can’t decide what the specific situation is until we see Montenegro.
It’s brother Tian who went back for abortion.
See Yang Tian and what worry about color dragon abortion like some accident but said nothing to recede.
Yang Tian suddenly stopped Long Xiaoyue and strode to the front with a smile.
Brother Tian, what else is it?
Long abortion is a stay slightly nervous way
This is four purple blood bodhisattva. Take it back and keep one Su Nan, one Mu Shuang, one Qin Xiang.
Yang day staring at the dragon abortion paused until its pink cheeks float two flush just smiles to say
These female brothers were the first to join Eternal Pavilion, and now they are high-level backbones. Yang Tianran should vigorously cultivate them.
Thank you brother Tian.
Long Xiaoyue was stared at by Yang Tian. Although she was calm, her heart was already in chaos. She didn’t seem to realize what Purple Blood Bodhi was. She took over the frightened bird and flew away.
Looking at the back of abortion panic, Yang Tian laughed and seemed quite proud.
Proud of flying back and kicking in the ass, Yang Tian hurriedly flashed aside to know that he had angered the little witch.