Embracing such a soft heart, she gradually became calm and sexy, and her thin lips could not help kissing her lips.

Song anqiao was stunned for a moment, but after that, she took the initiative to cater to his kiss.
Kiss for the rest of my life
The kiss is getting deeper and deeper. Song Anqiao feels close to his body. He seems to have a feeling somewhere, and his mouth can’t help but hum.
Chu Feiyuan’s eyes are slightly sluggish and her lips are slightly hoarse. "Qiao Mei, I will have an accident when you take the initiative. This is the most loyal response to you."
Song Anqiao blushes and sticks his face to his chest and heart. He almost panics …
Two people hug for a long time.
Chris, a distant tree, finally couldn’t look at it and coughed lightly. "Are you alone, Mr. Chu?"
He’s short of royal guards now. It’s time to find him.
But … There is no this handsome tall oriental man in front of me.
"They should have come." Chu Feiyuan hugged Song Anqiao and walked to the tree with a deep smile. "After all, no one dares to neglect your identity, right?"
Chris smiled a little embarrassed. "But the whole Royal Guard is not as good as a guest from afar."
Open the country’s guard is not as good as a stranger who is not familiar with the environment … Hehe, it’s embarrassing to lose his face with King Chris.
Chapter 314 Fall in love with my wife
Section 26
Late night forest road accident
Anyone with common sense knows not to walk rashly.
Chu Fei lifted his eyes and swept his eyes. He determined the direction of the Big Dipper, and estimated the direction of the castle in his heart.
After ChuFei far sadly pull Song Anqiao sat down.
"Can’t you get out?" Song anqiao leaned in his arms with some distress.
Her hair is stained with mud, which will have been cleaned up for her and turned her face to clean up the mud on her nose.
"Well, I can’t go out." Chu Fei’s far arm encircled her and said seriously.
Isn’t Song Anqiao’s face sad and Chu Fei far from everything?
A moment later, Song Anqiao’s sadness disappeared and he smiled slightly in his arms. "I don’t want to go out with you anytime."
ChuFei far deep smile didn’t say much.
In fact, he doesn’t want to go out now, and there is a rare opportunity, though not good, to watch a sunrise with her.
Chris sat there with envious eyes. "Seeing how close you are, I know you must love each other very much."
Two people listen to smile at one another, no one spoke.
Chris already knows this tacit understanding with one look, and his eyes are full of affection. Smiling at each other is a thousand times better than talking.
"Since you love each other so much, why divorce?" Chris asked with a frown and wonder.
According to what he heard from Shi You-shu, Chu Fei-yuan is currently divorced and single, and his mother, Princess Anna, agreed that Bella would let her marry Chu Fei-yuan.
"Can’t you fall in love after divorce?" ChuFei far black eyes deep ask Chris.
Chris is dazed.
"Does Mr. Suochu now love someone deeply or his wife?" Gray-blue eyes staring at ChuFei far Chris asked.
ChuFei far sink eyes gherardini "Chris king see is not very obvious?"
Chris listened thoughtfully.
"Even if your mother coerces me into choosing, she will always love my wife."
This sentence is far from English, but it is the language of D. I am afraid that Song Anqiao will know about his marriage
After the arrival of Chu Fei Yuan, Song Anqiao automatically became a strong and optimistic female model and changed to stick to him and stick to his little girl image