"This money is Liu Cheng’s personal account, and Liu Cheng is far away from overseas. It’s hard to trace what he wants. If the American families don’t admit it, I can’t do anything about it. It’s such a fake project that forced me to go the wrong way!" Seong-deok Kim is furious. It’s really a big conspiracy. With so much money, the former brothers jointly set up a scam to lead the rest of the voyage to a dead end!

Zhuo Xuanyu turned and looked at Yu Yat Sen. "What do you want to do when you get it?"
"Don’t you know what I should do? There is no turning back, and I will continue to go. "Yu Yat Sen asked Seong-deok Kim to take Liu Cheng out to heal her wounds. Her hands trembled slightly and she was angry and sad when she heard that these people were working together to deal with her father. Why can people be so sinister?
"I know I want to tell you that if you want to rely on Liu Cheng, this evidence is not enough." For her forbearance and pain, Zhuo Xuanyu can look at her but can’t express her comfort and pity, because this is also a kind of stimulation for her.
"Of course I know. Don’t say more about Zhuo Xuanyu. You want to know. You can go." Just now, Liu Cheng’s words made her heart fluctuate greatly. She complained that she hated it, but she vented it. Zhuo Xuanyu was a contradiction. He was a bad guy, but she seemed to be helping her. She should hate him and be grateful to him. Yat sen villa didn’t know how to deal with Zhuo Xuanyu. At this moment, she simply didn’t want to see him.
"Okay, I’ll go and you pay attention to rest." Zhuo Xuanyu also simply left with Xue Qiaoxin soon.
The room was full of blood, which made Yu yat sen villa even more uncomfortable. Feng Sisi immediately took her to another room.
"Yat sen villa, are you okay?" Feng Sisi handed him a cup of hot water and looked at her very anxiously.
Yu yat sen villa smiled. "Don’t worry, I’m fine. Did you just record the video?"
"It was recorded but it was so bloody …" Feng Sisi was a little worried that even if the evidence was not available, he couldn’t get it.
"It’s good to cut off the part where Liu Cheng needs to talk." Yu Yat Sen doesn’t care. "The most important thing is what he said, and after this time, Liu Cheng will definitely be on our side."
Chapter seventy-two Self-destruction
"It is no wonder that Xue Qiaoxin finally put the coat on Liu Chengshen. They seem to be very skilled in this way … flower radish is also very skilled in gun gunner method! Marksmanship is also good. You can see that his two gun positions are just in one place, but he is not seriously injured, but he scared Liucheng to death. "Feng Sisi thought of the scene just now and was crying.
"He wants to run such a large group of companies. This kind of dark thing will definitely experience all this, which is probably nothing for him." Yu Yat Sen also thought of some strange feelings in Zhuo Xuanyu’s gun sample just now.
"… he is really fierce to the enemy. Fortunately, yat sen villa doesn’t treat you as an enemy." Feng Sisi was relieved. "Otherwise, we … I’m afraid we are no match for him."
"Don’t treat me as an enemy?" Yu yat sen villa murmured and repeated this sentence, giving birth to some strange feelings in my heart, and those fatigue and grief seemed to have been reduced a lot.
"Of course you didn’t listen to what he said just now? Anyone who dares to lie to him will go to hell, but … but yat sen villa, we have a lot of lies to him, right? But the radish not only didn’t make us hell, but also helped us yat sen villa everywhere. I’m sure he likes you, "said Feng Sisi, who was not loud but quite sure."
"Like me? No, he won’t like me and I can’t like him. "Yu Yat Sen seems to hypnotize himself and mumble," Stop thinking, you are tired and go to rest. "
"… yat sen villa, don’t be so self-deceiving and so hard on yourself. Although your things are complicated, I believe they can be solved." Feng Sisi couldn’t bear to see Yu Yat sen villa torture herself so much, she said.
"Don’t worry about me if you can’t solve it without thinking. I’m fine. I’m … a little tired." Yu Yat sen villa smiled gently.
"Then you rest. I’ll go to Brother Chengde and have a look."
Feng Sisi left Yu Yat Sen and quietly leaned back on the sofa and closed her eyes. She should follow the plan and not think about anything else!
Xue Qiaoxin looked at Zhuo Xuanyu sitting next to him from time to time, staring at the front of the car without saying a word, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.
"boss, what are you thinking?" Xue Qiaoxin looked at Zhuo Xuanyu quietly, but he couldn’t help asking, "Today, boss is so courageous to play cool with a gun in front of two ladies. Of course, he scared Feng Sisi so much that Xue Qiaoxin also took advantage of it, but … Is it good that they helped the" enemy "so much?
Zhuo Xuanyu glanced at Xue Qiaoxin but didn’t speak. In a few minutes, Xue Qiaoxin couldn’t help it. "boss, do we really want to leave it alone? Once this incident is exposed, our Chase will be ruined. "
"What are you afraid of? Aren’t you already retreating? I think Yu will be willing to take you in. "
"Hey, hey, boss, that’s a joke. How could I turn my back on you … boss, of course I support you 100%." Xue Qiaoxin smiled awkwardly.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"It’s not impossible to hide it ten years ago, but it costs a lot, and if you put those means in Feng Sisi’s body, will you?" Zhuo Xuanyu glanced coldly at Xue Qiaoxin. If you really want to completely solve this matter, it is naturally cruel. This is also the only way. However, if the object is Yu Yat Sen Qing, he can’t do this.
"This … this is certainly not good." To completely seal that matter, everyone who knows about it must not be so lucky. Of course, it is also extreme measure Xue Qiaoxin who remembers to do this to Feng Sisi. Her heart is shrinking. She is really stupid and short of girls. It is really not suitable for facing these.
"I didn’t deal with them very well, but can I stop Yu Yat-sen’s character?" Zhuo Xuanyu asked faintly.
"I’m afraid that’s not easy. Miss Yu is very firm and she is not a weak and hesitant person." Xue Qiaoxin thought about it and gave Yu Yat Sen a pertinent evaluation.
"That’s right. Even if I stop her, I won’t give up her eyes. Since I can’t bear to take extreme measures against her, I can’t stop her. Is there any other way besides listening?" Zhuo Xuanyu explained
"But boss, we don’t listen to this practice today, but are ready to help others, right? Boss, your self-destructive spirit makes me admire. "Xue Qiaoxin finally understands Gong Jintian’s mood. On the one hand, they are worried about the future of Datong Group, on the other hand, they are curious about the changes and developments of boss. Life always comes to an unusual thing to stimulate, or it is very interesting to always look at the boss’s icy generation.
Self-destruction? Zhuo Xuanyu chewed these two words slowly and smiled at himself. Yes, he is now self-destructing! But what can he do if he doesn’t want to destroy her?
"boss, what will they do?" See Xue Qiaoxin ZhuoXuanYu don’t talk and changed a question.
"One step …" Zhuo Xuanyu’s face suddenly sank. "One step, she should find a powerful lawyer to prepare for the war."
"A lawyer? I remember Miss Yu and Min Anxun are very familiar … Of course, she should not go to Min Anxun, but the chief counsel of our company? "Xue Qiaoxin immediately denied this conjecture. Which lawyer Yu Yat Sen Qing found would not find Min Anxun?
Zhuo Xuanyu’s look is fierce and yat sen villa will find Min Anxun when he divorces. It says that Yu Yat sen villa believes in Min Anxun very much and this matter is important. If Yu Yat sen villa really goes to find Min Anxun, then she really believes in this man. How the hell did this Min Anxun get so close to Yu Yat sen villa at the thought of this?
Zhuo Xuanyu’s heart was on fire. "Then maybe she can find Min Anxun for divorce. It can be seen that they are very good. Maybe she can find Min Anxun for this matter."
"er, boss, it makes sense for you to say so, but this guy Min Anxun is too ungrateful. It’s not a year or two for him to be the legal adviser of Datong Group. How can this be the case? I must give him a good lesson another day." I heard that Zhuo Xuanyu had a wrong tone, and Xue Qiaoxin quickly denounced Min Anxun. Despite this, Zhuo Xuanyu’s resentment was still not diminished, and jealous men were not easy to handle.
I was just about to go home after a short rest in the hotel when I suddenly received Min Anxun’s words.
"Miss Yat Sen, I’m sorry that I talked to Mr. Zhuo for the first time, but I didn’t expect him to go back on his word about the divorce. Now I’m afraid it’s impossible to negotiate a divorce, so I suggest you sue for divorce," Min Anxun suggested.
Yu yat sen villa is one leng. She has been concentrating on Liu Chengshen these days and almost left the divorce behind. Yes, if you really want to divorce Zhuo’s family and Zhuo Xuanyu, I’m afraid the sooner the better. It is Zhuo Xuanyu’s unpredictable attitude that makes Yu yat sen villa upset.
"Lawyer Min, I’d better communicate with Zhuo Xuanyu again. I’m afraid it’s not good for both sides to sue for divorce." Yu Yat sen villa rubbed her temples and was very upset.
"I’m sorry that I didn’t help you in this matter. If you need other help, please let me know." Min Anxun said sincerely.
"Lawyer Min has helped me a lot, and I am very grateful …" Yu Yat Sen suddenly thought that she was going to fight Zhuo Jia, and she needed a credible and powerful lawyer. So is Min Anxun reliable? Is it worth believing?
"You’re welcome. We’re friends. It’s a deal. Go talk to Mr. Zhuo first. Remember to call me if necessary." Min Anxun smiled warmly and Yu Yat Sen suddenly felt that this person should be credible.
Section 31
"Well, I’ll find you. Then don’t bother Lawyer Min." The future is heavy, but there is no lack of hope, and more and more people are helping her, which makes Yu Yat Sen feel a little more relaxed.