Chapter 454 Special Forces Tournament Competition

Kang Kai got up from the ground and looked pale. Looking at Qin Shaojie, he couldn’t say a word. Even if he wanted to, he didn’t know what to say.
I have to challenge others and lose in the end. What else can I say? Now my face is burning and I feel very ashamed.
"You lost" Qin Shaojie looked at Kang Kai and said with a smile.
In fact, Qin Shaojie is still not heavy-handed. If he is heavy-handed, Kang Hai won’t be able to get up at all. It’s lucky to kick him out with a foot, let alone two meters and twenty meters.
Before Kang Kai could speak, there was a burst of footsteps in the background, and then Xu Hui came along side by side with Tian Yuan.
"I said, why is there no one backstage? Why are they all here?" Xu Hui said and then looked at Kang Kai and Qin Shaojie in Taiwan and asked, "What are you doing? Kang Kai, why are you here? "
"I …" See Xu Hui Kang Kai immediately make yum yum speechless.
"Xu Shu is nothing," Qin Shaojie said. "It’s just that Major Kang passed by and heard that I can play well and wanted to learn from me."
"Learn from each other?" Xu Hui frowned and looked at Kang Kai and said, "Put on your clothes and shoes and go home. What’s this like?"
"Commander" Kang Kai hurriedly picked up the clothes and shoes he put aside, then saluted Xu Hui and Tian Yuan and took a look at Qin Shaojie before he left.
"This rabbit is getting more and more ridiculous." Xu Hui looked at Kang Kai’s back and scolded him. He looked at Qin Shaojie and said, "Xiao Qin, are you okay?"
"What can I do for you?" Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Ha ha, I want to come to you. It’s nothing. It’s still small, but I guess I’ll stop eating when I meet you." Xu Hui laughed.
"Okay, okay, you’re scattered. It’s time to eat." Tian Yuan also waved to the group of art ensemble people opposite to let them dissolve.
"Sunset, come and let’s have dinner together." Xu Hui waved to Xu Sunset in Taiwan.
To Xu Hui’s surprise, she came to her daughter for dinner herself. She always turned around and ignored herself, but this time she actually listened to her words and walked over.
"Xiao Qin has you" Xu Hui is quite meaningful. Looking at Qin Shaojie, he smiled and puzzled Qin Shaojie.
What’s wrong with this old man? What do you mean you have me? What do you have for me?
"Come to Xiaoqin to taste the food in our army canteen. How can I tell you that this is definitely not worse than a five-star hotel?" Xu Hui said, pointing to the dining table. The noodles were already filled with cold dishes and hot dishes.
"Well, good." Qin Shaojie picked up a piece of braised pork elbow and ate it with relish.
"Mr. Tian, I tell you this little drink is huge." Xu Hui looked at Tian Yuan around him and laughed. "Boy Te can drink it in my house last night and put me down."
A meal passed quickly, because Xu Hui was not at home and didn’t take Qin Shaojie to drink again. Several people just finished drinking two bottles of beer.
Xu Sunset hasn’t been talking, but it also makes Xu Hui happy that this girl is willing to eat with herself.
"Xiao Qin has something I want to ask you for a favor." Xu Huicai looked at Qin Shaojie seriously after Xu Sunset went back with Tian Yuan.
See Xu Hui expression Qin Shaojie heart is a fiercely andao bad this old comrade xu and want to let yourself? You won’t let yourself take his daughter, will you?
"This ….. let’s hear it first." Qin Shaojie didn’t dare to promise to come, but he couldn’t refuse to choose a compromise. Let Xu Hui say that he can help, but he can’t help to kill.
"Well," said Xu Hui, "today is Tuesday, and there are five days left, that is, the four-nation special forces competition is coming this weekend, and this time it is our home."
"Well," Qin Shaojie nodded Xu Hui continued.
"China is now composed of the three most powerful military regions, namely, the Beijing Military Region, the Southwest Military Region and the Chengdu Military Region, to prepare for this competition."
"I want to ask you a favor," Xu Hui said. "You will lead this team to participate in this competition."
"Me?" Qin Shaojie one leng pointed to his nose and said, "I led the special forces to participate in the four-nation special forces tournament? Uncle Xu, you’re not kidding me, are you? "
Qin Shaojie thinks that Xu Hui is joking with him. What kind of special forces do you consider yourself to participate in this kind of competition? Stop it
"Do I look like a joke to you?" Xu Hui seriously looked at Qin Shaojie asks.
Qin Shaojie carefully looked at Xu Hui’s expression before saying "unlike"
"That’s right, I’m not kidding," Xu Hui said. "I already talked to Zong Ji before, and Zong Ji agreed that you should lead the team and said that you should win the championship."
Qin Shaojie wry smile unceasingly he didn’t even come home. Master Yan gave himself a job again.
This old comrade Xu is really, since Master Yan has spoken, what else do you say, please ask me for help? It’s all the same if you don’t.
"Well," Qin Shaojie nodded his head, and the national life was inviolable.
"Ha ha, that’s right." Xu Hui laughed. "So if you call home, don’t let your family worry about staying at my house these days, and then come with me in the afternoon. You are their instructor."
"In such a hurry?" Qin Shaojie surprised and asked
"Yes," Xu Hui nodded and said, "It’s urgent. It’s coming in less than a week."
"Good," Qin Shaojie asked. "Which three countries are the four countries besides China?"
"In addition to our Huaxia, there are also American Korea and Russia."
"Let’s go and sit in my office for a while and take you there in the afternoon." Xu Hui got up and said, "You have to practice those cubs in the afternoon, or they will be arrogant. Haha"
In the dormitory of the art troupe, Xu Sunset leaned against his bedside and looked out of the window, and I didn’t know what was going on.
But in his hand, he was holding a blank sheet of paper and cutting it into a villain. In his right hand, he was still holding a bamboo stick, poking at the blank sheet of paper with three big characters written on it, Qin Shaojie.
If Xu Hui sees this scene, he will be surprised. His eyes will pop out of his daughter’s sex. He knows best that this kind of stabbing is as amazing as seeing a polar bear in the South Pole.
Suddenly, Xu Sunset stopped moving and his eyes came back from the window. He turned over and put on his shoes and ran out, leaving a small paper man with holes in his bamboo stick on the bed.
Chapter 455 Shoulder falls
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The training ground of %d%a military region is very simple, not closed and without equipment. To put it bluntly, it is just a sports ground.
Qin Shaojie came to the training ground with Xu Hui, and many soldiers had already trained here. They also shouted a few slogans from time to time, neat and loud, but a small group of soldiers were still neat and motionless.
"These ten people are the best special forces selected from the three military regions, and they also participate in the competition on weekends. These people will be handed over to you," Xu Hui said, pointing to the neat team in front of them.
"Wang Shumiao," Xu Hui shouted.
"To," a loud sound up, and then, a man came out from the leftmost side of the ten-member team, saluted Xu Hui, and then said, "Report to Comrade Commander, my team has finished, please indicate."
That sound is two degrees higher than the roadside cabbage vendors shouting with loudspeakers. If they didn’t know that this is their habit, they would have to fight with the commander comrades.
"At ease," Xu Hui nodded, pointing to Wang Shumiao and said to Qin Shaojie, "Xiao Qin, this is the instructor of this special team. Comrade Wang Shumiao, sapling, this is the new instructor. Major General Qin Shaojie, he will take your place today, and you will be his deputy."
Xu Hui specially added Qin Shaojie’s rank because he was afraid that Qin Shaojie was too young to stop this group of special forces who thought they were soldiers.
Wang Shumiao slightly consternation, but still fast straight body, salute to Qin Shaojie, said, "good head,"
"Very good," Qin Shaojie decent back to a gift, just looked up Wang Shumiao,
Well, saplings are petite and delicate, but this man named Wang Shumiao is like a black tower.
His skin was tanned by the sun, he was nearly 1.9 meters tall, and his muscles were full of explosive force. When he saw Qin Shaojie looking at him, he immediately grinned, revealing a small white tooth.
"Say your words," Xu Hui pushed Qin Shaojie and motioned Qin Shaojie to lecture in the past.